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27 November 2021
The Mushroom Cup
Phase 1What happens
May 17 - 28 Top 128 points scorers to 2nd phase
May 31 - Jun 11 Top 128 points scorers to 2nd phase
Jun 14 - 25 Top 128 points scorers to 2nd phase
Jun 28 - Jul 9 Top 128 points scorers to 2nd phase
Knockout phase (dates are subject to change)
Second roundWhat happens
Jul 19 - 30 The remaining 512 teams go head to head producing 256 winners.
Third roundWhat happens
Aug 2 - 7 The remaining 256 teams go head to head producing 128 winners.
Fourth roundWhat happens
Aug 9 - 14 The remaining 128 teams go head to head producing 64 winners.
Fifth roundWhat happens
Aug 16 - 21 The remaining 64 teams go head to head producing 32 winners.
Sixth roundWhat happens
Aug 23 - 28 The remaining 32 teams go head to head producing 16 winners.
Seventh roundWhat happens
Aug 30 - Sep 4 The remaining 16 teams go head to head producing 8 winners.
Sep 6 - 11 Quarter-finals
Sep 13 - 18 Semi-finals
Sep 25 - Oct 10 THE FINAL
Final - in the event of a draw a count back will decide the winner
Barry’s Hawks J Peacock201Exe Valley Outlaws S Davey149

Semi finals - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
KDM5 K Milton57Exe Valley Outlaws S Davey63
THE CHRISTIE SEVEN T Hetheridge50Barry’s Hawks J Peacock78

Quarter finals - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Potters D Sargeant86Exe Valley Outlaws S Davey121
Dad's Army 7 C Faulkner76KDM5 K Milton99
THE CHRISTIE SEVEN T Hetheridge94Hampden Heathens A Hunter90
Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul103Barry’s Hawks J Peacock111

7th round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Potters D Sargeant100Bengt Handlebars N Mcleod73
Andrew Silver D Entwistle143THE CHRISTIE SEVEN T Hetheridge150
longsight aces B Ashton114Hampden Heathens A Hunter121
Premier hunters S Leeson93Exe Valley Outlaws S Davey156
Dad's Army 7 C Faulkner105White City Hotshots S Dickens102
badgers bouncers M Green97KDM5 K Milton125
Normanby Nomads C Key69Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul118
Marvyn Cox D Entwistle123Barry’s Hawks J Peacock166

6th round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
kc72 C Foster70Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul89
Bengt Handlebars N Mcleod118Hagon Tigers A Hunter69
longsight aces B Ashton115Suffolk Tigers A Williamson111
Exe Valley Wolves S Davey100Barry’s Hawks J Peacock112
Premier hunters S Leeson102Carol No3 C Meader98
Carol No5 C Meader99White City Hotshots S Dickens105
Andrew Silver D Entwistle102KDM5 K Milton93
Frankie's R'Stars 2 B Talbot98Normanby Nomads C Key101
Hampden Heathens A Hunter98GG3 A Wood97
Marvyn Cox D Entwistle106anthillmob P Dixon87
We Are The Champons A Nicolson105THE CHRISTIE SEVEN T Hetheridge106
Exe Valley Outlaws S Davey94TACOLNESTON TERROR 4 R Mason88
Doonfoot Dynamos D Nicolson94Potters D Sargeant104
Dad's Army 7 C Faulkner108Hagon Tigers A Hunter69
KDM5 K Milton93speedy boys D Bennett48
Summer 7 A Nicolson90badgers bouncers M Green95

5th round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
KDM5 K Milton89Dave's top racers D Lee70
Premiership J Dupoy43TACOLNESTON TERROR 4 R Mason70
Dad's Army 7 C Faulkner58Burtle Bears M Brooks22
THE CHRISTIE SEVEN T Hetheridge76Premier Pursuit A Nicolson19
Sybie Supper J Mckellar39Bengt Handlebars N Mcleod63
Premier hunters S Leeson37pauls prem P King25
Exe Valley Outlaws S Davey109Mattys 3rd J Peacock55
Scoffer No1 P Leavis42Hagon Tigers A Hunter53
Marvyn Cox D Entwistle93Aroundtheoutside 2 G Paul22
Godden Tigers A Hunter37White City Hotshots S Dickens55
KDM1 K Milton17Carol No5 C Meader42
Carol No3 C Meader28My lads A Frith26
Doonfoot Dynamos D Nicolson76Facebook Moaners D Watson24
We Are The Champons A Nicolson109CM 01/02 A Nicolson73
Dad's Army 7 C Faulkner58Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul95
GG3 A Wood114Marvyn Cox D Entwistle93
Frankie's R'Stars 2 B Talbot98Lanarkshire Eagles C Mccurdy68
Pure Premier M Merkus36Summer 7 A Nicolson117
Suffolk Tigers A Williamson81Macs7 1 A Macgillivray72
speedy boys D Bennett37Premier Pursuit A Nicolson19
Andrew Silver D Entwistle80Timeless Lions S Leeson76
Exe Valley Wolves S Davey84Boomer Entwistle D Entwistle63
anthillmob P Dixon78Blantyre Eagles C Mccurdy66
kc72 C Foster100Oakley21 R Golsby81
Potters D Sargeant53Rudys team T Buckle5
Hampden Heathens A Hunter82Swanage Swans O Miles62
Normanby Nomads C Key43Reecetigers R Corbidge34
Hagon Tigers A Hunter53Historians D Craig19
longsight aces B Ashton53Premier Punters A Nicolson15
Blacky3 K Blackwell62KDM5 K Milton89
Barry’s Hawks J Peacock62Bees Knees 1V M Jones52
Hot Toddy T Buckle19badgers bouncers M Green68

4th round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Dad's Army 7 C Faulkner114The Right Payne T Buckle45
Tommy J T Buckle63Boomer Entwistle D Entwistle100
Ozzy’s Aussies R Osborne93Hagon Tigers A Hunter102
Facebook Moaners D Watson94Aroundtheoutside 6 G Paul56
GG4 A Wood81Blantyre Eagles C Mccurdy85
GG4 A Wood81Godden Tigers A Hunter87
Exe Valley Wolves S Davey64Wadirum T Friendship62
longsight aces B Ashton101Aroundtheoutside 8 G Paul55
Graham Coombes FC D Nicolson83pauls prem P King115
Caspers Lucky 7 D Freeman69Suffolk Tigers A Williamson99
ducky fuzz J Sutherst41Frankie's R'Stars 2 B Talbot77
Andrew Silver D Entwistle84Sutton Roofers 3 K Taylor63
Aroundtheoutside 8 G Paul55Dad's Army 7 C Faulkner114
Gladiators C Holmes70Summer 7 A Nicolson73
Marvyn Cox D Entwistle94Leah G Duke87
Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul90Braves 4 A Squires89
Sutton Roofers 1 K Taylor57Reecetigers R Corbidge106
Norfolk n chance D Sutherst81THE CHRISTIE SEVEN T Hetheridge117
Mattys 3rd J Peacock93Exe Valley Wolves S Davey64
Lakesliders 21 P Gardner82Lanarkshire Eagles C Mccurdy110
Timeless Lions S Leeson83Graham Coombes FC D Nicolson83
Queen Dragon A Craig97Carol No5 C Meader117
kc72 C Foster81Back to the track S Leeson73
Braves 2 A Squires51Dave's top racers D Lee61
Burtle Bears M Brooks108Manchester Madmen D Nuttall87
GG3 A Wood124Exe Valley Outlaws S Davey77
Fast Freddie’s 7 D Simpson93Bees Knees 1V M Jones100
Premier Punters A Nicolson143Lou Snutz N Mcleod103
Danny Ayres RIP D Twine100Aroundtheoutside 2 G Paul116
Premier hunters S Leeson134Hot Toddy T Buckle121
Exe Valley Outlaws S Davey77Brunos Boys R Gardner27
Premiership J Dupoy72Hot Toddy T Buckle121
Marvyn Cox D Entwistle94No More Heroes Champ D Entwistle80
Ronnie 's Mirac S Mabey94Macs7 1 A Macgillivray96
CM 01/02 A Nicolson84Exe Valley Rebels S Davey57
Historians D Craig119One last bash C Webb65
Sybie Supper J Mckellar99Fall Guys D Sutherst81
We Are The Champons A Nicolson83ScottsSliders G McKenzie73
Blacky3 K Blackwell105British Powerhouse M Merkus57
Graham's A Team G Campbell63Swanage Swans O Miles84
Scoffer89A No4 P Leavis28Scoffer No1 P Leavis77
Blacky5 K Blackwell70Pure Premier M Merkus107
Golden Oldies L Morris35Premiership J Dupoy72
Oakley21 R Golsby94Adams94 J Adams53
ScottsSliders G McKenzie73Rudys team T Buckle131
anthillmob P Dixon97Sutton Roofers 2 K Taylor66
Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul90Premier Pursuit A Nicolson138
Potters D Sargeant121LOZ 1 P Herbert99
Normanby Nomads C Key120Dave1 D Lyons95
Bengt Handlebars N Mcleod94Stag Place Stars R Golsby89
Daves Lucky 7 D Freeman78KDM5 K Milton101
dees prem P King124Carol No3 C Meader133
My lads A Frith118Purbeck Pirates O Miles99
PointsStars T Darling52KDM1 K Milton129
Bengt Handlebars N Mcleod94Hampden Heathens A Hunter123
Andrew Silver D Entwistle84Premier Pursuit A Nicolson138
GG6 A Wood102Barry’s Hawks J Peacock117
Summer 7 A Nicolson73Hagon Tigers A Hunter102
Doonfoot Dynamos D Nicolson97Blacky2 K Blackwell58
badgers bouncers M Green91Mr blue T Friendship61
KDM5 K Milton101Manchester Madness D Nuttall79
speedy boys D Bennett72Late Starter D Sutherst66
White City Hotshots S Dickens94Bra-key Blinders S O'mara42

3rd round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Aroundtheoutside 8 G Paul96Purbeck Pirates O Miles77
Premier hunters S Leeson72kc74 C Foster43
Premier Punters A Nicolson74Norfolk and Hope D Sutherst73
GG9 A Wood45Suffolk Tigers A Williamson89
Lou Snutz N Mcleod62KDM2 K Milton11
Brunos Boys R Gardner75GG4 A Wood75
Redcar.7 team S Ponder48Pure Premier M Merkus70
Wimbledon Dons D Wall60Lanarkshire Eagles C Mccurdy93
Lou Snutz N Mcleod62Tommy J T Buckle73
Bengt Handlebars N Mcleod81Scoffer No2 P Leavis61
ashy 1 B Ashton75Graham Coombes FC D Nicolson92
Back to the track S Leeson53premier meats J Sutherst51
Macs7 1 A Macgillivray68Kelvin Mudlark D Entwistle44
Mr blue T Friendship66Bees Knees V11 M Jones15
Methanol Maniacs B Talbot34Graham's A Team G Campbell68
CM 01/02 A Nicolson62Mattys 3rd J Peacock75
Dad's Army 7 C Faulkner65darcys darlings P King49
alis army D Bennett60No More Heroes Champ D Entwistle83
Sybie Supper J Mckellar65THE CHRISTIE SEVEN T Hetheridge72
Scoffer89A No3 P Leavis11Hampden Heathens A Hunter73
Potters D Sargeant83AVAS TIGERS M Wright64
Hedge Hoppers T Buckle49Bengt Handlebars N Mcleod81
Crayford Kestrels D Wall24AVAS TIGERS M Wright64
Purbeck Pirates O Miles77Aroundtheoutside 6 G Paul30
Facebook Moaners D Watson68romford J Adams60
Ellithan 7 P Gardner49Marvyn Cox D Entwistle63
Aroundtheoutside 8 G Paul96Bra-key Blinders S O'mara35
Stags M Malicki47KDM1 K Milton48
Hagon Tigers A Hunter70Rugeley Racers 2 C Faulkner35
Blacky1 K Blackwell51The Right Payne T Buckle65
Premiership J Dupoy68Alzombies P Gardner57
Motley Moose R Lee52Sutton Roofers 1 K Taylor90
Andrew Silver D Entwistle67Bens Bombers B Hurry36
Late Starter D Sutherst64Narberth Knights A Ellmer61
Caspers Lucky 7 D Freeman71No More Heroes Prem D Entwistle57
Frankie's R'Stars 2 B Talbot78Charlie's Chasers G Brown74
Bonzodogdodaband L Morris41Exe Valley Rebels S Davey52
Premier Racers D Sutherst63Carol No3 C Meader70
Bobby G D Entwistle36Blacky5 K Blackwell108
Turnandburn J Squibb71Summer 7 A Nicolson85
Sutton Roofers 2 K Taylor103Cj's Crazy Cats C Cusack69
Carol No5 C Meader74Hamburger Islanders R Scott58
malas marauders M Green72Sutton Roofers 3 K Taylor82
The Terminators 2 D Cullip39Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul75
pauls prem P King70Cj's Crazy Cats C Cusack69
Facebook Moaners D Watson68Premier Pursuit A Nicolson84
Exe Valley Wolves S Davey59Rugeley Racers 2 C Faulkner35
anthillmob P Dixon82pooles elite P King49
Berwick.5 team S Ponder41Hagon Tigers A Hunter70
British Powerhouse M Merkus50Swanage Swans O Miles77
Brexiteers M Roberts55Exe Valley Outlaws S Davey67
Barry’s Falcons J Peacock65Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul75
Aroundtheoutside 2 G Paul81The Avengers 7 D Cullip60
Leah G Duke76Fairfield Foxes R Whittaker74
Carol No4 C Meader56Scoffer No1 P Leavis62
duzzy sucks? J Sutherst30speedy boys D Bennett49
Brunos Boys R Gardner75Premier Pursuit A Nicolson84
Slide before a Fall D Sutherst73KDM5 K Milton80
Premiership J Dupoy68Birmingham.3 team S Ponder25
Marvyn Cox D Entwistle63P.J. No5 P Leavis35
White City Hotshots S Dickens85Terrys wolves T Hetheridge69
Blacky6 K Blackwell49Historians D Craig78
Dreamteam2 J Adams39Manchester Madness D Nuttall69
WRIGHTYS TIGERS M Wright48Hot Toddy T Buckle76
Exe Valley Wolves S Davey59Kelvin Mudlark D Entwistle44
ScottsSliders G McKenzie72Stithians Saints D Jarvis59
Berwick.5 team S Ponder41Boomer Entwistle D Entwistle43
Bee Happy G Brown46Summer 7 A Nicolson85
Huntspill Hawks M Brooks32British Powerhouse M Merkus50
Rudys team T Buckle69Aroundtheoutside 9 G Paul36
Blacky3 K Blackwell51Nighttime7 P Tye46
Scoffer No7 P Leavis35Scoffer89A No4 P Leavis39
Reecetigers R Corbidge63The Avengers 1 D Cullip60
Macs7 5 A Macgillivray27Golden Oldies L Morris63
Burtle Bears M Brooks66Quintrell Kings D Jarvis53
Blacky2 K Blackwell77TIMS CLASSIC SEVEN T Darling50
Navan D Craig26Ozzy’s Aussies R Osborne39
ScottsSliders G McKenzie72Ocker Bonk Chippies R Scott52
The Full English A Keay39dees prem P King85
Barry’s Hawks J Peacock85Micoradey J Williams40
Blantyre Eagles C Mccurdy73Macs7 4 A Macgillivray67
The Hunters S Leeson43CM 01/02 A Nicolson62
Daves Lucky 7 D Freeman60Bees Knees X1 M Jones11
Norfolk n chance D Sutherst762 wheel magicians A Welch57
Andrew Silver D Entwistle67Cross @8 T Buckle48
Stag Place Stars R Golsby64Kelvin Mudlark D Entwistle44
KDM5 K Milton80No More Heroes Prem D Entwistle57
tenpins allstars K Goodrum2Bra-key Blinders S O'mara35
Dave's top racers D Lee70Dupoy's Reserves J Dupoy67
Normanby Nomads C Key57Ralphs racers R Barrow35
LOZ 1 P Herbert73Kidderminster Cobras S Dickens69
My lads A Frith78Karl Fiala D Entwistle67
Rugeley Racers 1 C Faulkner17Aroundtheoutside 6 G Paul30
Scoffer No4 P Leavis63Hot Toddy T Buckle76
Bobby G D Entwistle36longsight aces B Ashton46
Bees Knees 1V M Jones30Shale Heros M Harper27
Danny Ayres RIP D Twine91Aroundtheoutside 11 G Paul57
The Expendables 12 D Cullip51Godden Tigers A Hunter72
Adams94 J Adams45KDM4 K Milton33
Timeless Lions S Leeson69Harlee's Hounds G Brown44
Narberth Knights A Ellmer61Manchester Madmen D Nuttall69
Fast Freddie’s 7 D Simpson70Scoffer No5 P Leavis57
Ralphs racers R Barrow35badgers bouncers M Green98
Rugeley Racers 3 C Faulkner61Doonfoot Dynamos D Nicolson97
kc72 C Foster81P.J. No2 P Leavis49
GG4 A Wood75Teacups A Craig71
TACOLNESTON TERROR R Mason74Oakley21 R Golsby84
Dekos booze & snooze N Contractor37We Are The Champons A Nicolson68
Aroundtheoutside 11 G Paul57GG4 A Wood75
CoreyWorey J Williams49GG6 A Wood78
Braves 4 A Squires67Blacky3 K Blackwell51
Lakesliders 21 P Gardner90bladerunner6 A Darlaston73
Jason’s Argonauts J Peacock59Exe Valley Outlaws S Davey67
GG3 A Wood94Lakesliders 21 P Gardner90
PointsStars T Darling79Hampden Heathens A Hunter73
Pam'sLions P Campbell78TACOLNESTON TERROR 4 R Mason81
Premier Punters A Nicolson74Wadirum T Friendship76
Gladiators C Holmes64KDM2 K Milton11
Dad's Army 7 C Faulkner65Sheffield 1. Team S Ponder54
Ronnie 's Mirac S Mabey99Meadowbank Lions A Hunter74
Braves 2 A Squires45ducky fuzz J Sutherst28
Sybie Supper J Mckellar65TACOLNESTON TERROR 3 R Mason60
ducky fuzz J Sutherst28northern powerhouse J Sutherst17
Queen Dragon A Craig71The Terminators 2 D Cullip39
One last bash C Webb59Best of British N Strudwick55
pooles champs P King29Fall Guys D Sutherst66
Graham Coombes FC D Nicolson92Strzelnik B Edge81
Dave1 D Lyons46Bees Knees X11 M Jones35

2nd round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Bees Knees XV M Jones149Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul202
Percent-encoding B Edge149TACOLNESTON TERROR 3 R Mason172
Brunos Boys R Gardner247elm park J Adams153
The Terminators 2 D Cullip169OX11 Hopper S Ellis58
Fast Freddie’s 7 D Simpson146Queen Dragon A Craig143
Dreamteam2 J Adams184Caspers Lucky 7 D Freeman175
Frankie's R'Stars 2 B Talbot216Brownie's Bananas G Brown167
2021 Gladiators C Holmes132Kelvin Mudlark D Entwistle215
anthillmob P Dixon201Full Throttle B Talbot170
Denkos burger crawl N Contractor158Dad's Army 7 C Faulkner216
Hobbits D Craig136P.J. No2 P Leavis159
pauls elite P King158Bobby G D Entwistle213
Stithians Saints D Jarvis1852 wheel magicians4 A Welch155
Burses racers 4 J Burson153Aroundtheoutside 6 G Paul185
Bobby & Cyril J Faldo106Premier Punters A Nicolson168
Arthur's Ducks K Elliott163Blacky1 K Blackwell222
Bees Knees X11 M Jones202Carol No1 C Meader140
2 wheel magicians5 A Welch150Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul202
tenpins allstars K Goodrum165Norfolk Ninjas S Dales129
Rugeley Racers 2 C Faulkner207Lost City Looters R Scott189
pooles champs P King203Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul202
Alzombies P Gardner129Wills warriors W Hart114
Last bend Luckhurst T Buckle141Caspers Lucky 7 D Freeman175
Water Witch B Edge147Graham Coombes FC D Nicolson174
KO M Malicki125romford J Adams131
kc72 C Foster142Highside7 P Tye125
2 wheel magicians A Welch132Scoffer No5 P Leavis140
Lakesliders 21 P Gardner174Brexiteers M Roberts139
Pam'sLions P Campbell158kc72 C Foster142
Queen Dragon A Craig143Mullarkey D Entwistle77
Oakley21 R Golsby204KDM2 K Milton218
Exe Valley Rebels S Davey207Manchester Madlads D Nuttall171
Shale Heros M Harper223Bengt Handlebars N Mcleod197
P.J. No4 P Leavis106Hampden Heathens A Hunter174
malas marauders M Green165Dillys Drifters S Dales152
Pure Premier 3 M Merkus102Scoffer No2 P Leavis123
Premier Pursuit A Nicolson154Premiership Picks R Osborne125
kc74 C Foster149thornaby terriers M Green134
Cross @8 T Buckle240Peter Tarrant D Entwistle151
tenpins allstars K Goodrum165Macs7 5 A Macgillivray167
Terrys wolves T Hetheridge226kc73 C Foster105
Kelvin Mudlark D Entwistle215Norfolk Ninjas S Dales129
Fairfield Foxes R Whittaker199Herbie 8 P Herbert131
Premiership J Dupoy165Aroundtheoutside 4 G Paul124
Helford Hawks D Jarvis149British Powerhouse M Merkus216
Historians D Craig173thornaby tornados M Green119
Timeless Lions S Leeson161Leah G Duke191
Paul’s Champs P Crutchley140Dave's top racers D Lee199
Bobby G D Entwistle213Pure Premier 2 M Merkus94
Ronnie 's Mirac S Mabey184Herbie 4 P Herbert180
bladerunner6 A Darlaston159Scoffer No8 P Leavis142
Carol No5 C Meader148Sukibearremembered P Gardner146
Hagon Tigers A Hunter220Crayford Kestrels D Wall220
Cj's Crazy Cats C Cusack178Denkos donuts N Contractor148
Sheffield 1. Team S Ponder152Marshal4 M Taylor98
Bengt Handlebars N Mcleod197Dazzler's Kings D Lee148
malas marauders M Green165Brunos Boys R Gardner247
Chamionship Rebels K Bennett159Strzelnik B Edge177
Andrew Silver D Entwistle185Pure Champs 3 M Merkus151
Ozzy’s Aussies R Osborne186Exe Valley Nomads S Davey156
Sutton Roofers 3 K Taylor212the wright brothers J Sutherst132
Jake's irons J Adams127One last bash C Webb149
Danish Dynamite M Merkus129northern powerhouse J Sutherst153
GM Tigers A Hunter151Kelvin Mudlark D Entwistle215
Egg Supper J Mckellar125Scoffer No1 P Leavis148
pauls prem P King133Aroundtheoutside 9 G Paul178
Sunnyside P Tye112AVAS TIGERS M Wright133
Carol No3 C Meader161GG6 A Wood219
luke stars S Farnham79Sutton Roofers 2 K Taylor171
Wills Warriors 4 W Bush108Graham Coombes FC D Nicolson174
We Are The Champons A Nicolson180Adams J Adams142
Bonzodogdodaband L 2 P Lancaster139
The Full English A Keay171Dazzler's Aces D Lee119
Winsford Aces P Griffiths105Scoffer89A No3 P Leavis127
pauls prem P King133Oakley21 R Golsby204
CM 01/02 A Nicolson216Olle Nygren Remember D Nicolson205
Bees Knees V11 M Jones164Purbeck Pirates O Miles204
Jiggleswade 7 P Gardner149Exe Valley Outlaws S Davey174
Burtle Bears M Brooks133Aroundtheoutside 11 G Paul134
Aroundtheoutside 4 G Paul124Teacups A Craig151
gravys boys 2 D Graveling102Cj's Crazy Cats C Cusack178
The Expendables 12 D Cullip141Swifts M Malicki110
darcys darlings P King188Big Wins Wobblers N Mcleod144
Ashvale 'Ammers R Whittaker95The Avengers 7 D Cullip172
kc75 C Foster122Ellithan 7 P Gardner139
Aroundtheoutside 11 G Paul134Fast Freddies Flyers W Bush128
Wills Warriors 1 W Bush145Aroundtheoutside 6 G Paul185
Bees Knees X1V M Jones122Stag Place Stars R Golsby253
Sybie Supper J Mckellar196Camborne Crusaders R Whittaker129
duzzy sucks? J Sutherst174Cj's PL Select C Cusack133
Hagon Tigers A Hunter220Scoffer No12 P Leavis150
ducky fuzz J Sutherst158Ipswich.14 team S Ponder66
Aroundtheoutside 4 G Paul1242 wheel magicians A Welch132
elm park J Adams153Hot Toddy T Buckle188
dees elite P King129Barry’s Falcons J Peacock212
Burtle Bears M Brooks133Scoffer89A No2 P Leavis68
GKM Grudziadz A Dymarkowski118Lakesliders 21 P Gardner174
Reecetigers R Corbidge175Monstable Wigwam P Morris89
Berwick.5 team S Ponder193Macs7 4 A Macgillivray200
GG4 A Wood210pooles elite P King162
Mildy Gingers A Williamson170Rugeley Racers 2 C Faulkner207
kc71 C Foster174Slide before a Fall D Sutherst201
White City Hotshots S Dickens180Skirting Boards M Roberts153
sportingabeergut L Glover105Brexiteers M Roberts139
dees prem P King166Hampden Heathens A Hunter174
Summer 7 A Nicolson192Cougars B Talbot55
Bengt Handlebars N Mcleod197Hoxton Trotters 2 K Dyer110
Rugeley Racers 1 C Faulkner154Scoffer No3 P Leavis148
Karl Fiala D Entwistle152Boomer Entwistle D Entwistle167
Berwick.5 team S Ponder193Macs7 2 A Macgillivray188
Nighttime7 P Tye145Jo-Jo's top boys D Lee97
Olivia's wizards L Morris150Blacky3 K Blackwell187
Karl Fiala D Entwistle152Sovereigns M Malicki136
Roxybeth A Frith154Ralphs racers R Barrow181
Danny Ayres RIP D Twine209Plymouth ex devil C Holmes94
The Hunters S Leeson184Scoffer No4 P Leavis179
TEDDYS TIGERS M Wright137Wimbledon Dons D Wall182
Scoffer No4 P Leavis179Adams J Adams142
Stags M Malicki121longsight premier B Ashton117
Carol No4 C Meader149Blacky2 K Blackwell172
Bees Knees X1 M Jones230ScottsSliders G McKenzie202
Rockets will be back N Mcleod134Facebook Moaners D Watson190
Dreamteam J Adams124Blacky5 K Blackwell205
Bees Knees V11 M Jones164Weymouth Speedway D Thorne100
Aroundtheoutside 8 G Paul1662 wheel magicians2 A Welch136
Scoffer No7 P Leavis127Dragons Rescue M Roberts107
Norfolk and Hope D Sutherst194Bees Knees 1X M Jones169
Gorton Loco R Whittaker155Charlie's Chasers G Brown188
No More Heroes Champ D Entwistle220P.J. No5 P Leavis191
Lanarkshire Eagles C Mccurdy245Tweedside D Purvis204
ashy 4 B Ashton109Manchester Madmen D Nuttall130
speedy boys D Bennett185Last bend Luckhurst T Buckle141
Manchester Madness D Nuttall121kc73 C Foster105
Jason’s Argonauts J Peacock206Demon Kings D Craig124
Carol No2 C Meader150pooles elite P King162
Kidderminster Cobras S Dickens181alis army D Bennett142
2 wheel magicians A Welch132Quintrell Kings D Jarvis143
Aroundtheoutside 2 G Paul178Donsabuzzing T Buckle163
Burses racers 2 J Burson141GG9 A Wood177
Premier Kings K Bennett60The Terminators 2 D Cullip169
TEDDYS TIGERS M Wright137Berwick.5 team S Ponder193
Pam's Cubs P Campbell163Norfolk n chance D Sutherst199
KDM4 K Milton192Al's All Stars A Brown177
Blacky3 K Blackwell187Crazy Cat Lady 3 M Lane186
Bexley Stars S Mabey140KDM5 K Milton195
Bens Bombers B Hurry166elm park hammers J Adams116
Archie's Eagles S Ellis173Fall Guys D Sutherst217
Exe Valley Nomads S Davey156TIMS CLASSIC SEVEN T Darling240
TACOLNESTON TERROR R Mason201How's Hero's J Faldo122
Aroundtheoutside 8 G Paul166Crayford Eagles S Dickens163
Alan's Alligators A Brown197Suffolk Tigers A Williamson199
P.J. No5 P Leavis191millers A Nicholson106
Hamburger Islanders R Scott221Marzipan Hat P Morris116
Gogogunner G Duke172Hot Toddy T Buckle188
Scoffer89A No4 P Leavis209Slim Pickens D Sutherst181
KDM1 K Milton130Bugg4 C Frith105
Idontknowwhatimdoing S Reynolds184Lou Snutz N Mcleod208
The Anchovy Trainer D Sutherst148ScottsSliders G McKenzie202
Graham's Chums G Campbell119Narberth Knights A Ellmer173
Dad's Army 7 C Faulkner216Dans super 7 D Simpson163
alis army D Bennett142KDM3 K Milton134
ashy 2 B Ashton160My lads A Frith169
Exe Valley Outlaws S Davey174Godden Tigers A Hunter153
Braves 4 A Squires187Elite league D Collins135
Carol No4 C Meader149Highside7 P Tye125
Bees Knees 1V M Jones223Leyton marvels M Harold99
Walsall Warriors R Whittaker153Doonfoot Dynamos D Nicolson222
Alzombies P Gardner129Late Starter D Sutherst193
Top Guns 7 D Cullip151Back to the track S Leeson167
Braves 2 A Squires235Sutton Roofers 5 K Taylor214
Dillys Drifters S Dales152British Powerhouse M Merkus216
Exe Valley Wolves S Davey216Premier Racers D Sutherst138
Sutton Roofers 1 K Taylor226Coatbridge TH D Collins172
Rugeley Racers 1 C Faulkner154Wadirum T Friendship166
Premier Racers D Sutherst138Scoffer No2 P Leavis123
Blacky4 K Blackwell148Graham's A Team G Campbell215
Alzombies P Gardner129Lou Snutz N Mcleod208
Harlee's Hounds G Brown177Brandon Buzzers S Dickens172
MY MATE COLINS TEAM T Hetheridge176Best of British N Strudwick188
5-1 B Hurry140Andrew Silver D Entwistle185
Hedge Hoppers T Buckle197One last bast Claret C Webb143
Dekos booze & snooze N Contractor149Bra-key Blinders S O'mara172
pooles prem P King137Bee Happy G Brown172
Navan D Craig165Denkos mega pies N Contractor129
Morvah Knights D Jarvis161Micoradey J Williams206
TACOLNESTON TERROR 4 R Mason208Sidcot Saints M Brooks92
Rugeley Racers 3 C Faulkner152Fast & Furious 5 D Cullip142
Summer 7 A Nicolson192WANDERERS T Hetheridge156
Lou Snutz N Mcleod208Crayford Kestrels D Wall220
Dekos booze & snooze N Contractor149pooles prem P King137
The Wee Donkey S O'mara148Marvyn Cox D Entwistle193
Roadrunner A Craig164Redcar.7 team S Ponder176
AVAS TIGERS M Wright133KDM1 K Milton130
Adams94 J Adams213Bent Coppers S O'mara151
GG4 A Wood210Aroundtheoutside 1 G Paul158
Mattys 3rd J Peacock230Pam's Pride P Campbell163
Rockets will be back N Mcleod134ScottsSliders G McKenzie202
KDM2 K Milton218Sideways Action S Hilliard149
kings of the track D Bennett129Dave1 D Lyons193
Barry’s Hawks J Peacock193The Expendables 8 D Cullip135
TEDDYS TIGERS M Wright137Rudys team T Buckle153
Turnandburn J Squibb172Opa's 7 B Talbot168
KDM3 K Milton134CM 01/02 A Nicolson216
Romford Bombers G Scarff156Premier Punters A Nicolson168
Premier Racers D Sutherst138GG4 A Wood210
THE CHRISTIE SEVEN T Hetheridge199Sutton Roofers 4 K Taylor163
Premier Kings K Bennett60Bra-key Blinders S O'mara172
Poole.12 team S Ponder123Daves Lucky 7 D Freeman162
Blantyre Eagles C Mccurdy197premier meats J Sutherst89
Godden Tigers A Hunter153Danish Dynamite M Merkus129
Herbie 11 P Herbert117Blacky6 K Blackwell221
Ralphs racers R Barrow181Bugg4 C Frith105
Premier hunters S Leeson119Winsford Wacers P Griffiths115
Tookey G Tookey90Narberth Knights A Ellmer173
Potters D Sargeant158Mirac J Faldo101
PointsStars T Darling200Wills Warriors 2 W Bush162
Dupoy's Reserves J Dupoy145Sunnyside P Tye112
Bees Knees X1V M Jones122Ocker Bonk Chippies R Scott170
Birmingham.3 team S Ponder148longsight autumn B Ashton65
Paisley Rd W Forever D Nicolson130Premier Pursuit A Nicolson154
Golden Oldies L Morris228Carol No2 C Meader150
Carol No3 C Meader161Jakeshammers J Adams119
Big Wins Wobblers N Mcleod144Meadowbank Lions A Hunter185
Scoffer No9 P Leavis182The Right Payne T Buckle227
Macs7 1 A Macgillivray200Marshal4 M Taylor98
Miles Marauders O Miles161Motley Moose R Lee261
Gladiators C Holmes171Aroundtheoutside 8 G Paul166
Pure Premier M Merkus139Hampden Hawks D Nicolson135
premier meats J Sutherst89Kangaroos M Merkus81
LOZ 1 P Herbert149Coatbridge Gunners A Hunter141
northern powerhouse J Sutherst153Facebook Moaners D Watson190
Marvyn Cox D Entwistle193Pure Premier M Merkus139
Mr blue T Friendship177Bjorns Boys G Scarff155
Jason’s Lions J Peacock170Tommy J T Buckle243
Timeless Lions S Leeson161Nighttime7 P Tye145
Normanby Nomads C Key168Mikes Lucky 7 D Freeman152
Herbie 6 P Herbert166badgers bouncers M Green202
OlivesBoys G McKenzie158KDM5 K Milton195
ducky fuzz J Sutherst158Denkos donuts N Contractor148
Danny’s Blades D Simpson158Purbeck Pirates O Miles204
Huntspill Hawks M Brooks209GG9 A Wood177
Brandon Buzzers S Dickens172No More Heroes Prem D Entwistle186
Marino Entwistle D Entwistle169Sybie Supper J Mckellar196
Ant Hill Mobsters R Scott147ashy 1 B Ashton150
Johnsies 7 T Buckle126Premiership J Dupoy165
No More Heroes Prem D Entwistle186Carol No1 C Meader140
Swanage Swans O Miles191We Are The Champons A Nicolson180
Blacky5 K Blackwell205CoreyWorey J Williams210
longsight aces B Ashton190Leicester.11 team S Ponder76
GG3 A Wood162the anchovy catcher J Sutherst135
Pure Champs 2 M Merkus186Exe Valley Wolves S Davey216
dees prem P King166Herbie 7 P Herbert104
Methanol Maniacs B Talbot134bladerunner5 A Darlaston123
Subbuteo Speedway S Ellis120pauls prem P King133
Lothian Lions D Purvis142The Avengers 1 D Cullip183

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