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21 June 2018
The Mushroom Cup
Click here for competition format and dates for 2018
3rd round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
pauls champs P King74Mattys championship J Peacock99
Tusken City Raiders R Lee82Max 3 A Hinds67
Sharpington A Sharp71Brickingham D Craig96
Not A Chance S O'mara69Cabbage fleeto D Bell68
Stonys T Friendship78The Anchovy Trainer D Sutherst90
Scoffer No3 P Leavis114bladerunner6 A Darlaston108
Pete No4 P Leavis125Championship Racers S Clifford90
Burmeisters S Shifters63KDM5 K Milton74
Stonys T Friendship78Bugg1 C Frith47
Seager 7 champ L Southgate51VeryLateEntry M Russell69
the terible 3 T Ding83Wembley Tigers S Dickens84
Joel in the Crown R Henderson62Trappers S O'mara63
Exevalley Sr4 Rebels S Davey75Predictor1 G Stevens79
Norfolk and Hope D Sutherst95Harry's Hamsters A Brown47
Old Gold 5 F Wotherspoon57My lads A Frith44
SYMTETS4 E Chalker86Around the outside 6 G Paul69
Daves dambusters M Green65Maulers A Craig81
GG3 A Wood71Lakeside13 J Adams70
tenpins heros P Goodrum102Lightspeed D Craig51
Olivia’s wizards L Morris117WHITS #1 R Whittaker68
Around the outside 6 G Paul69longsigt 2 B Ashton94
Bugg2 C Frith86Flanny flyers champ L Southgate100
MRBLUE T Friendship60longsight 4 B Ashton96
Dave's Top Flyers D Lee63Faster Windy B Whyte84
Championship Winners S Clifford82Snotlob's Select R Gardner69
longsight leaders B Ashton91To the Max2 R Henderson86
Wizards Of Aus. A Johnson82bees knees 10 M Jones117
sheff tigers A Nicholson72Baxter's Bee Ters A Brown71
Jason’s Championship J Peacock82KC 74 C Foster123
kendoddsdadsdogsdead D Sutherst103Full Throttle B Talbot80
Jackson jaguars L Morris110ivybridge bend3 C Holmes58
ExeValleySR4 Falcons S Davey82Mullarkey D Entwistle77
Strads Sliders S Dales46Championship 7 A Nicolson81
Flyer B Hurry55Ashvale Aristocrats R Whittaker106
pick 'n' mix 11 D Cullip63Wrightys Owls M Wright69
bladerunner6 A Darlaston108Max 4 A Hinds69
i cant quit G Branch84Denkos xxlarge kebab N Contractor80
Around the outside 5 G Paul89longsight s B Ashton114
Canonmills Freedom J Mckellar89Blues Boys KRO G Brown90
Tim's Top Guns T Darling114best of brits A Nicholson75
Mullarkey D Entwistle77Speedking J Squibb85
longsight 1 B Ashton132Historians D Craig49
Longsight Pegasus A Bradbury84Championship 7 A Nicolson81
Mrs M's Monkeys A Brown94Lakeland M Roberts89
Maulers A Craig81Seven Heaven S Terry97
AllAboutTheComets J Williams75Awesome Seven T Darling112
pick 'n' mix 8 D Cullip47KC SEVEN C Foster84
bees knees 1 M Jones83fowlers flip outs I Fowler78
Pete No1 P Leavis122Acknied Hawks G Scarff77
wake up G Branch73Jo Jo's TOP BOYS D Lee66
Mad about speedway N Fletcher83pick 'n' mix 2 D Cullip35
Barneyrubble R Guise89Ghostbusters M Roberts50
Team Cake P Morris85blacky2 K Blackwell71
Champion Big Hitters T Darling114Bugg2 C Frith86
OZZIES D Bell72PHollywoodLee M Russell42
Bye Bye S O'mara134SpeedFreaks P Gardner60
Scoffer No4 P Leavis71Awesome Seven T Darling112
Tommy J T Buckle79Scoffer89a No1 P Leavis98
Tarrant D Entwistle46Scoffer89a No2 P Leavis135
i cant quit G Branch84Last again Leicester S Odams66
Blairhill Bulletts C Mccurdy88mad Mussetts T Buckle78
Scoffer No4 P Leavis71Briggo's Bandits J Faldo59
Garrad D Entwistle86To the Max1 R Henderson68
Carol No2 C Meader106Crazy Cat Lady 1 M Lane96
pick 'n' mix 6 D Cullip50Simpson's superstars D Simpson51
donsabuzzin T Buckle70Wendron Wolves D Jarvis92
Scoffer89a No3 P Leavis96kendoddsdadsdogsdead D Sutherst103
Oaktree Rebels M Wellman52Bruno's Boys R Gardner56
ChloRyAdsHnLishy L Lawrence67WEAR THE FOX GLASGOW A Paterson117
TACOLNESTON TERRORS2 R Mason64Telephone Box B Whyte97
Blues Boys KRO G Brown90Tim's Top Guns T Darling114
longsight spring B Ashton101Leith Saltires J Mckellar72
bees knees 2 M Jones78blacky1 K Blackwell40
Afternoon Delight 76 D Entwistle49Riss is best R Henderson80
West Ham Warriors S Dickens76Pendeen Panthers D Jarvis72
George's Giants G Brown88Scoffer89a No2 P Leavis135
stinker4 K James46bladerunner3 A Darlaston86
mad Mussetts T Buckle78Lightspeed D Craig51
Jack Attack A Sharp68Baumer A Craig97
Barneyrubble R Guise89Indy Wings J Mckellar126
HedgeHoppers T Buckle90Exevalley Sr4 outlaw S Davey47
Tusken City Raiders R Lee82Cyking C Webb83
Blades 5 B Clark84Scoffer No1 P Leavis76
dees champs P King47bladerunner5 A Darlaston77
Priestfield Lions 1 V Hodgetts105TACOLNESTON TERRORS3 R Mason53
pooles champs P King41Priestfield Lions 5 V Hodgetts99
Scoffer89a No1 P Leavis98Priestfield Lions 2 V Hodgetts66
Rotes Winkelkanu M Merkus81bees knees 8 M Jones74
Stars Seven R Gardner78Tarrant D Entwistle46
Around the outside 3 G Paul54bees knees 7 M Jones68
Russell's Hall I Hadlington58Monmore1stbender R Guise90
KDM3 K Milton80Terrific Trackers T Darling83
MILDENHALL S Ponder71Forken Car B Whyte72
VeryLateEntry M Russell69Rochdale Draggons S Dickens80
Blazing Bees J Escott76bladerunner4 A Darlaston68
Alan's Alligators A Brown86Herbie 3 P Herbert109
stinker3 K James86Godden Tigers A Hunter74
Phoenix Vikings 2 J Robinson90Windy Millers C Key95
Methanol Addicts 5 N Southgate69Norfolk and Hope D Sutherst95
Niblon R Lee94Max 4 A Hinds69
KDM3 K Milton80To the Max1 R Henderson68
The witches C Webb70longsight c B Ashton114
Around the outside12 G Paul98ALFIES ACES K Elliott65
Daves dambusters M Green65Boro Bear 2 C Cowperthwaite75
Around the outside 5 G Paul89Cydonia Knights B Thornham72
Around the outside10 G Paul70Beaumont Bees A Brown83
Rob's Racers R Gardner73pooles champs P King41
Charlieboy M Wright76noddyisback2 A Houlton57
Jawa Tigers A Hunter89Around the outside 9 G Paul101
Angarrack Aces D Jarvis92GG5 A Wood75
KDM4 K Milton92George's Giants G Brown88
Bob's Bandy Bunnies T Bazylkiewicz40Neil fletcher N Fletcher73
Bugg1 C Frith47Baxter's Braves G Baxter84
bladerunner6 A Darlaston108Bob's Bandy Bunnies T Bazylkiewicz40
bees knees 3 M Jones90Sébastien Faure Cent B Edge77
Snotlob's Select R Gardner69Magnificent 7 R Gardner66
All4back T Horspool92The Anchovy Trainer D Sutherst90
Cobras M Malicki74The Anchovy Trainer D Sutherst90
ScottsSliders G McKenzie68Scoffer89a No2 P Leavis135
Racing Squirrels R Lee76Tamworth Hounds R Scott53
KDM3 K Milton80JUDYS FIREMAN L Walker98
tenpins allstars P Goodrum90Rob's Racers R Gardner73
Monarchs Bandits P Whittem56Smoking S O'mara117
Beaumont Bees A Brown83blacky2 K Blackwell71
Max 2 A Hinds88Smoking S O'mara117
Marionslucky7 D Freeman78dees champs P King47
Boro Bear 2 C Cowperthwaite75Scoffer No5 P Leavis89
This Is It S O'mara125Scoffer No1 P Leavis76

2nd round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Blues Boys KRO G Brown125Satellites M Roberts120
Scoffer No4 P Leavis1652-4-6-8 Dons J Faldo118
Blues Boys KRO G Brown125NeinNeinJaNein M Merkus30
stinker5 K James17Bye Bye S O'mara82
franko,s seven 2 J Frankland85Longsight Pegasus A Bradbury128
Championship 7 A Nicolson153Dencos Dounuts N Contractor136
bladerunner6 A Darlaston181Horbury 1 P Rhodes75
Max 4 A Hinds164Predictor5 G Stevens97
EMMERDALE SELECT A Paterson51Jason’s Championship J Peacock132
Terrific Trackers T Darling74Sox5 P Merrifield10
KDM1 K Milton27MILDENHALL S Ponder122
Phoenix Vikings 2 J Robinson101Premier Punters A Nicolson27
Tim's Greatest Seven T Darling47bladerunner5 A Darlaston113
HideYourAces J Williams21Telephone Box B Whyte113
Around the outside 5 G Paul167Jaspers jesters P Gardner47
Marino Ent Rockets D Entwistle66Mrs M's Monkeys A Brown125
Brownie's Bananas G Brown115longsight s B Ashton194
bladerunner6 A Darlaston181Satellites M Roberts120
KDM2 K Milton18Wendron Wolves D Jarvis128
ScottsSliders G McKenzie59pauls elite P King54
Russell's Hall I Hadlington88Jenga M Roberts60
Believe S O'mara65Wembley Tigers S Dickens158
Bruno's Boys R Gardner111fowlers flip outs I Fowler177
Scoffer No1 P Leavis146Wolves love Jeff P Crutchley27
splat D Wall69Mad about speedway N Fletcher78
Around the outside 7 G Paul27Angarrack Aces D Jarvis56
bladerunner3 A Darlaston134VeryLateEntry M Russell150
Georgia dinamo L Morris160KDM3 K Milton214
Cobras M Malicki82Around the outside 7 G Paul27
Swindon Sharks B Mitchell65Scoffer No3 P Leavis103
pooles prem P King18Scoffer No4 P Leavis165
Monica A Craig41Seven Heaven S Terry71
Sheffields finest D Simpson114Stonys T Friendship151
weymouthwizards A Houlton38WHITS #1 R Whittaker91
pick 'n' mix 8 D Cullip153Truro Tigers D Jarvis128
longsight c B Ashton152Tolworth Dons L Lawrence77
Awesome Seven T Darling120bees knees 2 M Jones176
My hopes A Frith115pick 'n' mix 6 D Cullip178
best of brits A Nicholson89Media CityMoguls B Renshaw38
KDM1 K Milton27ExeValleySR4 Falcons S Davey147
donsabuzzin T Buckle170My boys A Frith135
Predictor3 G Stevens121Charlieboy M Wright140
Premiership Winners S Clifford14Magnificent 7 R Gardner133
Fight club D Cox90Faster Windy B Whyte134
Carol No2 C Meader29Enjoy The Silencer T Bazylkiewicz12
Ashvale Aristocrats R Whittaker56pick 'n' mix 5 D Cullip42
franko,s seven 3 J Frankland61Champion Big Hitters T Darling119
To the Max1 R Henderson113Briggo's Bandits J Faldo116
Premier Punters A Nicolson27Methanol Addicts 5 N Southgate42
Seven Heaven S Terry71Rob's Racers R Gardner99
Max 3 A Hinds149Sugar&sheds G Heathcote104
Inverleith Squirrels J Mckellar105ChloRyAdsHnLishy L Lawrence123
Sébastien Faure Cent B Edge89Exevalley Sr4 Rebels S Davey93
WigglyWoffy 2 K Murphy6Priestfield Lions 1 V Hodgetts108
Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst122Leith Saltires J Mckellar151
Flanny flyers champ L Southgate137Inverleith Squirrels J Mckellar105
Blades 5 B Clark86bursesracers J Burson80
Shedshop1 G Heathcote145Scoffer No1 P Leavis146
Priestfield Lions 4 V Hodgetts41Cabbage fleeto D Bell92
West Ham Warriors S Dickens123Tigers 2018 C Mccurdy60
tenpins allstars P Goodrum117HALL 1 C Hall114
Magpie Rockets B Mitchell32Blairhill Bulletts C Mccurdy35
Joel in the Crown R Henderson126Cydonia Knights B Thornham163
Baltimore Shuckers B Edge103Simpson's superstars D Simpson117
Niblon R Lee181Cradley Heath 2018v3 J Smith128
Bean Braves 5 A Squires32Lakeland M Roberts118
Smoggie Bears C Milner88Canonmills Freedom J Mckellar121
longsight 1 B Ashton183GG4 A Wood183
George's Dragons G Baxter146Bob's Bandy Bunnies T Bazylkiewicz176
Smoking S O'mara128My Methanol Romance T Bazylkiewicz22
Cyking C Webb129Plymouth 1 I Dodd127
Disasterpiece T Bazylkiewicz18Oaktree Rebels M Wellman119
Joel in the Crown R Henderson126Championship 7 A Nicolson153
pick 'n' mix 4 D Cullip28Mullarkey D Entwistle63
Full Throttle B Talbot65BRummieGEMS2018 D Twine9
Indy Wings J Mckellar129Bonzodogdodaband L Morris35
blacky2 K Blackwell185Winterton Warriors C Key47
PHollywoodLee M Russell154Monica A Craig41
i cant quit G Branch136Bens Boys 2 B Murray106
Forken Car B Whyte103SOMERSET S Ponder80
Marionslucky7 D Freeman48Elite2018 J Adams8
The Winners...Maybe J Goddard80Speedking J Squibb101
Bengt Handlebars L Mcleod23Afternoon Delight 76 D Entwistle30
Bugg1 C Frith143steve2 S Priestley82
KDM4 K Milton145VeryLateEntry M Russell150
Bens Boys 2 B Murray106Smoking S O'mara128
chickerell pirates A Houlton8pauls champs P King149
George's Giants G Brown135KeithChegwinRIP D Twine6
Big hero 6 D Cox86Bugg1 C Frith143
NoMoreHeroesAnyMore D Entwistle100Jack Attack A Sharp105
Sébastien Faure Cent B Edge89longsight p B Ashton14
Scoffer89a No6 P Leavis141Scoffer89a No3 P Leavis181
Wizards Of Aus. A Johnson138bees knees 4 M Jones115
Rotes Winkelkanu M Merkus128Stars Seven R Gardner123
Phoenix Vikings 2 J Robinson101Jo Jo's TOP BOYS D Lee106
wake up G Branch166Smith D Entwistle77
stinker4 K James120Jackson jaguars L Morris121
WEAR THE FOX GLASGOW A Paterson71Rollberbingo P Morris60
Scoffer89a No1 P Leavis186Apollo 7 A Johnson105
Around the outside10 G Paul162Shaleshifters S Shifters128
COYI G Heathcote30Flyer B Hurry153
HedgeHoppers T Buckle150Around the outside 2 G Paul41
Mattys championship J Peacock136KDM4 K Milton145
Barry's Premier J Peacock20KDM3 K Milton214
Gerties Tigers G Hinds87Windy Millers C Key113
Stonys T Friendship151Coventry Wildcats S Dickens99
Daves dambusters M Green143Yakoffbrundleekoff M Russell105
Priestfield Lions 2 V Hodgetts212Sudbury Knights M Southgate125
Scoffer89a No1 P Leavis186Pete No5 P Leavis176
Tim's Top Guns T Darling140Mirac J Faldo20
The shaleshifters D Varney95Beaumont Bees A Brown160
Wrightys Owls M Wright108Chasing Crump A Day77
Monmore1stbender R Guise149Hoxton Trotters K Dyer63
Shedshop1 G Heathcote145Max 2 A Hinds147
Lancasters D Sargeant64Sharpington A Sharp126
Fiala D Entwistle108TACOLNESTON TERRORS2 R Mason140
All4back T Horspool109Hornchurch hammers J Adams57
Lanarkshire Eagles C Mccurdy25bees knees 1 M Jones153
Olivia’s wizards L Morris158Mrs M's Monkeys A Brown125
kendoddsdadsdogsdead D Sutherst106Bugg4 C Frith9
MRBLUE T Friendship201Devil 3 N Smith132
longsight spring B Ashton32Alan's Alligators A Brown146
blacky2 K Blackwell185Sams Snails G Hinds61
Arcade Apocalypse B Whyte97bladerunner4 A Darlaston130
Firstinred G Heathcote144KDM3 K Milton214
pooles elite P King74kendoddsdadsdogsdead D Sutherst106
Around the outside 6 G Paul181Bexley Dons S Mabey39
Dans super 7 D Simpson103KC 74 C Foster127
Blantyre Eagles C Mccurdy85Baxter's Braves G Baxter106
Fencethe7 P Tye51Tusken City Raiders R Lee160
SpeedFreaks P Gardner88TACOLNESTON TERRORS R Mason30
Tusken City Raiders R Lee160Roxybeth A Frith87
Jawa Tigers A Hunter58Zachs Flosses L Adams56
TheGraniteBoys D Bell110Burmeisters S Shifters136
Old Gold 1 F Wotherspoon20GG3 A Wood132
bladerunner3 A Darlaston134Diamond 7 T Darling103
Team Cake P Morris65Hagon Tigers A Hunter46
Awesome Seven T Darling120You Must Be Joking S O'mara108
Keyboard Warriors D Varney90stinker4 K James120
noddyisback2 A Houlton23Dusters Diamonds S Dales6
Garrad D Entwistle99Norfolk n chance D Sutherst89
Denkos xxlarge kebab N Contractor81darcys darlings P King15
The Anchovy Trainer D Sutherst148Fondue Supper J Mckellar125
Beaumont Bees A Brown160blacky4 K Blackwell60
Woody and Buzz S Terry67Norfolk and Hope D Sutherst152
Tarrant D Entwistle182Justapubteamtheysaid D Simpson81
Trappers S O'mara160dees prem P King14
Tapetouchers S Shifters145Norfolk and Hope D Sutherst152
Briggo's Bandits J Faldo116Around the outside 5 G Paul167
Ghostbusters M Roberts164Yarmouth Bloaters R Scott121
Jolly Swagmen M Malicki73longsight leaders B Ashton104
KC SEVEN C Foster164Oscars L Bailey142
pooles champs P King95Monstable Wigwam P Morris42
Tim's Classic Seven T Darling85Stars Seven R Gardner123
Mullarkey D Entwistle63Around the outside 1 G Paul12
ALFIES ACES K Elliott98pick 'n' mix 3 D Cullip54
mad Mussetts T Buckle132GoGoIppi2 M King110
Historians D Craig176Bugg2 C Frith175
Maulers A Craig197Wheelies D Craig41
Springfield swallows M Malicki117Championship Winners S Clifford170
GG3 A Wood132The Anchovy Trainer D Sutherst148
Wilkoclub7 P Tye43Barneyrubble R Guise171
Baumer A Craig149How to Be an Adult B Edge116
the stingrays E Hallam29dees champs P King151
longsight 4 B Ashton57St Just Stars D Jarvis43
blacky1 K Blackwell165TACOLNESTON TERRORS1 R Mason159
Bugg2 C Frith175instant pleasures G Branch159
ivybridge bend3 C Holmes84KC 76 C Foster20
Neil fletcher N Fletcher90Riss is best R Henderson63
Barneyrubble R Guise171Avenged Se7enfold T Bazylkiewicz155
Pendeen Panthers D Jarvis55My Methanol Romance T Bazylkiewicz22
Maulers A Craig197Steel Kiss D Craig23
Bob's Bandy Bunnies T Bazylkiewicz176Iron Tigers D Craig153
Daves dambusters M Green143the aussie champs D Etheridge18
Lightspeed D Craig174Tolworth Dons L Lawrence77
Baxter's Bee Ters A Brown169Black Flags D Craig136
This Is It S O'mara105Jessica T Friendship89
Leith Freedom J Mckellar90Dave's Top Flyers D Lee114
Bugg5 C Frith27JUDYS FIREMAN L Walker102
Tarrant D Entwistle182Priestfield Lions 3 V Hodgetts29
Coatbridge Pirates A Hunter81Seager 7 champ L Southgate91
Kate's Racers T Darling60bees knees 8 M Jones119
Crazy Cat Lady 1 M Lane54Coatbridge Tigers C Mccurdy44
Jade L Bailey100Strads Sliders S Dales117
Carol No3 C Meader12AllAboutTheComets J Williams145
Kreisrund 18 M Merkus52i cant quit G Branch136
Dakata north M Malicki107My lads A Frith143
Charlies Angels G Hinds167Around the outside 6 G Paul181
ViallisBoys2 M King11Exevalley Sr4 outlaw S Davey144
Kate's Team T Darling92Rochdale Draggons S Dickens128
bees knees 7 M Jones127Leightonbuzzing B Renshaw5
POOLE S Ponder101Scoffer89a No2 P Leavis197
Blazing Bees J Escott98Chloe's team 7 K Elliott25
Justapubteamtheysaid D Simpson81the terible 3 T Ding84
Around the outside 9 G Paul128International Teapot P Morris33
Brickingham D Craig121Denkos free pints N Contractor94
ViallisBoys M King103Bugg2 C Frith175
Scoffer No5 P Leavis144Black Flags D Craig136
Abominable Ants R Lee101Not A Chance S O'mara169
Old Gold 5 F Wotherspoon155Snotlob's Select R Gardner126
Garrad D Entwistle99sheff tigers A Nicholson139
Carol No1 C Meader42Around the outside12 G Paul127
The Anchovy Trainer D Sutherst148Claremont Wings J Mckellar113
Normanby Nomads C Key62SYMTETS4 E Chalker149
Lightspeed D Craig174Around the outside10 G Paul162
dees elite P King101tenpins heros P Goodrum143
Keyboard Warriors D Varney90bees knees 10 M Jones106
Scoffer89a No2 P Leavis197Dazzlers Hammers D Lee106
mad Mussetts T Buckle132Winsford Pizzaros P Griffiths13
How to Be an Adult B Edge116Joel in the Crown R Henderson126
Snotlob's Select R Gardner126BR2 J Burson113
Hoxton Trotters 3 K Dyer89pick 'n' mix 2 D Cullip93
Crutch’s Champs P Crutchley8Boro Bear 2 C Cowperthwaite87
Mattys championship J Peacock136Souvenir Hunters D Craig112
dees champs P King151Around the outside 4 G Paul123
Boro Bear 2 C Cowperthwaite87chickerell flyers A Houlton3
To the Max1 R Henderson113Bear Necessities C Milner92
George's Giants G Brown135pauls elite P King54
Norfolk n chance D Sutherst89bees knees 3 M Jones112
Custard tarts L Morris5Awesome Seven T Darling120
Riss is best R Henderson63OZZIES D Bell74
longsigt 2 B Ashton158pick 'n' mix 14 D Cullip150
Afternoon Delight 76 D Entwistle30Acknied Hawks G Scarff47
ThePoshSteelers C Bloomfield52Bruno's Boys R Gardner111
Pete No4 P Leavis202Inverleith Squirrels J Mckellar105
Normanby Nomads C Key62Pete No1 P Leavis167
Max 4 A Hinds164Ghostbusters M Roberts164
Herbie 3 P Herbert95better days G Branch46
Super 7 M Harper51Riss is best R Henderson63
Snotlob's Select R Gardner126the aussies E Hallam77
mummy hamill L Adams12Lakeside13 J Adams38
To the Max2 R Henderson133Jenson Forrest I Dodd97
Rebel Pirate M Wellman102Tamworth Hounds R Scott110
Bens Boys 5 B Murray126Godden Tigers A Hunter188
franko,s seven 4 J Frankland110Tim's Top Guns T Darling140
Around the outside 3 G Paul183Dazzlers Kings D Lee66
Rob's Racers R Gardner99pick 'n' mix 11 D Cullip147
Tommy J T Buckle156Norfolk and Hope D Sutherst152
Last again Leicester S Odams119Tillys Chargers S Dales15
Championship Racers S Clifford146Lucy's Losers C Key80
Insane Caribou Posse R Lee111GG5 A Wood138
Dave's Aces D Lee18Predictor1 G Stevens131
Vic-torious N Southgate87To the Max1 R Henderson113
pooles champs P King95Robins 2010-18 T Horsey23
WHITS #5 R Whittaker71Racing Squirrels R Lee135
Priestfield Lions 5 V Hodgetts180Cabbage fleeto D Bell92
Windy Millers C Key113The witches C Webb133
Harry's Hamsters A Brown111Carol No2 C Meader29
bees knees 1 M Jones153Scoffer89a No2 P Leavis197
bladerunner6 A Darlaston181Scoffer89a No6 P Leavis141
longsight spring B Ashton32Solitude A Craig12
TACOLNESTON TERRORS4 R Mason65Rob's Racers R Gardner99
Jason’s All Stars J Peacock128KDM5 K Milton139
Monarchs Bandits P Whittem148Fiery Fury J Mckellar118
The shaleshifters D Varney95stinker3 K James132

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