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18 June 2019
The Mushroom Cup
Click here for competition format and dates for 2019
3rd round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Around the outside 1 G Paul85Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst49
Denton Diamonds A Bradbury46Slide before a Fall D Sutherst51
Tillys Tips R Barrow33Around the outside 2 G Paul65
Takeurpick R Henderson73Bees Knees V M Jones42
Blacky5 K Blackwell68Rubblesraiders R Guise37
exe valley wolves S Davey35Scoffer No 3 P Leavis39
Blacky4 K Blackwell33Mixed Pickles M Merkus54
British Bulldogs M Malicki37Herbie 4 P Herbert59
cuiken crusaders P Dixon52Fairfax Foxes R Whittaker74
Bombers Racers K Bennett70Flawless L Wilkinson38
Scoffer89A No 2 P Leavis0JUDYS FIREMAN L Walker56
Sutton Roofers 5 K Taylor43GG2 A Wood68
Joseph's Hammers2019 J Piccolo41fentastic 7 R Goodwin38
Blacky1 K Blackwell62dees prem P King73
Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul65Mad Mussetts T Buckle50
Bonzodogdodaband L Morris75Crewe Kings R Scott18
Brits are us S Miles16One More Lap A Keay52
Scoffer89A No 4 P Leavis34The Old Favs W Bush88
longsight 4 B Ashton36pauls elite P King58
Faulks Flyers 2 C Faulkner76Around the outside 5 G Paul20
dees champs P King20Bees Knees X M Jones40
Tight Turn Tigers B Talbot27Premier Kings K Bennett41
Blacky5 K Blackwell68First Bend Bunchers C Hurry28
Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst49International Teapot P Morris13
Champions Flies M Merkus13Mikes Lucky 7 D Freeman42
Flawless L Wilkinson38Superguest United M Hope19
Around the outside 1 G Paul85Scoffer89A No 1 P Leavis0
KDM2 K Milton35pauls prem P King80
Around the outside 8 G Paul73Priestfield Lions 3 V Hodgetts86
One last bash 60 Sec C Webb25Premier Ins D Craig19
Bees Knees X111 M Jones10Team Bubbles D Davey44
Motley Moose R Lee24Tims Top Guns T Darling38
Olivia's wizards L Morris9longsight spring B Ashton31
Here we go L Rowley41Mad Mussetts T Buckle50
Thornaby tornados M Green84Olivia's wizards L Morris9
Scoffer No 2 P Leavis33Squelch2 A Welch43
MRBLUE T Friendship21Denkos Donuts N Contractor49
Whippersnappers M Roberts82Bees Knees V M Jones42
Ollie's Ornets O Miles60pick 'n' mix 12 D Cullip25
Lucy's Loserd C Key50KDM3 K Milton42
Big Hitters T Darling15Sutton Roofers 1 K Taylor37
Bees Knees 1X M Jones42pooles champs P King19
Forken Car B Whyte25longsight aces B Ashton43
dees elite P King48Gorton#1 R Whittaker39
Ronnie's Rebels S Mabey21Sutton Roofers 1 K Taylor37
Premier Spiders M Merkus76Scunny1&2 C Key60
Clash of the Tritons J Escott30Randoms A Nicolson50
hold on G Branch56bladerunner5 A Darlaston42
Niblon R Lee37Around the outside 7 G Paul21
Sue's Shale Shifters M Wain45Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul65
Handycams M Roberts19Denkos Booze &groove N Contractor52
Norfolk n chance D Sutherst73Topcats. A Johnson31
Rollerbingo P Morris13Telephone Box B Whyte20
TACOLNESTON TERRORS3 R Mason40Maugers Marauders D Sargeant60
Bees Knees V1 M Jones39Mal's Warriors M Wain25
GG8 A Wood62Scoffer89A No 3 P Leavis0
exe valley wolves S Davey35Scunny1&2 C Key60
tenpins elite P Goodrum76Crayford_Highwaymen D Wall25
Bees Knees X111 M Jones10Blacky3 K Blackwell27
MRBLUE T Friendship21Champ Manager 2 A Nicolson17
Donsabuzzin' T Buckle71Methanol Maniacs B Talbot21
Fen Tigers Allstars M Sharpe7Daves Full Revs Boys D Lee17
Monarchs Bandits P Whittem43Warriston Wings J Mckellar45
WRIGHTYS OWLS M Wright20Hampden Hawks D Nicolson19
Denkos Booze &groove N Contractor52Evil Knievels W Bush82
Tiger Tom D Sargeant19Danny's tigers D Simpson66
Blacky3 K Blackwell27HideYourAces J Williams68
Daves Sliders D Lee16KDM4 K Milton70
Bees Knees X111 M Jones10Monkseaton Warriors L Watson44
kc7 C Foster75Around the outside 1 G Paul85
pick 'n' mix 9 D Cullip9Winterton Warriors C Key24
Bees Knees V M Jones42Faulks Flyers 5 C Faulkner61
trashbag baby G Branch47Scarelet B Whyte21
Blacky5 K Blackwell68Sutton Roofers 5 K Taylor43
Saunders D Entwistle34Simpsons super 7 D Simpson71
Alan's Alligators A Brown16Pit Bend Loonies D Wall70
Faster Windy B Whyte20GG7 A Wood53
Briggo's Bandits D Sargeant59pooles champs P King19
Sutton Roofers 4 K Taylor23Bexley Dons S Mabey32
Norfolk n chance D Sutherst73Vinnie's Vikings N Findler30
Harkins Hawks A Hunter48LakesideRockets2019 J Piccolo16
Champs of the Champs J Joachim17JAG A Craig15
Bruuummmm... G Baxter12pick 'n' mix 14 D Cullip3
Around the outside 3 G Paul78Scoffer No 1 P Leavis20
Botallack Bombers D Jarvis16kc73 C Foster22
Around the outside 5 G Paul20Summersun P Tye49
Blacky2 K Blackwell76Skiddy Pants S Robson44
First Bend Elbows R Whittaker49Scoffer No 5 P Leavis54
KDM5 K Milton35Kates Super Trackers T Darling27
tenpins allstars P Goodrum12Scoffer No 5 P Leavis54
Glasgow Dynamos D Nicolson29Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst49
King Ronnie T Buckle26Ashton Admirals D Jarvis20
10p Mix Up A Nicolson16Marzipan Hat P Morris13
Golden oldies L Morris74Blairhill Bulletts C Mccurdy81
Team Faithful T Darling57Monkseaton Braves L Watson23
dees prem P King73The Old Favs W Bush88
Malas maurauders M Green7Ashvale 'Ammers R Whittaker55
Koosa B Edge50Around the outside 8 G Paul73
Premier Spiders M Merkus76Blacky1 K Blackwell62
Speed Demons P Gardner20Jo-Jo's Top Boys D Lee25
Tommy J T Buckle9Shaleshifters S Shifters34
Leah G Duke15Bees Knees 1V M Jones29
Scoffer No 4 P Leavis41Angry B Whyte21
Priestfield Lions 4 V Hodgetts91Garrad D Entwistle71
tenpins scorpions P Goodrum21Blazing Bees J Escott78
Scoffer No 4 P Leavis41pooles elite P King42
Daves Lucky seven D Freeman49Around the outside 4 G Paul19
Cole's superstars D Simpson71Winsford Aces P Griffiths31
Crossley Comets R Whittaker48Scoffer No 3 P Leavis39
Simpsons super 7 D Simpson71Pete No 1 P Leavis60
Hedge Hoppers T Buckle0George's Giants G Brown29
longsight 2 B Ashton36KDM1 K Milton77
Ashvale 'Ammers R Whittaker55Denkos booze &snooze N Contractor37
Scoffer No 2 P Leavis33longsight 1 B Ashton33
GG6 A Wood55Around the outside 7 G Paul21
kc7 C Foster75Busters Lucky 7 D Freeman53
dwindling numbers P Dixon46Monmoremisfits R Guise63
Bugg5 C Frith67Rodspremier R Guise58
KELVIN D Entwistle48Pit Bend Loonies D Wall70
Tankslappers S Shifters40Around the outside 9 G Paul73
Hedge Hoppers T Buckle0Zucco’s diamonds 3 M Watson38
longsight 3 B Ashton30Marions Lucky 7 D Freeman38
Lions2019 S Skowronski54GG1 A Wood72
pooles elite P King42Pam'sCubs P Campbell84
Elite Racers D Sutherst91Alison's Champions D Bennett10
bladerunner3 A Darlaston49Around the outside 3 G Paul78
Mullarkey D Entwistle38Lions1965 P Curtis64
Takeurpick R Henderson73pick 'n' mix 14 D Cullip3

2nd round - in the event of a draw, the team drawn first will qualify
Bristol 2013 P Curtis71Crossley Comets R Whittaker73
Blacky2 K Blackwell80kc7 C Foster115
Rubblesraiders R Guise76kc71 C Foster64
Alan's Alligators A Brown79Zucco’s diamonds 4 M Watson49
Mal's Warriors M Wain28pick 'n' mix 2 D Cullip13
Bees Knees X111 M Jones93Badgers bouncers M Green78
Scoffer No 2 P Leavis110Racing Rascals R Whittaker93
BR3 J Burson42Mixed Pickles M Merkus126
Silver D Entwistle63Norfolk n chance D Sutherst85
Evil Knievels W Bush99right mix L Rowley60
gravysboys 4 D Graveling59Priestfield Lions 3 V Hodgetts60
Denkos Pie n chips N Contractor65Kates Super Trackers T Darling70
One last bash full t C Webb46Monkseaton Braves L Watson73
Flawless L Wilkinson91Jason’s Championship J Peacock42
pooles champs P King86Chasers C Milner57
Bombers Racers K Bennett74Hopey Star7 M Hope24
Lions1965 P Curtis91Swanage Swans O Miles63
Scoffer No 1 P Leavis120Crossley Comets R Whittaker73
Bugg3 C Frith35Skiddy Pants S Robson92
Ian Conkey S Robson82Around the outside 7 G Paul90
sunday night racing A Nicholson67Gorton#1 R Whittaker95
GG2 A Wood93Smith D Entwistle76
Premier Ins D Craig82Heathers heathens M Green55
Blacky1 K Blackwell135Fiala D Entwistle82
Sue's Shale Shifters M Wain68kc73 C Foster57
Around the outside 2 G Paul91CHARLIES OWLS M Wright87
GG5 A Wood66Bees Knees 1X M Jones76
Shaleshifters S Shifters89KDM2 K Milton75
kc74 C Foster55Around the outside 3 G Paul94
pick 'n' mix 1 D Cullip34Blacky1 K Blackwell135
Around the outside 9 G Paul72Blacky2 K Blackwell80
One last bash C Webb56Sutton Roofers 1 K Taylor102
Sox1 P Merrifield51Scunny1&2 C Key88
Priestfield Lions 4 V Hodgetts76Kendoddsdadsdogsdead D Sutherst73
Frome fighters A Hinds73Olivia's wizards L Morris156
Faulks Flyers 2 C Faulkner77Bees Knees V M Jones102
Cole's superstars D Simpson80berkeleys on fire G Branch78
Sterling Effort R Whittaker68dees prem P King78
Too much salt D Craig55JUDYS FIREMAN L Walker72
KDM1 K Milton71BabyP J Williams36
tenpins allstars P Goodrum82Silva Seven R Whittaker77
Champions Flies M Merkus55Summersun P Tye93
Tight Turn Tigers B Talbot119Pareronia hippia B Edge27
Speed Demons P Gardner94Team Cake P Morris94
fentastic 7 R Goodwin148OMG S O'mara66
BluenoseBrummies D Twine64dees prem P King78
Sutton Roofers 5 K Taylor110Simpsons super 7 D Simpson112
2 minutes S Shifters50Mikes Lucky 7 D Freeman95
Fantasy Aces L Adams77Tillys Tips R Barrow81
Sutton Roofers 2 K Taylor70Glasgow Dynamos D Nicolson87
KDM5 K Milton66Bees Knees X M Jones84
longsight p B Ashton84Tankslappers S Shifters89
Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst122Yellow and Black 1 M Wotherspoon65
GATERS PARADISE 4 P Goode88The Old Favs W Bush97
Motley Moose R Lee110longsight aces B Ashton80
Winterton Warriors C Key102longsight p B Ashton84
AllAboutTheComets J Williams63Rodspremier R Guise75
Woffy Wonderland T Broughton77Monmoremisfits R Guise96
Premier Spiders M Merkus95Faulks Flyers 4 C Faulkner74
No More Heroes Champ D Entwistle42Denkos Booze &groove N Contractor67
Bees Knees X1V M Jones61Blazing Bees J Escott71
Flag Marshals A Craig67Daves Sliders D Lee95
Monkseaton Warriors L Watson86Premier 3 L2 A Nicolson79
The Anchovy Trainer D Sutherst40Vinnie's Vikings N Findler141
Denton Diamonds A Bradbury77Bees Knees 111 M Jones64
bladerunner3 A Darlaston96Gorton#1 R Whittaker95
Botallack Bombers D Jarvis114longsight c B Ashton51
Team Faithful T Darling102lakeside J Adams72
Forken Car B Whyte132Bees Knees X1V M Jones61
Lions2019 S Skowronski104Fiala D Entwistle82
Toon Toon Racers B Mitchell89George's Giants G Brown93
WoW S O'mara30Daves Lucky seven D Freeman70
Monkseaton Warriors L Watson86Bees Knees X111 M Jones93
pauls prem P King95longsight 3 B Ashton111
bladerunner2 A Darlaston97Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul115
Golden oldies L Morris103Tarrant D Entwistle48
pick 'n' mix 13 D Cullip19Tommy J T Buckle74
Bees Knees V1 M Jones66One last bash from t C Webb24
Silver D Entwistle63Ashvale 'Ammers R Whittaker70
Around the outside 1 G Paul108pick 'n' mix 8 D Cullip30
Thornaby tornados M Green58Stonys T Friendship56
SYMTETS2 E Chalker37Sutton Roofers 5 K Taylor110
bladerunner6 A Darlaston63TACOLNESTON TERRORS3 R Mason104
Maugers Marauders D Sargeant40BringBackComets J Williams40
KDM4 K Milton102Bees Knees V11 M Jones78
Ashvale 'Ammers R Whittaker70forgiengiants J Adams68
Greatest Brits A Sharp65Around the outside 1 G Paul108
Lions1965 P Curtis91Aroundtheoutside 10 G Paul115
Tankslappers S Shifters89Tiger Tom D Sargeant101
Randoms A Nicolson73Sue's Suicide Squad M Wain67
The Anchovy Trainer D Sutherst40First Bend Bunchers C Hurry96
Slim Pickens D Sutherst64cuiken crusaders P Dixon69
Around the outside 1 G Paul108trashbag baby G Branch57
Zespol taty M Malicki71Hampden Hawks D Nicolson128
Denkos Donuts N Contractor73Herbie 5 P Herbert55
Silver D Entwistle63longsight 2 B Ashton102
JadesDream7 J Williams45Warriston Wings J Mckellar69
Hubbard D Entwistle77Rollerbingo P Morris108
LakesideRockets2019 J Piccolo86BabyP J Williams36
Scoffer No 4 P Leavis110Denkos booze &snooze N Contractor70
5-1 B Hurry52KELVIN D Entwistle67
Crewe Kings R Scott79pauls champs P King78
Elite Racers D Sutherst81KDM3 K Milton85
Daves Lucky seven D Freeman70KDM2 K Milton75
Bexley Dons S Mabey99Kendoddsdadsdogsdead D Sutherst73
Busters Lucky 7 D Freeman110Mad Mussetts T Buckle135
Scunny1&2 C Key88Hubbard D Entwistle77
Boycies Blues A Boyce60Bees Knees V M Jones102
Bees Knees 11 M Jones65pick 'n' mix 14 D Cullip69
Blacky5 K Blackwell98SWINDON SHARKS B Mitchell75
WRIGHTYS OWLS M Wright83Hugos Lucky 7 D Freeman74
Telephone Box B Whyte110exe valley rebels S Davey46
Bees Knees 11 M Jones65Sutton Roofers 5 K Taylor110
Slide before a Fall D Sutherst106Scoffer No 5 P Leavis119
dees elite P King81KDM5 K Milton66
MRBLUE T Friendship66Bees Knees 111 M Jones64
longsight 1 B Ashton103Bexley Dons S Mabey99
Bees Knees 1V M Jones91Charlie's Chargers G Brown33
BR4 J Burson52hold on G Branch127
Big Hitters T Darling73exe valley nomads S Davey52
Crazy Cat Lady 1 M Lane65Harkins Hawks A Hunter89
Yakoffbrundleekoff M Russell53Bonzodogdodaband L Morris98
Faulks Flyers 2 C Faulkner77exe valley outlaws S Davey57
pick 'n' mix 13 D Cullip19Busters Lucky 7 D Freeman110
Jason’s AllStars J Peacock60GG7 A Wood63
Bees Knees 1X M Jones76Bugg5 C Frith83
Around the outside 9 G Paul724 M Sharpe62
pauls elite P King73Too Much M Roberts62
Leah G Duke60Coatbridge tigers D Collins51
Daves Sliders D Lee95Angry B Whyte110
Takeurpick R Henderson94Legends L Wilkinson91
Takeurpick R Henderson94Heidi Hi D Craig72
Sutton Roofers 1 K Taylor102Daves Flat Out Boys D Lee88
Walsallwinditon R Whittaker71pooles elite P King94
Swanage Swans O Miles63Denkos booze &snooze N Contractor70
Wimbledon Stars S Dickens33Team Bubbles D Davey54
GG6 A Wood77Dazzler's Sliders D Lee57
Marzipan Hat P Morris104Walsallwinditon R Whittaker71
Danny's tigers D Simpson79Carol No5 C Meader67
Tigers2019 C Mccurdy39One last bash 60 Sec C Webb44
Flawless L Wilkinson91Gazzers allstars 2 G Findler77
longsight s B Ashton102Joseph's Hammers2019 J Piccolo105
Faster Windy B Whyte118Around the outside 9 G Paul72
Niblon R Lee88Too Much M Roberts62
exe valley wolves S Davey86pick 'n' mix 15 D Cullip61
Sutton Roofers 4 K Taylor98Blacky4 K Blackwell55
Roadcrossing chicken D Cox60JAG A Craig72
Zucco’s diamonds 3 M Watson79Around the outside 9 G Paul72
Denkos Booze &groove N Contractor67Blacky4 K Blackwell55
Roxybeth A Frith43pooles champs P King86
Topcats. A Johnson70Manchester Meercats S Dickens65
First Bend Elbows R Whittaker98Bend 4 Badasses C Hurry75
Brits are us S Miles97dees elite P King81
Around the outside 7 G Paul90International Teapot P Morris104
Simpsons super 7 D Simpson112Paisley Road West D Nicolson62
longsight 4 B Ashton94pauls champs P King78
pick 'n' mix 8 D Cullip30pauls prem P King95
Whippersnappers M Roberts71Bees Knees 1 M Jones70
Around the outside 3 G Paul94Jawa Tigers A Hunter65
Bruuummmm... G Baxter103Spring Chickens D Sutherst67
Here we go L Rowley96dwindling numbers P Dixon67
elm park J Adams60Blacky3 K Blackwell79
Pete No 1 P Leavis111Fall Guys D Sutherst56
J & Charlie's Team J Escott72Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst122
Jo-Jo's Top Boys D Lee90Around the outside 7 G Paul90
Tims Top Guns T Darling69TEDDYS TIGERS M Wright65
pick 'n' mix 12 D Cullip85SYMTETS3 E Chalker78
Briggo's Bandits D Sargeant82Garrad D Entwistle73
GG8 A Wood99ExtraExtra A Craig34
kc73 C Foster57We're Back S O'mara29
Squelch2 A Welch79K Entwistles Rockets D Entwistle71
Olivia's wizards L Morris156Crumble and custard L Adams103
George's Dragons G Baxter66Around the outside 4 G Paul77
Bees Knees X111 M Jones93Around the outside 4 G Paul77
Lunas lions A Boyce63Pit Bend Loonies D Wall64
Around the outside 4 G Paul77Bees Knees V M Jones102
exe valley wolves S Davey86Spring Chickens D Sutherst67
GG1 A Wood83Brock Busters K Brooker73
Power Monkeys M Roberts75Elite Racers D Sutherst81
tenpins elite P Goodrum89Scunny Stingers D Palmer42
K Entwistles Rockets D Entwistle71Premier Spiders M Merkus95
Bean Braves 2 A Squires47Lucy's Loserd C Key145
Daddys Demons W Bush88Scoffer89A No 2 P Leavis97
bladerunner6 A Darlaston63Handycams M Roberts67
pooles elite P King94Gazzas allstars 1 G Findler89
Dazzler's Sliders D Lee57dwindling numbers P Dixon67
kc7 C Foster115Silver D Entwistle63
Cake or death D Cox49Daves Full Revs Boys D Lee117
Marions Lucky 7 D Freeman109pauls elite P King73
Bees Knees 1 M Jones70Premier Kings K Bennett78
Daddys Demons W Bush88bladerunner5 A Darlaston126
Scoffer89A No 1 P Leavis74WTF S O'mara70
pick 'n' mix 7 D Cullip72Blacky5 K Blackwell98
longsight c B Ashton51pick 'n' mix 9 D Cullip72
Sox4 P Merrifield55Scoffer89A No 3 P Leavis79
Scoffer No 3 P Leavis82Monstable Wigwam P Morris79
Around the outside 5 G Paul118Lanarkshire Eagles C Mccurdy53
Yakoffbrundleekoff M Russell53Methanol Maniacs B Talbot71
Crayford_Highwaymen D Wall105Premier Racers D Sutherst67
Scoffer89A No 4 P Leavis108GG1 A Wood83
Herbie 4 P Herbert78SYMTETS1 E Chalker68
longsight spring B Ashton822-4-6-8 Dons J Faldo72
Nighttime7 P Tye84Scoffer No 4 P Leavis110
Blacky3 K Blackwell79One last bash one la C Webb68
Hedge Hoppers T Buckle70The Mighty Bears C Milner18
Around the outside 4 G Paul77Scoffer No 3 P Leavis82
Around the outside 8 G Paul98Bees Knees XV M Jones64
Pam'sCubs P Campbell102Scoffer89A No 2 P Leavis97
Top Guns D Etheridge38Malas maurauders M Green51
tenpins scorpions P Goodrum91CM3 L2 A Nicolson45
Norfolk in Clew D Sutherst122Monkseaton Diamonds L Watson48
Koosa B Edge85Rodspremier R Guise75
Scoffer No 5 P Leavis119darcys darlings P King103
MRBLUE T Friendship66No More Heroes Champ D Entwistle42
Premier Racers D Sutherst67Slide before a Fall D Sutherst106
Around the outside 5 G Paul118dees champs P King57
Saunders D Entwistle75Greatest Brits A Sharp65
Youngblood S Shifters60Ashton Admirals D Jarvis64
Unicorn lions P Curtis86Around the outside 8 G Paul98
Oak Island Treasure R Lee51trashbag baby G Branch57
Mullarkey D Entwistle97WRIGHTYS TIGERS M Wright74
We're Back S O'mara29Ollie's Ornets O Miles62
Monarchs Bandits P Whittem67pick 'n' mix 1 D Cullip34
The Pacemakers K Bennett58Norfolk n chance D Sutherst85
Killer Bears C Hurry62Blairhill Bulletts C Mccurdy84
no more hooses P Dixon59longsight aces B Ashton80
Hedge Hoppers T Buckle70cuiken crusaders P Dixon69
KDM5 K Milton66ZORRO TEAM K Duda57
Winsford Aces P Griffiths69Garrad D Entwistle73
10p Mix Up A Nicolson71We're Back S O'mara29
British Bulldogs M Malicki90Norfolk and Hope D Sutherst59
Champ Manager 2 A Nicolson54Photo Finish B Ellwood54
Go Go Go S O'mara68Winsford Aces P Griffiths69
Pit Bend Loonies D Wall64Birmingham Buzzers S Dickens48
mattys championship J Peacock78Fairfax Foxes R Whittaker102
Superguest United M Hope81AVAS TIGERS M Wright68
dees champs P King57Heathers heathens M Green55
Marshal3 M Taylor37HideYourAces J Williams69
KJ Killers K Morse53Blacky4 K Blackwell55
Hammers 2018 J Piccolo75The Old Favs W Bush97
the coos tail P Dixon45King Ronnie T Buckle57
Offerton Devils A Bradbury72Alison's Champions D Bennett92
Herbie 8 P Herbert51Champions Flies M Merkus55
pick 'n' mix 14 D Cullip692 minutes S Shifters50
Around the outside 7 G Paul90Scoffer89A No 3 P Leavis79
2-4-6-8 Dons J Faldo72Champs of the Champs J Joachim73
Premier Spiders M Merkus95Faulks Flyers 5 C Faulkner117
Mad Mussetts T Buckle135Toon Toon Racers B Mitchell89
Fen Tigers Allstars M Sharpe99Nighttime7 P Tye84
call the comet G Branch65Blacky5 K Blackwell98
Scoffer No 2 P Leavis110Priestfield Lions 1 V Hodgetts76
Faulks Flyers 3 C Faulkner69Clash of the Tritons J Escott70
Ronnie's Rebels S Mabey80Champions Chance L Overbury37
Donsabuzzin' T Buckle105KDM4 K Milton102
Zucco’s diamonds 5 M Watson71One More Lap A Keay75
Scarelet B Whyte79BringBackComets J Williams40

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