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21 April 2019
The Mushroom Cup
The Mushroom Cup is designed to give late entries as well as the original entrants a chance to win. The format is rather like a great big champions league type competition. All the dates, and the format for each individual phase are explained below.

It is possible for a team to qualify for the second phase up to four times. If this happens then you've merely increased your chances of winning. Should those teams be drawn against each other at any stage during the knockout stages then effectively, that team receives a bye into the next round. If your team is drawn at 'home' in the knockout rounds and the tie ends in a draw then the 'home' team will qualify.

Phase 1What happens
Mar 30 - Apr 8 Top 128 points scorers to 2nd phase
Apr 10 - 22 Top 128 points scorers to 2nd phase
Apr 24 - - May 6 Top 128 points scorers to 2nd phase
May 8 - 20 Top 128 points scorers to 2nd phase
Pos Team Manager Supports Points
1KDM1Keith Milton Poole201
2Premier SpidersManuel Merkus Scunthorpe188
3Bees Knees X111Mike Jones Coventry187
4TakeurpickRab Henderson Edinburgh177
5Top GunsDrew Etheridge Berwick175
6pauls premPaul King Poole174
7KDM4Keith Milton Poole169
8RodspremierRod Guise Wolverhampton168
9Bees Knees 11Mike Jones Coventry168
10Around the outside 3Garry Paul Coventry167
11Olivia's wizardsLeslie Morris Oxford166
12Ronnie's RebelsStephen Mabey Wimbledon165
13LegendsLuke Wilkinson Newcastle161
14Blacky5Keith Blackwell Workington160
15Sox2Paul Merrifield Poole159
16Bexley DonsStephen Mabey Wimbledon159
17Around the outside 1Garry Paul Coventry157
18Bees Knees XMike Jones Coventry157
19fentastic 7Richard Goodwin Mildenhall 157
20Fingering the ClutchSteve Hilliard Eastbourne156
21Bees Knees 111Mike Jones Coventry156
22Wimbledon StarsSimon Dickens Wolverhampton156
23Herbie 8Peter Herbert Kent156
24Badgers bouncersMalcolm Green Redcar156
25pooles elitePaul King Poole156
26Dazzler's SlidersDarren Lee Rye House156
27Hugos Lucky 7David Freeman Ipswich155
28Mixed PicklesManuel Merkus Scunthorpe155
29Donsabuzzin'Terry Buckle Wimbledon153
30george wood fanNeil Fletcher Eastbourne153
31HideYourAcesJade Williams Workington153
32Mad MussettsTerry Buckle Wimbledon151
33gravysboys 4David Graveling Eastbourne151
34DCGCLiam Overbury Eastbourne151
35Charlie's ChargersGeorge Brown Coventry150
36Silva SevenRobert Whittaker 149
37Champions FliesManuel Merkus Scunthorpe149
38Bees Knees 1Mike Jones Coventry148
39KoosaBjørn Edge Edinburgh148
40*Offensive team nameDavid Cox Lakeside148
41Fairfax FoxesRobert Whittaker Belle Vue147
42Bees Knees VMike Jones Coventry147
43Elite RacersDavid Sutherst Redcar146
44OMGShaun O'mara Leicester146
45Springfield SwallowsMervyn Malicki Wolverhampton146
46MRBLUETerry Friendship Plymouth146
47longsight springBrian Ashton Belle Vue146
48Monkseaton WarriorsLee Watson Newcastle146
49Crossley CometsRobert Whittaker Belle Vue145
50RubblesraidersRod Guise Wolverhampton145
51Lions2019Slawomir Skowronski King's Lynn145
52bladerunner2Andrew Darlaston Leicester145
53Woffy WonderlandThomas Broughton Peterborough145
54Fondue SupperJim Mckellar Edinburgh145
55Alfs earsKeith Elliott Eastbourne144
56gravysboys 3David Graveling Eastbourne144
57pick 'n' mix 1Darryl Cullip Peterborough144
58hold onGary Branch Wimbledon144
59lakesideJake Adams 144
60Bees Knees V1Mike Jones Coventry143
61Unicorn lionsPaul Curtis Ipswich143
62Priestfield Lions 3Vince Hodgetts Wolverhampton143
63Vinnie's VillansNicola Findler Wolverhampton142
64AudiBadgeBrentMark Russell Mildenhall 142
65Greatest BritsAndrew Sharp 142
66Kate from the gateTim Darling Mildenhall 142
67Bees Knees XVMike Jones Coventry141
68Graham Coombes FCDoug Nicolson Glasgow141
69Lanarkshire EaglesCraig Mccurdy Glasgow141
70Hampden HawksDoug Nicolson Glasgow141
71Stylethe7Paul Tye Ipswich141
72Bean Braves 1Ashley Squires Glasgow140
73pick 'n' mix 3Darryl Cullip Peterborough139
74dees champsPaul King Poole138
75Harringay RacersRick Scott Birmingham138
7669 clubRichard Goodwin Mildenhall 138
77Around the outside 7Garry Paul Coventry138
78Evil KnievelsWilliam Bush Coventry138
79berkeleys on fireGary Branch Wimbledon138
80Norfolk in ClewDavid Sutherst Redcar137
81Aussie rules okMervyn Malicki Wolverhampton137
82exe valley rebelsSteve Davey Exeter137
83Top dogsMervyn Malicki Wolverhampton137
84bladerunner3Andrew Darlaston Leicester137
85dees premPaul King Poole137
86Bugg5Carl Frith Sheffield137
87Veryan VikingsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers137
88The WingnutsSean Robson Oxford137
89Splash of BrutPeter Gardner Lakeside137
90GATERS PARADISE 5Peter Goode Eastbourne137
91Alexs AvengersAlex Brady King's Lynn137
92Bees Knees X1VMike Jones Coventry136
93premier allstarsMatthew Sharpe Mildenhall 136
94Boro Bears 2Martin Hunter Redcar136
95trashbag babyGary Branch Wimbledon136
96Champions ChanceLiam Overbury Eastbourne135
97exe valley wolvesSteve Davey Exeter135
98Tight Turn TigersBrian Talbot Lakeside135
99Cams racers 2Cameron Jones Eastbourne135
100Savage SavageDavid Cox Lakeside135
101Champs Bar SeptetJosh Joachim King's Lynn135
102Aroundtheoutside 10Garry Paul Coventry135
103Gorton#1Robert Whittaker Belle Vue134
104Witches foreverPaul Curtis Ipswich134
105Simpsons super 7Daniel Simpson Sheffield134
106Coatbridge PiratesAlisdair Hunter Glasgow134
107AllChampionshipteamJoseph Piccolo Lakeside134
108Premier Punters 2Ally Nicolson Glasgow134
109Botallack BombersDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers134
110Wardanasi’s ColtsJames Ward Belle Vue134
111Jason’s PremierJason Peacock Redcar133
112Ashvale 'AmmersRobert Whittaker Belle Vue133
113Paisley Road WestDoug Nicolson Glasgow133
114Harkins HawksAlisdair Hunter Glasgow133
115Around the outside 2Garry Paul Coventry133
116Herbie 5Peter Herbert Kent133
117Blairhill BullettsCraig Mccurdy Glasgow133
118Go Go GoShaun O'mara Leicester133
119Matts racersChris Bowman Reading133
120Winsford AcesPaul Griffiths Belle Vue133
121Swanage SwansOliver Miles Poole133
122Carol No3Carol Meader Lakeside133
123Druett 5John Druett Poole132
124Herbie 7Peter Herbert Kent132
125JM MotorsKieran Morse Swindon132
126darcys darlingsPaul King Poole132
127eastbourne egletsNeil Fletcher Eastbourne132
128pick 'n' mix 15Darryl Cullip Peterborough132
Bubbling just under
129pick 'n' mix 7Darryl Cullip Peterborough132
130The HeavyweightsKevin Bennett Eastbourne132
131PHollywoodLeeMark Russell Mildenhall 132
132VeryLateEntryMark Russell Mildenhall 132
133Tillys TipsRalph Barrow Belle Vue132
134Romford RaidersBrian Hooper Lakeside132
135WalsallwinditonRobert Whittaker Belle Vue131
136Lions1965Paul Curtis Ipswich131
137Angelsderek purvis Berwick131
138Hammers 2018Joseph Piccolo Lakeside131
139Daves SlidersDavid Lee Lakeside131
140Power MonkeysMichael Roberts Leicester131
141Rescue SquadDennis Craig Workington131
142pauls elitePaul King Poole131
143Jo-Jo's Top BoysDavid Lee Lakeside131
144Albion ArdvarksKeith Elliott Eastbourne131
145Sox1Paul Merrifield Poole131
146GARETHS PIRATESLindsay Walker Poole131
147Insane Caribou PosseRob Lee Rye House131
148LakesideRockets2019Joseph Piccolo Lakeside131
149HJosh Nottle Poole131
150Dazzler's KingsDarren Lee Rye House131
151Pea 14Geoffrey Duke Wimbledon131
152Dorset DemonsOliver Miles Poole131
153Monkseaton BravesLee Watson Newcastle131
154GG8Alex Wood Edinburgh131
155Chippies chasersPaul Carpenter Peterborough130
156Powderhall DiamondsAlisdair Hunter Glasgow130
157KJ KillersKieran Morse Swindon130
158Wembley TigersSimon Dickens Wolverhampton130
159KDM5Keith Milton Poole130
160SYMTETS4Eric Chalker Poole130
161bladerunner5Andrew Darlaston Leicester130
162LeahGeoffrey Duke Wimbledon130
163pick 'n' mix 8Darryl Cullip Peterborough130
164NiblonRob Lee Rye House130
165Vinnie's VikingsNicola Findler Wolverhampton130
166Yellow and Black 1Malcolm Wotherspoon Wolverhampton130
167Astroflash All StarsJohn Oakley Ipswich130
168Porthgwarra PitbullsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers130
169Zucco’s diamonds 5Michael Watson Newcastle130
170Zucco’s diamonds 3Michael Watson Newcastle130
171Freedom FanciersJim Mckellar Edinburgh130
172Yellow and Black 4Malcolm Wotherspoon Wolverhampton130
173hornchurchhammersJake Adams 130
174Tommy JTerry Buckle Wimbledon129
175Ackny AwksGordon Scarff Lakeside129
176Dazzler's EaglesDarren Lee Rye House129
177exe valley falconsSteve Davey Exeter129
178Tommy dGeoffrey Duke Wimbledon129
179Blades4Brian Clark Sheffield129
180Cass's SprocketAlex Brady King's Lynn129
181GG1Alex Wood Edinburgh129
182Hoxton Trotters 3Keith Dyer Newcastle129
183DemblayardsDaniel Simpson Sheffield128
184Druett 2John Druett Poole128
185No More Heroes PremDavid Entwistle Rye House128
186First Bend ElbowsRobert Whittaker 128
187Romford BombersGordon Scarff Lakeside128
188LucileBjørn Edge Edinburgh128
189We're BackShaun O'mara Leicester128
190Captain SkidmarksSean Robson Oxford128
191forgiengiantsJake Adams 128
192Yellow and Black 3Malcolm Wotherspoon Wolverhampton128
193ErleybirdsAnne Craig Workington127
194Keith's kingsKeith Elliott Eastbourne127
195Sterling EffortRobert Whittaker 127
196Busters Lucky 7David Freeman Ipswich127
197Priestfield Lions 4Vince Hodgetts Wolverhampton127
198Brit PopSteve Hilliard Eastbourne127
199Zespol tatyMervyn Malicki Wolverhampton127
200Robins 2010-2019Trevor Horsey Somerset127
201MasterfullRab Henderson Edinburgh127
202Massive DynamicGeorge Baxter Birmingham127
203lakesideironsJake Adams 127
204Faulks Flyers 3Chris Faulkner Cradley127
205longsight aBrian Ashton Belle Vue127
206call the cometGary Branch Wimbledon127
207Team DaisyDan Davey Ipswich127
208Speedy BoysDavid Bennett Rye House127
209Birmingham BuzzersSimon Dickens Wolverhampton126
210Around the outside 4Garry Paul Coventry126
211LOZ 1Peter Herbert Kent126
212Wolves2019Slawomir Skowronski King's Lynn126
213Old Gold 2Malcolm Wotherspoon 126
214Sox5Paul Merrifield Poole126
215Pam'sLionsPam Campbell Belle Vue126
216SukiistobigabearPeter Gardner Lakeside126
217Frome fightersAlastair Hinds Leicester126
218Dolly MixturesAlastair Nicolson Glasgow126
219Blazing BeesJames Escott Coventry126
220Jacobstow HornetsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers126
221The Old FavsWilliam Bush Coventry126
222Gazzers allstars 2Gary Findler Wolverhampton126
223Tims Classic SevenTim Darling Mildenhall 126
224HUSARIA TEAMKrzysztof Duda Poole125
225macies daredevilsRobert Hayward Swindon125
226Chadwell ChancersGordon Scarff Lakeside125
2274Matthew Sharpe Mildenhall 125
228young gunsRichard Goodwin Mildenhall 125
229PotluckRab Henderson Edinburgh125
230Smegle super 7Morgan Harold Lakeside125
231kc74Craig Foster Redcar125
232Bobs racersChris Bowman Reading125
233Scunny StingersDan Palmer Scunthorpe125
234Mikes Lucky 7David Freeman Ipswich125
235Blades 3Brian Clark Sheffield125
236ZORRO TEAMKrzysztof Duda Poole124
237SPEEDWAY TEAM GDAŃSKKrzysztof Duda Poole124
238pick 'n' mix 4Darryl Cullip Peterborough124
239speedway madNeil Fletcher Eastbourne124
240Ron's RacersMark While Cradley124
241Championship ManagerAlly Nicolson Glasgow124
242YakoffbrundleekoffMark Russell Mildenhall 124
243Rinsey RacersDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers124
244Northwich acesKieran Brooker Scunthorpe124
245Zucco’s diamonds 2Michael Watson Newcastle124
246Phoenix Vikings 3John Robinson Hull124
247Carols Diamond 7Tim Darling Mildenhall 124
248Superguest UnitedMarc Hope Wolverhampton124
249britishbulldogsJake Adams 124
250BR4John Burson Wolverhampton123
251Farnham LeisurePaul Curtis Ipswich123
252Crazy Cat Lady 5Marilyn Lane Leicester Lions123
253Joseph's Super 7Joseph Piccolo Lakeside123
254Olly’s Team 4Olly Allenby Scunthorpe123
255One More LapAndrew Keay Sheffield123
256Gold2019Slawomir Skowronski King's Lynn123
257Sox3Paul Merrifield Poole123
258Toms RacersChris Bowman Reading123
259AllAboutTheCometsJade Williams Workington123
260BringBackCometsJade Williams Workington123
26110p Mix UpAlastair Nicolson Glasgow123
262Vinnie's VipersNicola Findler Wolverhampton123
263TomstrappersThomas Horspool King's Lynn123
264GarradDavid Entwistle Rye House123
265Mashed PotatoesManuel Merkus Scunthorpe122
266Bees Knees 1XMike Jones Coventry122
267pick 'n' mix 6Darryl Cullip Peterborough122
268kc7Craig Foster Redcar122
269Denkos chips & pintsNick Contractor Rye House NL122
270Spring ChickensDavid Sutherst Redcar122
271EDINBURGH 2019Steven Ponder Lakeside122
272BrosMervyn Malicki Wolverhampton122
273SYMTETS5Eric Chalker Poole122
274Pirates2019Slawomir Skowronski King's Lynn122
275Hopey Star7Marc Hope Wolverhampton122
276dees elitePaul King Poole122
277BERWICK 2019Steven Ponder Lakeside122
278pick 'n' mix 5Darryl Cullip Peterborough122
279pick 'n' mix 11Darryl Cullip Peterborough122
280Racing in CirclesBrian Talbot Lakeside122
281Premier Punters 1Ally Nicolson Glasgow122
282Around the outside 9Garry Paul Coventry122
283Stars2019Slawomir Skowronski King's Lynn122
284rye houseJake Adams 122
285Premier RocketsDavid Bennett Rye House122
286Alison's ChampionsDavid Bennett Rye House122
287Olly’s Team 1Olly Allenby Scunthorpe122
288Monmore monstersDavid Sargeant Wolverhampton121
289Young GunsMichael Roberts Leicester121
290Cradley CrusadersSimon Dickens Wolverhampton121
291Herbie 2Peter Herbert Kent121
292pick 'n' mix 14Darryl Cullip Peterborough121
293Loz 2Peter Herbert Kent121
294gladiatorsfireColin Holmes Plymouth121
295tom brennan fanNeil Fletcher Eastbourne121
296GG's ChampsGraham Campbell Belle Vue121
297My dreamsAlan Frith Sheffield121
298Crayford_KestrelsDavid Wall Wimbledon121
299Bugg1Carl Frith Sheffield121
300Nighttime7Paul Tye Ipswich121
301Ellithan 7Peter Gardner Lakeside121
302M Entwistles RocketsDavid Entwistle Rye House121
303Sparkleads PLJosh Joachim King's Lynn121
304GATERS PARADISE 2Peter Goode Eastbourne121
305Yellow and Black 2Malcolm Wotherspoon Wolverhampton121
306Cole's superstarsDaniel Simpson Sheffield120
307Shale in templeKieran Morse Swindon120
308Eastbourne FanNeil Fletcher Eastbourne120
309Priestfield Lions 1Vince Hodgetts Wolverhampton120
310Chris racersChris Bowman Reading120
311Jack Jack racingAndrew Sharp 120
312Boro BearsMartin Hunter Redcar120
313ASHLEY OUTBen Mitchell Swindon120
314BonzodogdodabandLeslie Morris Oxford120
315Smoggie BearsCraig Milner Redcar120
316Kates Super TrackersTim Darling Mildenhall 120
317Crumble and custardLuke Adams Belle Vue120
318Street SharksAlastair Hinds Leicester119
319Watchet WizardsAlastair Hinds Leicester119
320gravysboys 1David Graveling Eastbourne119
321Danny's tigersDaniel Simpson Sheffield119
3222-4-6-8 DonsJohn Faldo Wimbledon119
323El HamamBjørn Edge Edinburgh119
324Gorton PiratesAlan Bradbury Belle Vue119
325Pam'sCubsPam Campbell Belle Vue119
326costa del armadalePaul Dixon Edinburgh119
327Quintrell KingsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers119
328Dillys DevilsSteve Dales Ipswich119
329Georgio dinamoLeslie Morris Oxford119
330Rafa's Magpie RacersBen Mitchell Swindon119
331longsight pBrian Ashton Belle Vue119
332longsight acesBrian Ashton Belle Vue119
3332nd Bend Ultra'sJosh Joachim King's Lynn119
334Green HelmetsThomas Broughton Peterborough119
335TIME OUTAndrew Parker Peterborough119
336Team RampantDan Davey Ipswich119
337JAGAnne Craig Workington118
338Herbie 3Peter Herbert Kent118
339Around the outside 6Garry Paul Coventry118
340Offerton DevilsAlan Bradbury Belle Vue118
341Tigers R UsAndrew Keay Sheffield118
342REDCAR 2019Steven Ponder Lakeside118
343Crayford_HighwaymenDavid Wall Wimbledon118
344Chasing the DirtBrian Talbot Lakeside118
345TACOLNESTON TERRORS4Rick Mason Mildenhall 118
346Scunny1&2Chris Key Scunthorpe118
347Lucy's LoserdChris Key Scunthorpe118
348Morvah KnightsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers118
349Zucco’s diamonds 4Michael Watson Newcastle118
350Photo FinishBrian Ellwood Redcar118
351K Entwistles RocketsDavid Entwistle Rye House118
352Speed DemonsPeter Gardner Lakeside118
353Cliffy’s DiamondsJames Ward Belle Vue118
354jakeshammersJake Adams 118
355HoxtonTrotters 4Keith Dyer Newcastle118
356Ashfield AcesAlisdair Hunter Glasgow117
357Ellsmere PiratesSimon Dickens Wolverhampton117
358Manchester MeercatsSimon Dickens Wolverhampton117
359Druett 4John Druett Poole117
360Marions Lucky 7David Freeman Ipswich117
361GG6Alex Wood Edinburgh117
362Daves Lucky sevenDavid Freeman Ipswich117
363Olly’s Team 2Olly Allenby Scunthorpe117
364SYMTETS3Eric Chalker Poole117
365WellwellwellsRab Henderson Edinburgh117
366YoungGunzThomas Broughton Peterborough117
367KDM2Keith Milton Poole117
368Brownie's BananasGeorge Brown Coventry117
369Morgan’s galaxyMorgan Harold Lakeside117
370CM3 L2Alastair Nicolson Glasgow117
371Brock BustersKieran Brooker Scunthorpe117
372Blacky2Keith Blackwell Workington117
373JessicaTerry Friendship Plymouth117
374GATERS PARADISE3Peter Goode Eastbourne117
375GG4Alex Wood Edinburgh117
376GG2Alex Wood Edinburgh117
377WYBRZEŻE GDAŃSKKrzysztof Duda Poole116
378mattys premierJason Peacock Redcar116
379WhippersnappersMichael Roberts Leicester116
380Monmore1stbenderRod Guise Wolverhampton116
381eastbourne frow andNeil Fletcher Eastbourne116
382pick 'n' mix 13Darryl Cullip Peterborough116
383Pit Bend LooniesDavid Wall Wimbledon116
384Sutton Roofers 1Kevin Taylor Birmingham116
385Mondeo menPaul Carpenter Peterborough115
386terrys old goldTerry Hetheridge 115
387Barry’s ChampionshipJason Peacock Redcar115
388Priestfield Lions 5Vince Hodgetts Wolverhampton115
389Whiles Wheel GoodMark While Cradley115
390Birmingham BulldogsDave Twine Birmingham115
391pick 'n' mix 9Darryl Cullip Peterborough115
392Vinnie's VixensNicola Findler Wolverhampton115
393The celtsWilliam Hart 115
394First Bend BunchersCarl Hurry Redcar115
395Redcar RacersBen Hurry Redcar115
396No More Heroes ChampDavid Entwistle Rye House115
397Scoffer89A No 5Peter Leavis Lakeside115
398Brits are usSimon Miles Belle Vue114
399YOUR A WINNER 2019Andrew Parker Peterborough114
400Sideways ActionSteve Hilliard Eastbourne114
401aussieclass19Jake Adams 114
402gravysboys5David Graveling Eastbourne114
403Fantasy AcesLuke Adams Belle Vue114
404Fall GuysDavid Sutherst Redcar114
405Bruuummmm...George Baxter Birmingham114
406Bee HappyGeorge Brown Coventry114
407pick 'n' mix 10Darryl Cullip Peterborough114
408Full ThrottleBrian Talbot Lakeside114
409Wizards Of AusAntony Johnson Poole114
410Busters BabesSteve Dales Ipswich114
411TACOLNESTON TERRORS1Rick Mason Mildenhall 114
412Gnats & GnusRob Lee Rye House114
413Ashton AdmiralsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers114
414Phoenix Vikings 1John Robinson Hull114
415Claremont ChantersJim Mckellar Edinburgh114
416Sutton Roofers 2Kevin Taylor Birmingham114
417Scoffer No 5Peter Leavis Lakeside114
418Yellow and Black 5Malcolm Wotherspoon Wolverhampton114
419elm parkJake Adams 114
420Carol No4Carol Meader Lakeside114
421mattys allstarsJason Peacock Redcar113
422ScottsSlidersGeorge McKenzie Edinburgh113
423Bees Knees X1Mike Jones Coventry113
424THE WOLF PACKTerry Hetheridge 113
425MY MATE COLINS SEVENTerry Hetheridge 113
426Bees Knees 1VMike Jones Coventry113
427WendysWondersGeorge McKenzie Edinburgh113
428ST BOSWELLS BUSTERSCliff Whittem Coventry113
429Coventry WildcatsSimon Dickens Wolverhampton113
430Crazy Cat Lady 3Marilyn Lane Leicester Lions113
431Briggo's BoysJohn Faldo Wimbledon113
432Marshal3Marshal Taylor Leicester Lions113
433Denkos DonutsNick Contractor Rye House NL113
434WTFShaun O'mara Leicester113
435Avoid the RutsBrian Talbot Lakeside113
436Around the outside 8Garry Paul Coventry113
437Bee ConnectedGeorge Brown Coventry113
438Apollo 7Antony Johnson Poole113
439TarrantDavid Entwistle Rye House113
440Boro Bears 4Martin Hunter Redcar113
441Daisys dreamersRalph Barrow Belle Vue113
442SOUTHAMPTON SAINTSLindsay Walker Poole113
443GATERS PARADISE 1Peter Goode Eastbourne113
444A&D's RacersDavid Bennett Rye House113
445Tiger TomDavid Sargeant Wolverhampton112
446tenpins premPaul Goodrum Scunthorpe112
447Crayford EaglesSimon Dickens Wolverhampton112
448King RonnieTerry Buckle Wimbledon112
449Bobby & CyrilJohn Faldo Wimbledon112
450CureiosMervyn Malicki Wolverhampton112
451BENNYS BOB BOBBINSBen Mitchell Swindon112
452bladerunner4Andrew Darlaston Leicester112
453Bill's bikersMark While Cradley112
454Clash of the TritonsJames Escott Coventry112
455Brownies BeesAlan Brown Coventry112
456Premier 3 L2Alastair Nicolson Glasgow112
457Premier KingsKevin Bennett Eastbourne112
458PremiersAnne Craig Workington112
459KensethPeter Gardner Lakeside112
460Old Gold 3Malcolm Wotherspoon 112
461Old Gold 5Malcolm Wotherspoon 112
462Mal's Speedy SevenMalcolm Wain Redcar112
463Monkseaton DiamondsLee Watson Newcastle112
464Team BubblesDan Davey Ipswich112
465JAP TigersAlisdair Hunter Glasgow111
466Jawa TigersAlisdair Hunter Glasgow111
467Hampden HeathensAlisdair Hunter Glasgow111
468Herbie 4Peter Herbert Kent111
469Lockleaze LemmingsTrevor Horsey Somerset111
470Golden oldiesLeslie Morris Oxford111
471pauls champsPaul King Poole111
472Priestfield Lions 2Vince Hodgetts Wolverhampton111
473Heidi HiDennis Craig Workington111
474J & Charlie's TeamJames Escott Coventry111
475GB UnitedAndrew Keay Sheffield111
476Tigers2019Craig Mccurdy Glasgow111
477The StormAlan Brown Coventry111
478CharleytheshirtTerry Friendship Plymouth111
479Bugg4Carl Frith Sheffield111
480Skiddy PantsSean Robson Oxford111
481One last bash full tChris Webb Ipswich111
482Jackson jaguarsLeslie Morris Oxford111
483Tomstop7Thomas Horspool King's Lynn111
484Zucco’s diamondsMichael Watson Newcastle111
485MullarkeyDavid Entwistle Rye House111
486Maugers MonarchsAlisdair Hunter Glasgow110
487Kidderminster CobrasSimon Dickens Wolverhampton110
488pooles premPaul King Poole110
489Daves AcesDavid Lee Lakeside110
490Racing RascalsRobert Whittaker 110
491kc73Craig Foster Redcar110
492GG's GuysGraham Campbell Belle Vue110
493Marshal4Marshal Taylor Leicester Lions110
494See YaShaun O'mara Leicester110
495My hopesAlan Frith Sheffield110
496Kent KingsStephen Mabey Wimbledon110
497RoxybethAlan Frith Sheffield110
498Pam'sPridePam Campbell Belle Vue110
499pick 'n' mix 2Darryl Cullip Peterborough110
500Real ale acesSimon Miles Belle Vue110
501RustyDonsLes Lawrence Wimbledon110
502MayaGeoffrey Duke Wimbledon110
503Olly’s Team 5Olly Allenby Scunthorpe110
504Fast SevenTim Darling Mildenhall 110
505Afternoon Delight 79David Entwistle Rye House110
506Sutton Roofers 4Kevin Taylor Birmingham110
507StonysTerry Friendship Plymouth110
508Wain's Prem. WondersMalcolm Wain Redcar110
509REBECCA FLYERSLindsay Walker Poole110
510FialaDavid Entwistle Rye House110
511SmithDavid Entwistle Rye House110
512Alison's ArmyDavid Bennett Rye House110
513St Edmunds knightsMatthew Sharpe Mildenhall 109
514Team FaithfulTim Darling Mildenhall 109
515Bees Knees V11Mike Jones Coventry109
516Daves Full Revs BoysDavid Lee Lakeside109
517All 4 backRobert Whittaker 109
518Rebels 2010-2019Trevor Horsey Somerset109
519Inverleith SquirrelsJim Mckellar Edinburgh109
520Mighty MustangsBrian Talbot Lakeside109
521Tillys TravellersSteve Dales Ipswich109
522HubbardDavid Entwistle Rye House109
523Bergkamp10Geoffrey Duke Wimbledon109
524The Mighty BearsCraig Milner Redcar109
525Anderston acesWilliam Hart 109
526Telephone BoxBen Whyte Rye House109
527Wardanasi’s AcesJames Ward Belle Vue109
528Jason’s ChampionshipJason Peacock Redcar108
529Squelch1Andrew Welch Coventry108
530Bristol 2013Paul Curtis Ipswich108
531Gill's GiantsGeorge Baxter Birmingham108
532Magic, Inc.Bjørn Edge Edinburgh108
533Bean Braves 5Ashley Squires Glasgow108
534Nanjizal NomadsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers108
535Daddys Demons #2William Bush Coventry108
536The Slick SlidersSean Robson Oxford108
537OhNoNotagainJohn Robinson Hull108
538Norwich StarsRick Scott Birmingham108
539MonmoremisfitsRod Guise Wolverhampton107
540RodschampionshipRod Guise Wolverhampton107
541OlivesBoysGeorge McKenzie Edinburgh107
542Druett 3John Druett Poole107
543gladiators7Colin Holmes Plymouth107
544British BruddahLiam Overbury Eastbourne107
545SYMTETS1Eric Chalker Poole107
546Keith's corner kingsMark While Cradley107
547Sox4Paul Merrifield Poole107
548SilverDavid Entwistle Rye House107
549George's GiantsGeorge Brown Coventry107
550pick 'n' mix 12Darryl Cullip Peterborough107
551Joseph's Rockets2019Joseph Piccolo Lakeside107
552Trelawny TigersRick Scott Birmingham107
553cams racersCameron Jones Eastbourne107
554ChasersCraig Milner Redcar107
555longsight 3Brian Ashton Belle Vue107
556Jet Vs SofiaPeter Gardner Lakeside107
557Champs of the ChampsJosh Joachim King's Lynn107
558Sutton Roofers 3Kevin Taylor Birmingham107
559SOUTHAMPTON SAINTS RLindsay Walker Poole107
560Chelseas ChampsAlex Brady King's Lynn107
561Ashfield GiantsRick Scott Birmingham106
562Glenview GladiatorsNathan Downes Poole106
563kc72Craig Foster Redcar106
564GG's AlsortsGraham Campbell Belle Vue106
565Southwick servalsKeith Elliott Eastbourne106
566My othersAlan Frith Sheffield106
567ec3Alastair Hinds Leicester106
568Al's All StarsAlan Brown Coventry106
569BJosh Nottle Poole106
570Boro Bears 3Martin Hunter Redcar106
571Faulks Flyers 4Chris Faulkner Cradley106
572Warriston WingsJim Mckellar Edinburgh106
573JUDYS FIREMANLindsay Walker Poole106
574HoxtonTrotters xtraKeith Dyer Newcastle106
575Bees Knees V111Mike Jones Coventry105
576Bradford DraggonsSimon Dickens Wolverhampton105
577Taly TrailblazersKieran Morse Swindon105
578How's Hero'sJohn Faldo Wimbledon105
579GM TigersAlisdair Hunter Glasgow105
580Joseph's Hammers2019Joseph Piccolo Lakeside105
581TankslappersShale Shifters Belle Vue105
582Arthur's AcesKeith Elliott Eastbourne105
583legends to winDrew Etheridge Berwick105
584Lois racersChris Bowman Reading105
585Abominable AntsRob Lee Rye House105
586Windy MillersChris Key Scunthorpe105
587Ralphs racersRalph Barrow Belle Vue105
588Past n PresentBen Hurry Redcar105
589Belle Vue BearsJames Ward Belle Vue105
590Pete No 5Peter Leavis Lakeside105
591Hayley cometsPaul Carpenter Peterborough104
592GeorgesGaffersGeorge McKenzie Edinburgh104
593Crazy Cat Lady 1Marilyn Lane Leicester Lions104
594Wardanasi’s BearsJames Ward Belle Vue104
595Witton Albion FCKieran Brooker Scunthorpe104
596Motley MooseRob Lee Rye House104
597TACOLNESTON TERRORSRick Mason Mildenhall 104
598Meatys MenAndrew Sharp 104
599Leith WalkersJim Mckellar Edinburgh104
600Lelant LionsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers104
601Tywardreath TudorsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers104
602onechampions13Jake Adams 104
603Gazzas allstars 1Gary Findler Wolverhampton104
604Gazzers allstars 3Gary Findler Wolverhampton104
605FlawlessLuke Wilkinson Newcastle104
606Booming BradysAlex Brady King's Lynn104
607Norfolk and HopeDavid Sutherst Redcar103
608ChristinasCornerersGeorge McKenzie Edinburgh103
609Simply the bestLuke Wilkinson Newcastle103
610Salcombe SlidersGordon Scarff Lakeside103
611gravysboys2David Graveling Eastbourne103
612ivybridge gangColin Holmes Plymouth103
613Premier RacersDavid Sutherst Redcar103
614Lynn's legionsMark While Cradley103
615Leyton Hammers 7Morgan Harold Lakeside103
616Smegle HammersMorgan Harold Lakeside103
617JadesDream7Jade Williams Workington103
618HoxtonTrottersKeith Dyer Newcastle103
619The PacemakersKevin Bennett Eastbourne103
620TEDDYS TIGERSMartyn Wright Sheffield103
621Jack AttackAndrew Sharp 103
622Miles MaraudersOliver Miles Poole103
623kenzsethPeter Gardner Lakeside103
624Denton DiamondsAlan Bradbury Belle Vue103
625Monstable WigwamPaul Morris Milton Keynes103
626Can’t go on sundaysBrian Clark Sheffield103
627Team BonzoDan Davey Ipswich103
628Team DaveyDan Davey Ipswich103
629Bjerre bearsLuke Adams Belle Vue103
630Bean Braves 3Ashley Squires Glasgow102
631Meadowbank LionsAlisdair Hunter Glasgow102
632Lowlandersderek purvis Berwick102
633Weslake TigersAlisdair Hunter Glasgow102
634Dazzler's AcesDarren Lee Rye House102
635Early BirdsDennis Craig Workington102
636Premier InsDennis Craig Workington102
637Marshal5Marshal Taylor Leicester Lions102
638Thornaby tornadosMalcolm Green Redcar102
639Vinnie's ValliantsNicola Findler Wolverhampton102
640Blacky3Keith Blackwell Workington102
641Helford HawksDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers102
642Phoenix Vikings 2John Robinson Hull102
6435-1Ben Hurry Redcar102
644B Entwistles RocketsDavid Entwistle Rye House102
645Alzys arrowsPeter Gardner Lakeside102
646Faster WindyBen Whyte Rye House102
647SaundersDavid Entwistle Rye House102
648Carol No2Carol Meader Lakeside102
649Bean Braves 2Ashley Squires Glasgow101
650Burses racersJohn Burson Wolverhampton101
651harveys daredevilsRobert Hayward Swindon101
652Championship 7Dave Twine Birmingham101
653WoWShaun O'mara Leicester101
654Old Gold 1Malcolm Wotherspoon 101
655BR3John Burson Wolverhampton101
656Alan's AlligatorsAlan Brown Coventry101
657Blacky1Keith Blackwell Workington101
658Blacky4Keith Blackwell Workington101
659Allpremiership teamJoseph Piccolo Lakeside101
660In DeepBen Hurry Redcar101
661Oak Island TreasureRob Lee Rye House101
662No Prob LlamasRob Lee Rye House101
663Tims Top GunsTim Darling Mildenhall 101
664longsight sBrian Ashton Belle Vue101
665Haki's HoovesJosh Joachim King's Lynn101
666Crustard rules okLuke Adams Belle Vue101
667Kent DonsStephen Mabey Wimbledon101
668Scoffer89A No 4Peter Leavis Lakeside101
669Monkseaton VipersLee Watson Newcastle101
670Bees Knees X11Mike Jones Coventry100
671Beatons BarracudasAlisdair Hunter Glasgow100
672KendoddsdadsdogsdeadDavid Sutherst Redcar100
673Herbie 1Peter Herbert Kent100
674Around the outside 5Garry Paul Coventry100
675bladerunner6Andrew Darlaston Leicester100
676Topcats.Antony Johnson Poole100
677Stroll with itJohn Oakley Ipswich100
678tttigersAndrew Nicholson Sheffield100
679Daddys DemonsWilliam Bush Coventry100
680ClydesidersWilliam Hart 100
681Pete No 1Peter Leavis Lakeside100
682Pete No 2Peter Leavis Lakeside100
683Danes are themSimon Miles Belle Vue99
684leos dardevilsRobert Hayward Swindon99
685Squelch4Andrew Welch Coventry99
686JJJJJJJNathan Downes Poole99
687Olly’s Team 3Olly Allenby Scunthorpe99
688Slide before a FallDavid Sutherst Redcar99
689British BulldogsMervyn Malicki Wolverhampton99
690Air Fence TestersSteve Hilliard Eastbourne99
691My boysAlan Frith Sheffield99
692BR5John Burson Wolverhampton99
693Rockets 2017Joseph Piccolo Lakeside99
694Bombers RacersKevin Bennett Eastbourne99
695AVAS TIGERSMartyn Wright Sheffield99
696EdgeofseatPaul Tye Ipswich99
697Lucys BoysSteve Dales Ipswich99
698Glasgow DynamosDoug Nicolson Glasgow99
699Faulks Flyers 2Chris Faulkner Cradley99
700Ollie's OrnetsOliver Miles Poole99
701GG9Alex Wood Edinburgh99
702YOUR A LOSER 2019Andrew Parker Peterborough99
703mattys championshipJason Peacock Redcar98
704Briggo's BanditsDavid Sargeant Wolverhampton98
705tenpins scorpionsPaul Goodrum Scunthorpe98
706Hedge HoppersTerry Buckle Wimbledon98
707kc71Craig Foster Redcar98
708loose ridersDrew Etheridge Berwick98
709GLASGOW 2019Steven Ponder Lakeside98
710Fast and FuriousGeorge Baxter Birmingham98
711Egloshayle BravesDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers98
712Gazzers allstars 4Gary Findler Wolverhampton98
713Meatys MongsAndrew Sharp 98
714Purbeck PiratesOliver Miles Poole98
715Fiery PictsJim Mckellar Edinburgh98
716Blades 2Brian Clark Sheffield98
717Pete No 3Peter Leavis Lakeside98
718Monkseaton GemsLee Watson Newcastle98
719Carol No1Carol Meader Lakeside98
720Jason’s AllStarsJason Peacock Redcar97
721Maugers MaraudersDavid Sargeant Wolverhampton97
722Crazy Cat Lady 2Marilyn Lane Leicester Lions97
723Too MuchMichael Roberts Leicester97
724Burnham BanditsAlastair Hinds Leicester97
725MiracJohn Faldo Wimbledon97
726Too much saltDennis Craig Workington97
727SWINDON SHARKSBen Mitchell Swindon97
728TopHeavyMark Russell Mildenhall 97
729Tear OffsShaun O'mara Leicester97
730Wimbledon 2019Stephen Mabey Wimbledon97
731BR2John Burson Wolverhampton97
732Belle Vue CobrasAlan Bradbury Belle Vue97
733TACOLNESTON TERRORS2Rick Mason Mildenhall 97
734ShaleshiftersShale Shifters Belle Vue97
735Flag MarshalsAnne Craig Workington97
736Debden DiamondsBrian Hooper Lakeside97
737kurri cobrasDrew Etheridge Berwick97
738Shawfield WolvesAlisdair Hunter Glasgow96
739Squelch3Andrew Welch Coventry96
740Pembroke PiratesNathan Downes Poole96
741Tweed Tigersderek purvis Berwick96
742rubies rocketsRichard Goodwin Mildenhall 96
743Bjorns BoysGordon Scarff Lakeside96
744alexs dardevilsRobert Hayward Swindon96
745Marshal1Marshal Taylor Leicester Lions96
746exe valley outlawsSteve Davey Exeter96
747Walker WarriorsDaniel Calvert Newcastle96
748Wadirum .Terry Friendship Plymouth96
749Notmanby NomadsChris Key Scunthorpe96
750Fowey FalconsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers96
751Toon Toon RacersBen Mitchell Swindon96
752longsight cBrian Ashton Belle Vue96
753Old Gold 4Malcolm Wotherspoon 96
754GATERS PARADISE 4Peter Goode Eastbourne96
755tenpins allstarsPaul Goodrum Scunthorpe95
756Norfolk n chanceDavid Sutherst Redcar95
757KDM3Keith Milton Poole95
758ivybridge bend3Colin Holmes Plymouth95
759Pareronia hippiaBjørn Edge Edinburgh95
760SYMTETS2Eric Chalker Poole95
761D teamMervyn Malicki Wolverhampton95
762Daves dambustersMalcolm Green Redcar95
763Championship RebelsKevin Bennett Eastbourne95
764Caistor CavaliersKieran Brooker Scunthorpe95
765Phoenix Vikings 4John Robinson Hull95
766GG3Alex Wood Edinburgh95
767GG5Alex Wood Edinburgh95
768Scoffer No 4Peter Leavis Lakeside95
769KELVINDavid Entwistle Rye House95
770Water BabiesAnne Craig Workington94
771Wildcard WildcatsNathan Downes Poole94
772Blantyre EaglesCraig Mccurdy Glasgow94
773sunday night racingAndrew Nicholson Sheffield94
774Pam'sLadsPam Campbell Belle Vue94
775Wimbledon_DonsDavid Wall Wimbledon94
776cuiken crusadersPaul Dixon Edinburgh94
777CHARLIES OWLSMartyn Wright Sheffield94
778Faulks Flyers 1Chris Faulkner Cradley94
779AngryBen Whyte Rye House94
780Scoffer No 3Peter Leavis Lakeside94
781Pete No 4Peter Leavis Lakeside94
782romfordJake Adams 94
783jdadams94Jake Adams 94
784tenpin acesPaul Goodrum Scunthorpe93
785Slim PickensDavid Sutherst Redcar93
786Coatbridge TigersCraig Mccurdy Glasgow93
787Crewe KingsRick Scott Birmingham93
788Forken CarBen Whyte Rye House93
789Champ Manager 2Ally Nicolson Glasgow93
790TACOLNESTON TERRORS3Rick Mason Mildenhall 93
791Crowlas CometsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers93
792ryehousehammersJake Adams 93
793dwindling numbersPaul Dixon Edinburgh93
794The OracleBen Hurry Redcar93
795longsight 4Brian Ashton Belle Vue93
796Loughton LionsBrian Hooper Lakeside93
797tenpins elitePaul Goodrum Scunthorpe92
798Denkos Pie n chipsNick Contractor Rye House NL92
799Angry PandasRob Lee Rye House92
800Rafa's SevenBen Mitchell Swindon92
801the coos tailPaul Dixon Edinburgh92
802Dolly KnockersCarl Hurry Redcar92
803Big HittersTim Darling Mildenhall 92
804Winsford IIPaul Griffiths Belle Vue92
805Squelch5Andrew Welch Coventry91
806THE CHRISTIE SEVENTerry Hetheridge 91
807SOMERSET 2019Steven Ponder Lakeside91
808George's DragonsGeorge Baxter Birmingham91
809Malas mauraudersMalcolm Green Redcar91
810NEWCASTLE 2019Steven Ponder Lakeside91
811Montine DonsDavid Wall Wimbledon91
812JoshJosh Nottle Poole91
813Winterton WarriorsChris Key Scunthorpe91
814Devoran DragonsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers91
815Etel1Peter Gardner Lakeside91
816no more hoosesPaul Dixon Edinburgh91
817The greensWilliam Hart 91
818Monarchs BanditsPaul Whittem Edinburgh91
819Roadcrossing chickenDavid Cox Lakeside91
820Flappersderek purvis Berwick90
821oncedevilsColin Holmes Plymouth90
822Pam'sPalsPam Campbell Belle Vue90
823Tusken City RaidersRob Lee Rye House90
824Stithians SaintsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers90
825Afternoon Delight 76David Entwistle Rye House90
826CheeseboardDavid Cox Lakeside90
827ScareletBen Whyte Rye House90
828Barry’s PremierJason Peacock Redcar89
829Germoe GiantsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers89
830best ofAndrew Nicholson Sheffield89
831Richard WilhelmBjørn Edge Edinburgh89
832exe valley nomadsSteve Davey Exeter89
833Slick SlidersNathan Downes Poole89
834Heathers heathensMalcolm Green Redcar89
835Go Faster StripeTrevor Horsey Somerset89
836Early BurdzAlly Nicolson Glasgow89
837Gazzers allstars5Gary Findler Wolverhampton89
838Winsford WinnersPaul Griffiths Belle Vue89
839Doonfoot DragonsDoug Nicolson Glasgow89
840Team CakePaul Morris Milton Keynes89
841Scoffer No 2Peter Leavis Lakeside89
842PERFORM OR OUT 2019Andrew Parker Peterborough89
843Hagon TigersAlisdair Hunter Glasgow88
844Herbie 6Peter Herbert Kent88
845Fleshless GuestsManuel Merkus Scunthorpe88
846GG,'s PremierGraham Campbell Belle Vue88
847sheff speedwayAndrew Nicholson Sheffield88
848WRIGHTYS TIGERSMartyn Wright Sheffield88
849Kelynack KestrelsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers88
850Les DonsLes Lawrence Wimbledon88
851Trafalgar TroopsSteve Dales Ipswich88
852One last bash one laChris Webb Ipswich88
853Hoxton Trotters 2Keith Dyer Newcastle88
854Fastfreddies7Daniel Simpson Sheffield87
855Crazy Cat Lady 4Marilyn Lane Leicester Lions87
856HandycamsMichael Roberts Leicester87
857Winnington wolvesKieran Brooker Scunthorpe87
858Ralphs EliteRalph Barrow Belle Vue87
859LeggytrailersThomas Horspool King's Lynn87
860Autumns RocketAlex Brady King's Lynn87
861lylys daredevilsRobert Hayward Swindon86
862Borderersderek purvis Berwick86
863Daz and Jo's HammersDarren Lee Rye House86
864Bugg2Carl Frith Sheffield86
865Mummys MadmenWilliam Bush Coventry86
866HorseschargersThomas Horspool King's Lynn86
867cool like youGary Branch Wimbledon86
868GringosbanditsPaul Carpenter Peterborough85
869Sarge's SlidersDavid Sargeant Wolverhampton85
870BLACK HORSE CHAMPSCliff Whittem Coventry85
871macsnificent sevenMatthew Sharpe Mildenhall 85
872Marshal2Marshal Taylor Leicester Lions85
873SHEFFIELD 2019Steven Ponder Lakeside85
874WRIGHTYS OWLSMartyn Wright Sheffield85
875Windydrive7Paul Tye Ipswich85
876GlasceltsWilliam Hart 85
877International TeapotPaul Morris Milton Keynes85
878Marzipan HatPaul Morris Milton Keynes85
879Flinders CindersDavid Sargeant Wolverhampton84
880Daves Flat Out BoysDavid Lee Lakeside84
881Joseph's all starsJoseph Piccolo Lakeside84
882One last bash 60 SecChris Webb Ipswich84
883RandomsAlastair Nicolson Glasgow84
884Wembley LionsRick Scott Birmingham84
885To Be DecidedMarc Hope Wolverhampton84
886Sutton Roofers 5Kevin Taylor Birmingham84
887RollerbingoPaul Morris Milton Keynes84
888Bean Braves 4Ashley Squires Glasgow83
889Bussage BuffalosKieran Morse Swindon83
890The Anchovy TrainerDavid Sutherst Redcar83
891GG's BritsGraham Campbell Belle Vue83
892Denkos booze &snoozeNick Contractor Rye House NL83
893Whipsiderry WaspsDave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers83
894Mal's WarriorsMalcolm Wain Redcar83
895longsight 2Brian Ashton Belle Vue83
896Scoffer89A No 2Peter Leavis Lakeside83
897YOUR A NOBODY 2019Andrew Parker Peterborough82
898Bear BottomsCraig Milner Redcar82
899longsight 1Brian Ashton Belle Vue82
900Scoffer89A No 3Peter Leavis Lakeside82
901adamsanimal94Jake Adams 82
902aussiesDrew Etheridge Berwick81
903PanthersThomas Broughton Peterborough81
904Dons69Les Lawrence Wimbledon81
905Scoffer No 1Peter Leavis Lakeside81
906BabyPJade Williams Workington80
907Barry’s AllStarsJason Peacock Redcar80
908Bristol BulldogsRick Scott Birmingham80
909Brexit BearsThomas Broughton Peterborough80
910PooleJosh Nottle Poole80
911Yorkshire PuddingsCraig Milner Redcar80
912Faulks Flyers 5Chris Faulkner Cradley80
913GG7Alex Wood Edinburgh80
914Carol No5Carol Meader Lakeside80
915Rochdale RocketsSimon Dickens Wolverhampton79
916pooles champsPaul King Poole79
917Brit Select 2010-19Trevor Horsey Somerset79
918Fen Tigers AllstarsMatthew Sharpe Mildenhall 79
919Openshaw MonarchsAlan Bradbury Belle Vue79
920Killer BearsCarl Hurry Redcar79
921Mighty chihuahuasLuke Adams Belle Vue79
922hornchurchJake Adams 79
923NeedforspeedRab Henderson Edinburgh78
924Morgan’s Super O’sMorgan Harold Lakeside78
925BluenoseBrummiesDave Twine Birmingham78
926Stroll with it againJohn Oakley Ipswich78
927Miz maraudersRalph Barrow Belle Vue78
928Methanol ManiacsBrian Talbot Lakeside78
929the best to comeRichard Goodwin Mildenhall 77
930Bend 4 BadassesCarl Hurry Redcar77
931Afternoon Delight 80David Entwistle Rye House77
932BrummieGems2019Dave Twine Birmingham76
933Buxton Hammer BeesJoseph Piccolo Lakeside76
934Bugg3Carl Frith Sheffield76
935DUDUŚ TEAMKrzysztof Duda Poole75
936Denkos Booze &grooveNick Contractor Rye House NL75
937AfcbjoshJosh Nottle Poole75
938Blades 1Brian Clark Sheffield75
939Fossil fartsDavid Cox Lakeside74
940Boycies BluesAlan Boyce Edinburgh74
941One last bashChris Webb Ipswich73
942Mrs M's MonkeysAlan Brown Coventry73
943Sue's Suicide SquadMalcolm Wain Redcar73
944Sue's Shale ShiftersMalcolm Wain Redcar73
945Lakesliders19Peter Gardner Lakeside72
946Racing SquirrelsRob Lee Rye House72
947DoondoonAlan Boyce Edinburgh72
948Squelch2Andrew Welch Coventry71
949Redcar RetardsCarl Hurry Redcar71
950Blantyre GunnersAlisdair Hunter Glasgow70
951Druett 1John Druett Poole70
952BurmiestersShale Shifters Belle Vue70
953YoungbloodShale Shifters Belle Vue70
954One last bash from tChris Webb Ipswich70
955Tolworth DonsLes Lawrence Wimbledon70
956Mirac LesLes Lawrence Wimbledon69
957SummersunPaul Tye Ipswich69
958Aussie outbacksSimon Miles Belle Vue68
959Monarchs 1Alan Boyce Edinburgh65
960MELANIES SEVENTerry Hetheridge 64
9612 minutesShale Shifters Belle Vue64
962Rest of the worldSimon Miles Belle Vue63
963tigersAndrew Nicholson Sheffield62
964Armitage ShanksSteve Hilliard Eastbourne60
965TorchedBjørn Edge Edinburgh59
966Celtic tigersDean Collins Glasgow58
967Top PicksLiam Overbury Eastbourne57
968Scoffer89A No 1Peter Leavis Lakeside57
969Lunas lionsAlan Boyce Edinburgh57
970Premiership 7Dave Twine Birmingham55
971Dale DevilsAlan Boyce Edinburgh53
972Ian ConkeySean Robson Oxford49
973Martins showmenPaul Carpenter Peterborough39
974Nee hawwwDean Collins Glasgow36
975Mon the hoopsDean Collins Glasgow31
976DeansteamsDean Collins Glasgow23
977Coatbridge tigersDean Collins Glasgow18
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