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17 February 2018
The Mushroom Cup
Click here for competition format and dates for 2018
FINAL - in the event of a draw, a count-back will decide the winner

Semi-finals - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Bugg2 C Frith184Dad's Pirates S Barrett189
Max 1 A Hinds229Sprockets A Nicolson272

Quarter-finals - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
pauls stars p king271Sprockets A Nicolson320
Bruuummmm... G Baxter170Dad's Pirates S Barrett300
Indy Too J Mckellar254Bugg2 C Frith295
The Racers...Maybe. J Goddard290Max 1 A Hinds409

7th round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
CHAmpiONshIp D Twine157Max 1 A Hinds173
KDM5 K Milton191The Racers...Maybe. J Goddard205
B R 2 J Burson186Sprockets A Nicolson215
Shale Shifters No.1 J Goddard186pauls stars p king224
Carol No 6 C Meader167Indy Too J Mckellar186
Carol No 5 C Meader176Bugg2 C Frith180
Max 7 A Hinds162Bruuummmm... G Baxter217
Dad's Pirates S Barrett210ASHY 1 B Ashton120

6th round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Bugg2 C Frith104International Teapot P Morris94
KDM5 K Milton83Umina Bunnies T Poole40
Dad's Pirates S Barrett93Pete No 1 P Leavis75
Smoggie Bears C Milner71The Racers...Maybe. J Goddard85
Sprockets A Nicolson47Ely Panthers G Heathcote47
Indy Too J Mckellar93Dazzlers Sliders D Lee67
LONGSIGHT SMR B Ashton130Max 1 A Hinds136
ENJOY THE SILENCER T Bazylkiewicz70Shale Shifters No.1 J Goddard75
Old Gold 2 M Wotherspoon55Carol No 6 C Meader99
ASHY 1 B Ashton61Jackson Gerbils L Morris44
Carol No 5 C Meader94Hawks J Peacock77
Bruuummmm... G Baxter53Bear Necessities C Milner45
ASHY 1 B Ashton61CHAmpiONshIp D Twine62
Max 7 A Hinds109TACOLNESTON TERRORS2 R Mason74
B R 2 J Burson88FastStart1 F Wotherspoon59
R Zarni B Edge42pauls stars p king89

5th round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Blades5 B Clark57Bruuummmm... G Baxter73
Sprockets A Nicolson80Smoggie Bears C Milner94
FinLizzy2 E Wotherspoon79Dad's Pirates S Barrett107
Hawks J Peacock75Gaz's Gaters 3 G Paul42
Sprockets A Nicolson80Bonzodogdodaband L Morris80
ASHY 1 B Ashton77Olivia's wizards L Morris76
Max 1 A Hinds94neil and jodie eagle N Fletcher28
Off to a flier! R Peasley60Umina Bunnies T Poole99
ASHY 5 B Ashton108International Teapot P Morris121
TACOLNESTON TERRORS5 R Mason67Dazzlers Sliders D Lee73
KDM2 K Milton72Indy Too J Mckellar84
Ely Panthers G Heathcote72R Zarni B Edge80
Jackson Gerbils L Morris76HarkinsHawks A Hunter66
Pete No 3 P Leavis73Pete No 1 P Leavis92
FinLizzy1 E Wotherspoon79Shale Shifters No.1 J Goddard83
Max 7 A Hinds75ASHY 3 B Ashton65
FastStart1 F Wotherspoon63the Shockers E Hallam46
Tiger blades D Simpson73Bear Necessities C Milner93
Ely Panthers G Heathcote72Scoffer89a No 5 P Leavis68
Max 7 A Hinds75Carol No 5 C Meader76
HarkinsHawks A Hunter66ASHY 1 B Ashton77
Max 4 A Hinds58KDM5 K Milton64
HampdenHeathens A Hunter55Old Gold 2 M Wotherspoon70
CHAmpiONshIp D Twine93dees champs p king57
Old Gold 3 M Wotherspoon84The Racers...Maybe. J Goddard100
Bugg2 C Frith68trojans W Hollands51
Carol No 6 C Meader89Pete No 4 P Leavis48
KDM5 K Milton64LONGSIGHT SMR B Ashton67
Rye in Cornwall I Dodd61B R 2 J Burson79
pauls stars p king79St Andrews Saints C Mccurdy71

4th round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
ASHY 1 B Ashton78Save Oxford Speedway R Peasley45
Max 4 A Hinds59Whittlesey Panthers G Heathcote32
LONGSIGHT C B Ashton68Sprockets A Nicolson82
Bruuummmm... G Baxter67The Bazzzz Beaterz R Peasley49
Scoffer N0 3 P Leavis56ASHY 3 B Ashton59
Off to a flier! R Peasley65ASHY 4 B Ashton65
Bear Necessities C Milner67Elementary Penguins R Peasley45
dees stars p king58CHAmpiONshIp D Twine85
pauls stars p king50Old Gold 3 M Wotherspoon60
TommyJ T Buckle71ASHY 5 B Ashton78
KDM5 K Milton68Looptheloop S Shifters64
Shedshop1 G Heathcote42Smoggie Bears C Milner71
KDM2 K Milton64wildcats p king54
Sutton Roofers 2 K Taylor52Ely Panthers G Heathcote86
HuntersFlyers A Hunter50Old Gold 2 M Wotherspoon73
R Zarni B Edge75Macronites D Craig53
Carol No 6 C Meader71Daves Kings D Lee64
Leith Freedom J Mckellar81FastStart1 F Wotherspoon85
Gaz's Gaters 3 G Paul77Old Meadowbankers J Mckellar43
LONGSIGHT S B Ashton61Jackson Gerbils L Morris71
pauls stars p king50Dazzlers Aces D Lee47
Old Gold 3 M Wotherspoon60ASHY 1 B Ashton78
Dazzlers Sliders D Lee52pooles stars p king51
BriTIshBESt D Twine41B R 2 J Burson76
HarkinsHawks A Hunter61Max 4 A Hinds59
Bonzodogdodaband L Morris51Max 7 A Hinds60
St Andrews Saints C Mccurdy37Dans super 7 D Simpson36
Max 1 A Hinds79Blades2 B Clark72
Pete No 3 P Leavis73LONGSIGHT S B Ashton61
HampdenHeathens A Hunter45Normanby Nomads C Key42
Whit's 7 R Whittaker46Tiger blades D Simpson59
Sprockets A Nicolson82Sutton Roofers 3 K Taylor56
Pete No 4 P Leavis55Avatars D Craig45
Indy Too J Mckellar61Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst56
TommyJ T Buckle71FOXHALL FLYERS T Goffin87
anymorehooses P Dixon36International Teapot P Morris64
FinLizzy2003 E Wotherspoon49FinLizzy2 E Wotherspoon63
Denkos Dounuts N Contractor47FinLizzy1 E Wotherspoon71
neil and jodie eagle N Fletcher83PL Winners S Clifford61
Faster Windy P Morris48Rye in Cornwall I Dodd65
dees champs p king74Winterton Warriors C Key41
trojans W Hollands49Rye Bucket Bangers N Mcleod47
Max 5 A Hinds59Scoffer89a No 5 P Leavis66
Pete No 5 P Leavis57TACOLNESTON TERRORS5 R Mason72
The Racers...Maybe. J Goddard59anthillmob P Dixon29
Hawks J Peacock82Max 1 A Hinds79
Olivia's wizards L Morris77What.....No Brakes?? J Goddard35
Bonzodogdodaband L Morris51Sheffields finest D Simpson45
AllFourBack R Whittaker39Umina Bunnies T Poole66
Dans super 7 D Simpson36Shale Shifters No.1 J Goddard61
Max 7 A Hinds60Blantyre Eagles C Mccurdy48
Ely Panthers G Heathcote86Moston Brook Bombers R Whittaker77
Watt No Raiders! K Medcalf63TACOLNESTON TERRORS2 R Mason88
Smackaroo Magic N Mcleod53Carol No 5 C Meader93
Camborne Comets R Whittaker70LONGSIGHT SMR B Ashton71
TommyJ T Buckle71Albion ardvarks K Elliott62
Bugg2 C Frith68Pete No 2 P Leavis67
Perrin's Burger Boys R Whittaker53Blades5 B Clark58
KDM5 K Milton68Old Gold 3 M Wotherspoon60
the Shockers E Hallam66The Magnificent 7 L Wilkinson56
Dad's Pirates S Barrett78ASHY 2 B Ashton75
Sutton Roofers 3 K Taylor56HarkinsHawks A Hunter61
Max 5 A Hinds59Pete No 1 P Leavis87

3rd round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Titanos D Craig74Old Gold 2 M Wotherspoon88
Elementary Penguins R Peasley68Denkos booze crawl N Contractor54
Scoffer89a No 5 P Leavis91BriTIshBESt D Twine107
Sutton Roofers 2 K Taylor89Gaz's Gates 2 G Paul84
St Andrews Saints C Mccurdy115Black Cat Chargers S Dales94
Ely Stars G Heathcote75ASHY 4 B Ashton89
Max 4 A Hinds105WAWAW M Wright96
Smackaroo Magic N Mcleod114Diamond Geezers S Reynolds105
KDM2 K Milton98Bugg3 C Frith73
Moston Brook Bombers R Whittaker115Bonzodogdodaband L Morris86
ENJOY THE SILENCER T Bazylkiewicz110Old Meadowbankers J Mckellar92
Whittlesey Panthers G Heathcote94Sutton Roofers 5 K Taylor75
Max 5 A Hinds137LONGSIGHT LEADERS B Ashton83
Tillys's team S Dales79dees stars p king91
Old Gold 1 M Wotherspoon61Umina Bunnies T Poole68
Scoffer89a No 4 P Leavis40anymorehooses P Dixon91
FinLizzy1 E Wotherspoon101Banter Boys G Brown63
Pete No 3 P Leavis131Marzipan Hat B Whyte99
HuntersFlyers A Hunter125jameos5 K James83
Jasons AllStars J Peacock129HarkinsHawks A Hunter137
WITCHCRAFT T Goffin48B R 2 J Burson116
Coatbridge Tigers C Mccurdy89HarkinsHawks A Hunter137
Old Gold 1 M Wotherspoon61International Teapot P Morris70
Winsford Winners P Griffiths104Dazzlers Aces D Lee130
Bonzodogdodaband L G Heathcote85
FOXHALL FLYERS T Goffin92Coda Kings B Thornham89
Macronites D Craig75pauls champs p king70
My dreams A Frith83Max 7 A Hinds107
pauls stars p king122Milani kestrels M Malicki86
Champion Cheetahs R Peasley68Sutton Roofers 3 K Taylor120
Max 4 A Hinds105Tiger blades D Simpson110
LONGSIGHT S B Ashton97Burnham Budgies M Brooks89
FinLizzy2003 E Wotherspoon114TACOLNESTON TERRORS2 R Mason104
Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst120LONGSIGHT SMR B Ashton107
ASHY 2 B Ashton110Tatusz tatters M Malicki77
Leith Freedom J Mckellar90Albion ardvarks K Elliott144
anymorehooses P Dixon91Carol No 5 C Meader118
Dans super 7 D Simpson97The Book Café B Edge95
Scoffer N0 3 P Leavis93High and Low Champ I Dodd70
Dans tigers D Simpson83Ely Panthers G Heathcote92
Gaz's Gaters 5 G Paul71neil and jodie eagle N Fletcher101
Bear Necessities C Milner95Huntspill Hawks M Brooks69
Basingsracers 2 c harris37Avatars D Craig101
Andies Astronauts G Brown85Ely Panthers G Heathcote92
Blades5 B Clark74Umina United T Poole53
TommyJ T Buckle93FastStart5 F Wotherspoon46
Sprockets A Nicolson86Southwick sharks K Elliott60
Max 4 A Hinds105old men 2 K James97
Indy Too J Mckellar100Old Gold 1 M Wotherspoon61
2 wheel magicians A Welch55TommyJ T Buckle93
Old Gold 3 M Wotherspoon146Avatars D Craig101
Faster Windy P Morris108Bruuummmm... G Baxter93
KDM5 K Milton94ROUNDWOOD T Goffin77
Gaz's Gaters 3 G Paul130Freedom Fighters J Mckellar95
Carol No 6 C Meader123ENJOY THE SILENCER T Bazylkiewicz110
Olivia's wizards L Morris78KDM5 K Milton94
Clash of the Tritons J Escott118Max 1 A Hinds132
Pete No 5 P Leavis108Max 3 A Hinds90
Leith Freedom J Mckellar90FastStart3 F Wotherspoon39
Wizards Of Aus A Johnson74HampdenHeathens A Hunter145
Olivia's wizards L Morris782-4-6-8 Dons J Faldo69
Sheffields finest D Simpson87Weird Genghis R Peasley49
LONGSIGHT C B Ashton94League Leaders G Stevens57
TommyJ T Buckle93Looptheloop S Shifters105
Normanby Nomads C Key127Scoffer No 5 P Leavis85
Max 3 A Hinds90pauls stars p king122
Plough Lane Stars J Faldo70Rye in Cornwall I Dodd109
Jbd G Duke78Old Meadowbankers J Mckellar92
R Zarni B Edge93Titanos D Craig74
wildcats p king118CL Flops S Clifford66
Gaz's Gates 2 G Paul84Dans super 7 D Simpson97
Sprockets A Nicolson86Bruuummmm... G Baxter93
Blantyre Eagles C G Heathcote85
Sprockets A Nicolson86Scoffer No 5 P Leavis85
pauls stars p king122Max 1 A Hinds132
Perrin's Burger Boys R Whittaker94Differentials A Nicolson72
Winterton Warriors C Key91Team Cake B Whyte57
The Bazzzz Beaterz R Peasley96Andies Astronauts G Brown85
Old Gold 3 M Wotherspoon146Scoffer89A No 1. P Leavis134
Only skidding R Whittaker136Max 5 A Hinds137
Save Oxford Speedway R Peasley68Scoffer89a No 4 P Leavis40
TommyJ T Buckle93Ely Stars G Heathcote75
Spartak Red Machine B Whyte83ASHY 1 B Ashton117
LONGSIGHT S B Ashton97the aussies E Hallam96
What.....No Brakes?? J Goddard94LONGSIGHT LEADERS B Ashton83
Middleton S Dales73LONGSIGHT SMR B Ashton107
Camborne Comets R Whittaker144Dudley's Devils C Newell93
CABG I Hadlington103Pete No 4 P Leavis122
tigers 2 A Nicholson102Dad's Pirates S Barrett120
League Leaders G Stevens57Old Gold 3 M Wotherspoon146
FastStart4 F Wotherspoon73Shale Shifters No.1 J Goddard122
Rebel pirate M Wellman122the Shockers E Hallam146
Simpsons superstars D Simpson116ASHY 1 B Ashton117
Whit's 7 R Whittaker122CHARLIES TIGERS M Wright113
Daves Kings D Lee111Bugg1 C Frith72
Rye Bucket Bangers N Mcleod111My boys A Frith107
Blades2 B Clark122Middleton S Dales73
Off to a flier! R Peasley90PL Winners S Clifford104
TACOLNESTON TERRORS2 R Mason104Weird Genghis R Peasley49
Scoffer89a No 3 P Leavis69Bonzodogdodaband L Morris86
Jackson Gerbils L Morris77Yorkshire Puddings C Milner65
Max 7 A Hinds107Championship Manager A Nicolson94
anthillmob P Dixon81FastStart3 F Wotherspoon39
Solid Seven R Peasley65dees champs p king81
Dazzlers Sliders D Lee100What.....No Brakes?? J Goddard94
Watt No Raiders! K Medcalf84Scoffer89a No 4 P Leavis40
Bugg1 C Frith72ASHY 5 B Ashton119
Scoffer No 4 P Leavis66trojans W Hollands89
Local Hero's S Reynolds62pooles stars p king82
Pete No 1 P Leavis114Handycams A Craig94
Bugg2 C Frith118HedgeHoppers T Buckle75
ASHY 3 B Ashton122Pete No 1 P Leavis114
Differentials A Nicolson72Hawks J Peacock93
AllFourBack R Whittaker108Gone Fishin R Guise71
Scoffer89a No 5 P Leavis91Tillys's team S Dales79
The Racers...Maybe. J Goddard124Tillys's team S Dales79
FinLizzy2 E Wotherspoon107Fondue Supper J Mckellar97
Off to a flier! R Peasley90Roxybeth A Frith75
Local Hero's S Reynolds62FastStart1 F Wotherspoon78
Pete No 2 P Leavis116carp crew R Guise92
Jaz jets C Newell80Shedshop1 G Heathcote124
Smoggie Bears C Milner74Baxter's Braves G Baxter53
Denkos Dounuts N Contractor97Alwaysayid S Higgs81
Southwick sharks K Elliott60CHAmpiONshIp D Twine123
The Magnificent 7 L Wilkinson96Kidderminster Tigers S Dickens64
Sutton Roofers 3 K Taylor120Ely Stars G Heathcote75

2nd round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
pauls prem p king33Avatars D Craig144
Olivia's wizards L Morris141Tramlines A Craig86
wildcats p king164The Racers...Maybe. J Goddard109
Perrin's Burger Boys R Whittaker90Sutton Roofers 5 K Taylor148
Blades3 B Clark119Bruuummmm... G Baxter165
Dans super 7 D Simpson169Bombers a Rocket N Mcleod131
Dudley's Devils C Newell194Denkos Dounuts N Contractor146
bill's bikers M While51LONGSIGHT SMR B Ashton185
Differentials A Nicolson172My boys A Frith118
Scoffer No 5 P Leavis179FinLizzy4 E Wotherspoon139
Tatusz tatters M Malicki107Cowes Catipillars O Hayward66
the Britts E Hallam92HarkinsHawks A Hunter124
Scoffer N0 3 P Leavis162Bat Cat's Dingbat's S Barrett152
TEDDYS TIGERS M Wright90Shale Shifters No.1 J Goddard101
tigers 2 A Nicholson121AVAS OWLS M Wright85
Max 3 A Hinds144Whit's 7 R Whittaker70
pooles stars p king141Cydonia Knights B Thornham90
Tron's Terriers S Barrett82Avatars D Craig144
Mirac J Faldo35Umina United T Poole69
Max 7 A Hinds203The Veggies B Whyte165
Peacock Steamers R Whittaker133Titanos D Craig134
Skidmark Central L Wilkinson125ASHY 1 B Ashton159
High and Low Champ I Dodd130First Bend Bunching N Mcleod123
Ely Stars G Heathcote143Steves Pirates 1 S Barrett111
Whittlesey Panthers G Heathcote102Magicians D Craig42
anymorehooses P Dixon98BR5 J Burson58
Solid Seven R Peasley125Scoffer89a No 5 P Leavis189
Huntspill Hawks M Brooks133Plough Lane Stars J Faldo138
Ladbroken D Craig59anymorehooses P Dixon98
Bruuummmm... G Baxter165Olivia's wizards L Morris141
mattys cyclopse J Peacock22Olivia's wizards L Morris141
the long shots E Hallam81Jbd G Duke175
LONGSIGHT LEADERS B Ashton134Blairhill Bullets C Mccurdy84
FastStart4 F Wotherspoon110Falcons J Peacock89
Daves Kings D Lee104Umina United T Poole69
Loopy Lions M Lane59Scoffer89a No 3 P Leavis165
KDM2 K Milton210Scorpion Sting R Peasley159
Simply The Best S Reynolds58Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst107
High and Low Prem I Dodd9Old Meadowbankers J Mckellar144
PL Winners S Clifford56KDM1 K Milton47
AshfieldAces A Hunter71Local Hero's S Reynolds114
LONGSIGHT S B Ashton149PL Top Picks S Clifford20
Bugg3 C Frith101Dazzlers Sliders D Lee94
Pete No 2 P Leavis156Racers Return J Hill73
Bee Lucky A Brown87Old Meadowbankers J Mckellar144
Jerzy Boys M Malicki101TommyJ T Buckle170
Save Oxford Speedway R Peasley163Ashfield Giants C Mccurdy38
Pete No 1 P Leavis180Deep Water M Roberts81
HuntersFlyers A Hunter136Blades1 B Clark79
Weird Genghis R Peasley143Ommers I Hadlington36
St. Johann Blasters M Merkus142Freedom Fighters J Mckellar155
Carol No 3 C Meader27Burnham Budgies M Brooks112
old men 2 K James178Topcats. A Johnson11
Ely Panthers G Heathcote154Backstraight Boozers K Medcalf142
Middleton S Dales161Rapid Lodway S Sayer63
Coatbridge Tigers C Mccurdy51Carol No 3 C Meader27
Daves Kings D Lee104The Book Café B Edge155
Funky foxes M Lane120Ely Stars G Heathcote143
LONGSIGHT P B Ashton42Bonzodogdodaband L Morris154
ASHY 3 B Ashton149Sons of the Desert M Malicki108
Tiger blades D Simpson132I Don't Know C Newell109
CHARLIES TIGERS M Wright110Local Hero's S Reynolds114 G Heathcote167FastStart1 F Wotherspoon104
Crossley Crusaders R Whittaker50LONGSIGHT SMR B Ashton185
Pete No 4 P Leavis174TEDDYS TIGERS M Wright90
AllFourBack R Whittaker97Titanos D Craig134
KDM5 K Milton171Lodway Leopards S Sayer44
Gaz's Gates 2 G Paul183Play Off Hopefulls J Madeley88
Georges Giants G Brown18Sheffields finest D Simpson106
Shedshop G Heathcote46The Magnificent 7 L Wilkinson115
Teabag Town N Mcleod81Perrin's Burger Boys R Whittaker90
Old Meadowbankers J Mckellar1442 wheel magicians A Welch182
Whittlesey Panthers G Heathcote102Dans super 7 D Simpson169
TommyJ T Buckle170Gaz's Gaters 5 G Paul164
AllFourBack R Whittaker97jameos4 K James77
Blades5 B Clark104Championship Manager A Nicolson94
dees champs p king137Old Gold 1 M Wotherspoon154
Scoffer89a No 4 P Leavis151The Scorpians E Hallam98
Sprockets A Nicolson176Wild Bunch D Craig33
Elitist A Nicolson40Basingsracers 2 c harris61
Biscuit Crunchers L Mcleod124Ely Panthers G Heathcote154
Gone Fishin R Guise166Off to a flier! R Peasley170
My Team 4 C Cusack72Max 4 A Hinds210
WITCHCRAFT T Goffin173Daves Winners D Lee88
Mark's racers M While74Scoffer89a No 4 P Leavis151
Wild Bunch D Craig33Shedshop1 G Heathcote39
Alwaysayid S Higgs136Elitist A Nicolson40
pauls prem p king33jameos5 K James42
Burnham Budgies M Brooks112ROUNDWOOD T Goffin171
FastStart3 F Wotherspoon143The Bazzzz Beaterz R Peasley157
Crossley Crusaders R Whittaker50Rebel pirate M Wellman75
FastStart3 F Wotherspoon143WIZZARDZ OF OZ G Moore72
Elitist A Nicolson40Solid Seven R Peasley125
The Racers...Maybe. J Goddard109Silverthorne Saints I Hadlington57
R Zarni B Edge138Apollo 7 A Johnson83
Differentials A Nicolson172Gaz's Gaters 5 G Paul164
Daves Winners D Lee88Huntspill Hawks M Brooks133
SOUTHAMPTON SAINTS R L Walker51Faster Windy P Morris129
ENJOY THE SILENCER T Bazylkiewicz204the aussies E Hallam92
Georgio dinamo L Morris28FinLizzy1 E Wotherspoon110
WeslakeTigers A Hunter62Only skidding R Whittaker63
The Four Tops I Mccartney83Camborne Comets R Whittaker87
2 wheel magicians 2 A Welch1442-4-6-8 Dons J Faldo169
Daz and Jo's Rockets D Lee82Hawks J Peacock110
2 wheel magicians 4 A Welch131Roxybeth A Frith145
Blantyre Eagles C Mccurdy140SOUTHAMPTON SAINTS R L Walker51
Carol No 7 C Meader126Scoffer89a No 4 P Leavis151
LONGSIGHT C B Ashton170pooles champs p king156
Fondue Supper J Mckellar127HAMILTON HARRIERS G Moore83
B R 2 J Burson108Caledonians M Roberts82
Banter Boys G Brown75Whit's 7 R Whittaker70
Highsiders S Shifters162Off to a flier! R Peasley170
Albion ardvarks K Elliott129Clocktower Graz M Merkus114
Chessmen G Heathcote106WAWAW M Wright184
Gaz's Gaters 5 G Paul164Monmore first bender R Guise42
SUPEROWLS M Wright106Bear Necessities C Milner155
Winsford Aces P Griffiths108ASHY 5 B Ashton133
Carol No 2 C Meader5Whit's 7 R Whittaker70
The Mighty Bears C Milner27HampdenHeathens A Hunter167
Max 4 A Hinds210Black & Orange Army J Madeley56
Canada1 R Stevens55pauls stars p king137
dees champs p king1372 wheel magicians 4 A Welch131
jameos 1 K James41Dad's Pirates S Barrett117
Scoffer89a No 5 P Leavis189How's Hero's J Faldo112
CHAmpiONshIp D Twine155bee's bandits K Gargan98
the final seven P Dixon123Denkos Dounuts N Contractor146
LONGSIGHT LEADERS B Ashton134Carol No 7 C Meader126
TACOLNESTON TERRORS5 R Mason80Andies Astronauts G Brown132
Sutton Roofers 2 K Taylor144Pete No 5 P Leavis142
Sutton Roofers 3 K Taylor102Hit or Miss Prem I Dodd54
Champion Cheetahs R Peasley157Local Hero's S Reynolds114
Shale Shifters No.2 J Goddard56HedgeHoppers T Buckle146
Cydonia Knights B Thornham90the aussies E Hallam92
Old Gold 5 M Wotherspoon91Sutton Roofers 3 K Taylor102
Jackson Gerbils L Morris188Scoffer No2 P Leavis135
International Teapot P Morris123Bugg1 C Frith141
St Andrews Saints C Mccurdy94Broxbourne BMR J Madeley43
Southwick sharks K Elliott106Daves Winners D Lee88
Winsford Winners P Griffiths150SOUTHAMPTON SAINTS L Walker118
Gaz's Gaters 4 G Paul121Max 1 A Hinds133
Georges Giants G Brown18What.....No Brakes?? J Goddard86
Tillys's team S Dales113Denkos Mega Burger N Contractor109
dees stars p king161pooles champs p king156
Weird Genghis R Peasley143Stradbroke S Dales45
Mikes pirates M Wellman97CHARLIES TIGERS M Wright110
Shapwick Shearwaters M Brooks51What.....No Brakes?? J Goddard86
Milani kestrels M Malicki85Stradbroke S Dales45
Handycams A Craig188GoddenTigers A Hunter108
jameos3 K James158Old Gold 3 M Wotherspoon193
Diamond Geezers S Reynolds145Georgio dinamo L Morris28
FastStart5 F Wotherspoon136donsabuzzing T Buckle90
Marzipan Hat B Whyte172Rollerbingo P Morris151
Ashfield Giants C Mccurdy38CABG I Hadlington91
HarkinsHawks A Hunter124Ackney Awks T Meech93
Abbies Bleeders G Scarff74TommyJ T Buckle170
JawaTigers A Hunter123Max 5 A Hinds139
Jasons AllStars J Peacock98Winterton Warriors C Key109
League Leaders G Stevens130TACOLNESTON TERRORS1 R Mason89
FinLizzy3 E Wotherspoon113Blades2 B Clark134
Tottenham Rockets J Madeley25Tillys's team S Dales113
Sutton Roofers 1 K Taylor111TACOLNESTON TERRORS2 R Mason138
the Shockers E Hallam94My hopes A Frith94
TACOLNESTON TERRORS5 R Mason80Team Cake B Whyte80
Carol No 1 C Meader40Moston Brook Bombers R Whittaker133
dees champs p king137Gone Fishin R Guise166
Normanby Nomads C Key122Championship Manager A Nicolson94
Thirteentattoo S Higgs135FinLizzy2003 E Wotherspoon158
Macronites D Craig181Leith Freedom J Mckellar169
TACOLNESTON TERRORS4 R Mason54Dans tigers D Simpson105
KDM5 K Milton171The Magnificent 7 L Wilkinson115
League Leaders G Stevens130Jasons AllStars J Peacock98
Simpsons superstars D Simpson148the george wood fan N Fletcher31
Max 7 A Hinds203Kidderminster Tigers S Dickens118
Jasons AllStars J Peacock98Scoffer89A No 1. P Leavis142
pauls stars p king137TACOLNESTON TERRORS1 R Mason89
Sutton Roofers 4 K Taylor107Max 5 A Hinds139
Denkos Mega Burger N Contractor109Umina Bunnies T Poole119
CoatbridgePirates A Hunter122Jaz jets C Newell138
Dans tigers D Simpson105LONGSIGHT C B Ashton170
Bugg2 C Frith150Ashfield Giants C Mccurdy38
Scoffer No 5 P Leavis179Blazing Bees J Escott66
My Team 1 C Cusack58Denkos booze crawl N Contractor145
king Ronnie T Buckle76Watt No Raiders! K Medcalf80
CL Flops S Clifford138Blades1 B Clark79
New Cross Hearts I Hadlington117Sprockets A Nicolson176
FinLizzy2 E Wotherspoon140Local Hero's S Reynolds114
2 wheel magicians 3 A Welch106anthillmob P Dixon133
Max 5 A Hinds139Max 3 A Hinds144
Scoffer No 4 P Leavis88My Team 1 C Cusack58
AVENGED SE7ENFOLD T Bazylkiewicz166Indy Too J Mckellar193
Baxter's Braves G Baxter147Fondue Supper J Mckellar127
misty marauders k disbury19Smoggie Bears C Milner93
Looptheloop S Shifters123Blazing Bees J Escott66
Unnatural Selection B Thornham93International Teapot P Morris123
neil and jodie eagle N Fletcher131Alfie's aces K Elliott110
Max 4 A Hinds210Windy Millers C Key92
Kidderminster Tigers S Dickens118TACOLNESTON TERRORS R Mason34
trojans W Hollands58Broxbourne's Elite J Madeley54
Wizards Of Aus A Johnson102carp crew R Guise99
Gaz's Gaters 3 G Paul177Kloppers D Craig93
Scoffer No 1 P Leavis113ENJOY THE SILENCER T Bazylkiewicz204
Black Cat Chargers S Dales110Amy's Armadillos N Mcleod49
Old Gold 3 M Wotherspoon193Teabag Town N Mcleod81
Jasons AllStars J Peacock98Unnatural Selection B Thornham93
Spartak Red Machine B Whyte184Tiger blades D Simpson132
Southwick sharks K Elliott106Blazing Bees J Escott66
BURNBANK SWIFTS G Moore79Rye Bucket Bangers N Mcleod121
AshfieldAces A Hunter71FastStart1 F Wotherspoon104
My hopes A G Heathcote167
Dazzlers Sliders D Lee94Ely Stars G Heathcote143
DISASTERPIECE T Bazylkiewicz163TommyJ T Buckle170
Chessmen G Heathcote106ASHY 2 B Ashton148
The Jackson Five I Mccartney34TACOLNESTON TERRORS2 R Mason138
eglets of eastbourne N Fletcher107Clash of the Tritons J Escott124
ASHY 1 B Ashton159Alwaysayid S Higgs136
Pete No 1 P Leavis180KDM3 K Milton175
pauls prem p king33BriTIshBESt D Twine132
Middleton S Dales161Rob's Randy Rabbits R Peasley154
Championship Manager A Nicolson94burses racers J Burson83
Leith Freedom J Mckellar169Gaz's Gates 2 G Paul183
Carol No 1 C Meader40Yorkshire Puddings C Milner69
Max 3 A Hinds144My dreams A Frith145
Georgio dinamo L Morris28Rye in Cornwall I Dodd55
WIZZARDZ OF OZ G Moore72Carol No 5 C Meader166
Old Gold 2 M Wotherspoon80WIZZARDZ OF OZ G Moore72
Pocking Pistols M Merkus146FOXHALL FLYERS T Goffin160
Black & Orange Army J Madeley56Sprockets A Nicolson176
FastStart2 F Wotherspoon99Leith Freedom J Mckellar169
carp crew R Guise99Falcons J Peacock89
Sidecar Kaunitz B Klaus37CHARLIES TIGERS M Wright110
Leith Freedom J Mckellar169Blades1 B Clark79
Crayford Eagles S Dickens159Old Gold 3 M Wotherspoon193
MONTROSE T Goffin34Bugg1 C Frith141
Elementary Penguins R Peasley159B R4 J Burson68
Only skidding R Whittaker63Smackaroo Magic N Mcleod105
Dazzlers Sliders D Lee94Daves Top Boys D Lee48
HagonTigers A Hunter68Tillys's team S Dales113
FastStart3 F Wotherspoon143Backstraight Boozers K Medcalf142
Blades2 B Clark134Old Gold 1 M Wotherspoon154
Pete No 5 P Leavis142Broxbourne BMR J Madeley43
Apollo 7 A Johnson83LONGSIGHT S B Ashton149
pauls champs p king152BasonBridge Buzzards M Brooks17
Team Cake B Whyte80Kims super 7 K Madeley30
Coventry Bees 3 M Taylor55Pete No 3 P Leavis128
LONGSIGHT P B Ashton42Bonzodogdodaband L Morris154
Old Gold 1 M Wotherspoon154Josh's Giants N Mcleod45
pauls stars p king137Bee Lucky A Brown87
ASHY 4 B Ashton153Fiery Wheels J Mckellar149
Coda Kings B Thornham104Cowes Catipillars O Hayward66
Bonzodogdodaband L Morris154League Leaders G Stevens130
Dazzlers Aces D Lee111Dazzlers Sliders D Lee94
My boys A Frith118Clocktower Graz M Merkus114
Carol No 6 C Meader164Dazzlers Aces D Lee111
Andies Astronauts G Brown132Daves Aces D Lee77

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