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28 March 2023
The Mushroom Cup
Phase 1What happens
Apr 4 - 17 Top 64 points scorers to 2nd phase
Apr 18 - May 1 Top 64 points scorers to 2nd phase
May 2 - 15 Top 64 points scorers to 2nd phase
May 16 - 29 Top 64 points scorers to 2nd phase
Knockout phase (dates are subject to change)
Second roundWhat happens
June 1 - 12 The remaining 256 teams go head to head producing 128 winners.
Third roundWhat happens
June 14 - 26 The remaining 128 teams go head to head producing 64 winners.
Fourth roundWhat happens
June 28 - July 10 The remaining 64 teams go head to head producing 32 winners.
Fifth roundWhat happens
July 12 - 24 The remaining 32 teams go head to head producing 16 winners.
Sixth roundWhat happens
July 26 - Aug 7 The remaining 16 teams go head to head producing 8 winners.
Aug 9 - 21 Quarter-finals
Aug 23 - Sep 4 Semi-finals
Sep 6 - 25 THE FINAL

Semi finals - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
ES Clydebank D Nicolson170Angry Pandas R Lee181
Jolly all the way T Buckle90Angry Pandas R Lee181

Quarter finals - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Angry Pandas R Lee169Aroundtheoutside10 G Paul126
G5 A Wood161ES Clydebank D Nicolson177
Angry Pandas R Lee169Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul107
Jolly all the way T Buckle121Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul107

6th round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Angry Pandas R Lee307Niblon R Lee283
exe valley rebels S Davey292Angry Pandas R Lee307
G5 A Wood270Aroundtheoutside8 G Paul262
ES Clydebank D Nicolson285Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul278
Woody3 A Wood254Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul278
Aroundtheoutside10 G Paul245Aroundtheoutside10 G Paul245
Jolly all the way T Buckle281Jolly all the way T Buckle281
7 vikings J Sutherst264Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul278

5th round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Jolly all the way T Buckle286Sideways Sid T Buckle280
G1 A Wood267Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul311
Bobby G D Entwistle239ES Clydebank D Nicolson298
spring chickens D Sutherst273Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul311
7 vikings J Sutherst256Denkos mega burger N Contractor248
7 vikings J Sutherst256Aroundtheoutside10 G Paul305
exe valley rebels S Davey315Norfolk n Hope D Sutherst293
Mullarkey D Entwistle271Jolly all the way T Buckle286
Aroundtheoutside8 G Paul322Mullarkey D Entwistle271
G5 A Wood318Giorgio dynamo L Morris278
Abominable Ants R Lee242Angry Pandas R Lee253
Niblon R Lee317Aroundtheoutside11 G Paul287
P.J. No6 P Leavis251Angry Pandas R Lee253
Faststartes P Tye217Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul311
Vikings 2004 D Sutherst232Woody3 A Wood264
Aroundtheoutside10 G Paul305the anchovy trainer D Sutherst285

4th round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
exe valley rebels S Davey156Aroundtheoutside10 G Paul185
Palin Able J Sutherst144Aroundtheoutside10 G Paul185
ashy 3 B Ashton133Mullarkey D Entwistle154
kendoddsdadsdogsdead D Sutherst137ES Clydebank D Nicolson175
G5 A Wood188Abominable Ants R Lee177
Giorgio dynamo L Morris179Niblon R Lee174
Niblon R Lee174Wembley Towers D Sargeant133
7 vikings J Sutherst181Awesome7 T Darling141
Bobby G D Entwistle140COme on ME baBBIEs D Twine117
Angry Pandas R Lee165Motley Moose R Lee142
the anchovy trainer D Sutherst139KDM5 K Milton125
Jackmk4 J Powell148Aroundtheoutside8 G Paul178
Mullarkey D Entwistle154Keith's Eagles K Elliott141
Denkos mega burger N Contractor153Sutton Roofers 2 K Taylor127
Faststartes P Tye153Spring 7 A Nicolson141
Woody3 A Wood152Bobby G D Entwistle140
Hubbard D Entwistle154Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul155
dees champs P King134Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul155
7 Bears J Sutherst120exe valley rebels S Davey156
Woody4 A Wood141Abominable Ants R Lee177
ES Clydebank D Nicolson175P.J. No6 P Leavis180
Ultimate Lions S Leeson125Vikings 2004 D Sutherst153
Fiala D Entwistle149Sideways Sid T Buckle161
Jolly all the way T Buckle167slim pickens D Sutherst135
kendoddsdadsdogsdead D Sutherst137Aroundtheoutside11 G Paul174
Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst147Angry Pandas R Lee165
Jolly all the way T Buckle167Fiala D Entwistle149
Team Faithfull T Darling114Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul155
Silver D Entwistle1397 vikings J Sutherst181
G1 A Wood179exe valley rebels S Davey156
Angry Pandas R Lee165Norfolk n Hope D Sutherst180
CM 01/02 A Nicolson154spring chickens D Sutherst174

3rd round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
ashy 4 B Ashton135Ultimate Lions S Leeson147
Wembley Towers D Sargeant177Silencerís S O'mara107
Woody4 A Wood146Aroundtheoutside8 G Paul140
Tigers superstars D Simpson92COme on ME baBBIEs D Twine123
Grimshaw Grunge R Whittaker126slim pickens D Sutherst135
Grimshaw Grunge R Whittaker126Aroundtheoutside8 G Paul140
exe valley rebels S Davey174Doonfoot Dynamos D Nicolson166
super seven L Wilkinson154Sideways Sid T Buckle181
Fiala D Entwistle171Norfolk n Hope D Sutherst175
Ace of Clubs R Whittaker103Jackmk4 J Powell116
ashy 3 B Ashton152GortonM181 R Whittaker150
Sutton Roofers 2 K Taylor174Scoffer89A No1 P Leavis115
Spring 7 A Nicolson125Tac Subs A Day122
Niblon R Lee143Niblon R Lee143
Mullarkey D Entwistle166Kernow Kings D Jarvis152
Jolly all the way T Buckle165Aroundtheoutside11 G Paul127
Palin Able J Sutherst149Smith D Entwistle134
Team Faithfull T Darling134Team Faithfull T Darling134
Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst138exe valley rebels S Davey174
Scoffer89A No2 P Leavis109Aroundtheoutside11 G Paul127
BLACKY4 K Blackwell125Fiala D Entwistle171
Rye Bucket Bangers N Mcleod130KDM5 K Milton176
Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst138Bobby G D Entwistle156
Aroundtheoutside10 G Paul144Joe's hampionship be J Piccolo131
Silver D Entwistle143P.J. No10 P Leavis97
Dalkeith Dukes R Whittaker124G1 A Wood136
7 vikings J Sutherst145Silencerís S O'mara107
Sutton Roofers 4 K Taylor122Keith's Eagles K Elliott138
Abominable Ants R Lee168Faster Windy P Morris137
BLACKY4 K Blackwell125spring chickens D Sutherst126
exe valley rebels S Davey174Doonfoot Dynamos D Nicolson166
P.J. No6 P Leavis164spring chickens D Sutherst126
Garrad D Entwistle121Denkos mega burger N Contractor127
Giorgio dynamo L Morris152Hampden Hawks D Nicolson130
northern powerhouse J Sutherst129Vikings 2004 D Sutherst130
CM 01/02 A Nicolson107Aroundtheoutside12 G Paul101
Scoffer89A No4 P Leavis91Angry Pandas R Lee162
ducky fuzz J Sutherst167kendoddsdadsdogsdead D Sutherst186
TEAM .4 BIRMINGHAM S Ponder80Mullarkey D Entwistle166
Aroundtheoutside10 G Paul144Aroundtheoutside8 G Paul140
Kevin Entwistle Roc D Entwistle1157 Bears J Sutherst154
TEAM .5 REDCAR S Ponder1077 vikings J Sutherst145
Bobby G D Entwistle156Scoffer89A No5 P Leavis137
Angry Pandas R Lee162Denkos mega burger N Contractor127
kendoddsdadsdogsdead D Sutherst186Timeless Lions S Leeson148
Hubbard D Entwistle158PijperpickedaPepper J Sutherst121
Jolly all the way T Buckle165pooles select P King134
Awesome7 T Darling190the anchovy trainer D Sutherst141
Timeless Lions S Leeson148G5 A Wood172
Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst138longsight spring B Ashton91
bladerunner3 A Darlaston117Angry Pandas R Lee162
exe valley wolves S Davey179ES Clydebank D Nicolson190
the anchovy trainer D Sutherst141Bees Knees X M Jones102
Aroundtheoutside10 G Paul144Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul171
Woody3 A Wood193Absolutely Rubbish S O'mara140
Peter Craven Wanabee B Davidson144Motley Moose R Lee165
pooles select P King134dees champs P King163
longsight spring B Ashton91Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul171
Niblon R Lee143Aroundtheoutside8 G Paul140
Fiala D Entwistle171The Wee Donkeys S O'mara139
Abominable Ants R Lee168Doonfoot Dynamos D Nicolson166
ES Clydebank D Nicolson190Giorgio dynamo L Morris152
Faststartes P Tye186Suzyís Flukies J Sutherst169
Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul171Woffy T D Entwistle140

2nd round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Sideways Sid T Buckle236Aroundtheoutside12 G Paul194
BLACKY3 K Blackwell125Joe's hampionship be J Piccolo265
7 Pirates J Sutherst228Aroundtheoutside8 G Paul271
Cradley Allstars C Faulkner138Bees Knees X M Jones185
Berthin Telolahy B Edge172The Wee Donkeys S O'mara292
,Manchester Mayhem S Dickens106GortonM181 R Whittaker148
Braves 4 A Squires1537 vikings J Sutherst275
Sky Blue Bees A Brown268Niblon R Lee276
Light Hall B Edge145kendoddsdadsdogsdead D Sutherst292
bladerunner3 A Darlaston178Daz and Jo's Hammers D Lee167
Faulks Falcons C Faulkner145Fiala D Entwistle300
BLACKY4 K Blackwell263longsight spring B Ashton242
malas maurauders M Green207Sutton Roofers 2 K Taylor212
Doonfoot Dynamos D Nicolson277Rye Bucket Bangers N Mcleod249
Aroundtheoutside11 G Paul206Winterton Warriors C Key127
Pam's Lions P Campbell212Team Faithfull T Darling269
Tac Subs A Day265GB All Stars 4 D Cullip126
Fortescue Aces C Faulkner164Denkos mega burger N Contractor209
Scoffer89A No2 P Leavis236Motley Moose R Lee283
KDM4 K Milton189Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul274
Angry Pandas R Lee291Bees Knees XV M Jones209
kendoddsdadsdogsdead D Sutherst292Denkos Booze & Snooz N Contractor134
Peter Craven Wanabee B Davidson191Pit Bend Loonies D Wall167
Aroundtheoutside11 G Paul206COme on ME baBBIEs D Twine233
7 vikings J Sutherst275spring chickens D Sutherst222
Wimbledon_Dons D Wall189Bobby G D Entwistle226
Tommy J T Buckle172Grimshaw Grunge R Whittaker230
Ollies Ornets O Miles150Abominable Ants R Lee279
Aroundtheoutside10 G Paul258Blazing Bees Racing J Escott204
MacGs Seven 1 A Macgillivray189the anchovy trainer D Sutherst278
Scoffer89A No4 P Leavis220Basings racers2 C Harris62
malas maurauders M Green207Kevin Entwistle Roc D Entwistle208
pooles select P King251PijperpickedaPepper J Sutherst245
Suzyís Flukies J Sutherst185Magnificent 7 R Gardner141
exe valley nomads S Davey168pooles select P King251
super seven L Wilkinson271Gunner7 T Darling218
Garrad D Entwistle268GB All Stars 6 D Cullip178
Team Faithfull T Darling269Bees Knees X1 M Jones148
G5 A Wood214Eighth Wonder R Scott166
dees champs P King211Timeless Lions S Leeson274
Boomer Entwistle Roc D Entwistle234Giorgio dynamo L Morris257
Bees Knees XV M Jones209Angry Pandas R Lee291
Georges Gangsters G Brown181Palin Able J Sutherst219
Mauger Shakers R Whittaker145Jolly all the way T Buckle280
GB All Stars 3 D Cullip115Giorgio dynamo L Morris257
Tigers superstars D Simpson169Lelant Lightning D Jarvis158
exe valley rebels S Davey248Plymouth Rogero4 R Osborne109
Hubbard D Entwistle260GB All Stars 5 D Cullip164
Championship A R Osborne193Aroundtheoutside10 G Paul258
Mullarkey D Entwistle291Aroundtheoutside11 G Paul206
Dave's Team No3 D Nuttall215exe valley rebels S Davey248
Aroundtheoutside12 G Paul194Mad Mussetts T Buckle158
Faster Windy P Morris162GB All Stars 9 D Cullip148
bladerunner4 A Darlaston189slim pickens D Sutherst257
Bees Knees X11 M Jones166Jackmk4 J Powell202
longsight spring B Ashton242Fortescue Aces C Faulkner164
Silencerís S O'mara262bladerunner5 A Darlaston212
Garry Stead Legend D Sutherst258ES Clydebank D Nicolson259
Scoffer89A No4 P Leavis220Keith's Eagles K Elliott240
Tarrant P D Entwistle153ashy 4 B Ashton224
Scunny1+2 C Key140Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst261
Silencerís S O'mara262Oxford STS W Hutt126
Gate 4 B Hurry94P.J. No6 P Leavis202
pooles champs P King180Vikings 2004 D Sutherst252
exe valley rebels S Davey248Sutton Roofers 2 K Taylor212
Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst261pooles champs P King180
Championship A R Osborne193Rye Bucket Bangers N Mcleod249
Windy Millers C Key191Timeless Lions S Leeson274
Scoffer89A No5 P Leavis252Mullarkey D Entwistle291
spring chickens D Sutherst222Hot Toddy T Buckle213
Lulu's Legends W Bush96Kernow Kings D Jarvis158
Bees Knees V111 M Jones123KDM5 K Milton242
Smith D Entwistle260GB All Stars 8 D Cullip121
malas maurauders M Green207Bobby G D Entwistle226
Silver D Entwistle214pauls champs P King180
MacGs Seven 3 A Macgillivray193ES Clydebank D Nicolson259
exe valley wolves S Davey203Woody3 A Wood249
Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst261Angry Pandas R Lee291
BLACKY4 K Blackwell263GB All Stars 2 D Cullip110
Aroundtheoutside12 G Paul194northern powerhouse J Sutherst267
Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst261malas maurauders M Green207
P.J. No10 P Leavis139Sutton Roofers 4 K Taylor160
exe valley outlaws S Davey161Absolutely Rubbish S O'mara266
Aroundtheoutside8 G Paul271Woody4 A Wood219
pauls select P King160the anchovy trainer D Sutherst278
Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul274Sutton Roofers 1 K Taylor212
Doonfoot Dynamos D Nicolson277Sutton Roofers 1 K Taylor212
Dave's Team No1 D Nuttall170Grimshaw Grunge R Whittaker230
Ultimate Lions S Leeson185Scoffer89A No3 P Leavis166
Awesome7 T Darling300Walsall Wheels R Whittaker238
G1 A Wood276Aroundtheoutside12 G Paul194
CM 01/02 A Nicolson146dees select P King89
Plymouth Devils 61 R Osborne133Spring 7 A Nicolson151
Scoffer No4 P Leavis225Norfolk n Hope D Sutherst297
Norfolk Chargers S Dales189Woody4 A Wood219
Bobby & Cyril J Faldo170Denkos mega burger N Contractor209
exe valley wolves S Davey203Slim Jim T Buckle178
Tapes Up K Bennett194Aroundtheoutside10 G Paul258
Coleís Crusaders D Simpson123Doonfoot Dynamos D Nicolson277
P.J. No10 P Leavis139Joseph's all stars J Piccolo115
CM 01/02 A Nicolson146Scoffer89A No5 P Leavis252
ducky fuzz J Sutherst260Bees Knees 111 M Jones128
Dalkeith Dukes R Whittaker154GB All Stars 7 D Cullip153
Turtles Grudziadz A Dymarkowski123Fiala D Entwistle300
Racing Squirrels R Lee231ashy 3 B Ashton264
Dalkeith Dukes R Whittaker154Abominable Ants R Lee279
Up the Lions S Leeson203Aroundtheoutside8 G Paul271
pooles champs P King1807 Bears J Sutherst187
Jolly all the way T Buckle280Crossley Heathens R Whittaker137
dees champs P King211Fortescue Aces C Faulkner164
Niblon R Lee276Wills Warriors W Bush134
Scoffer89A No1 P Leavis279Swanage Swans O Miles92
Wembley Towers D Sargeant209GB All Stars 6 D Cullip178
GortonM181 R Whittaker148PijperpickedaPepper J Sutherst245
We Are The Champons A Nicolson212Aroundtheoutside9 G Paul274
spring chickens D Sutherst222slide before a fall D Sutherst218
Bees Knees 11 M Jones137TEAM .5 REDCAR S Ponder218
Ollies Ornets O Miles150TEAM .4 BIRMINGHAM S Ponder180
Suzyís Flukies J Sutherst185Hampden Hawks D Nicolson284
P.J. No10 P Leavis139Aroundtheoutside11 G Paul206
Niblon R Lee276Magnificent Seven L Wilkinson202
Scoffer89A No2 P Leavis236Premier Lions S Leeson171
ashy 1 B Ashton196longsight spring B Ashton242
Ace of Clubs R Whittaker220GB All Stars 9 D Cullip148
Roxybeth A Frith145Faststartes P Tye232
GB All Stars 5 D Cullip164Aroundtheoutside8 G Paul271
Fiala D Entwistle300The Wee Donkeys S O'mara292
Woffy T D Entwistle270Yid Army S O'mara237

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