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23 September 2021
New for the 2020 season, the top five teams will win a prize (the choice of a free team or a free transfer). This is a change from prevous seasons when the top 3 managers won a prize.
Pos Team Manager Supports Points
1Wills Warriors 4William Bush Coventry112
2ducky fuzzJames Sutherst Redcar110
=the anchovy catcherJames Sutherst Redcar110
4BramhallDavid Craig Workington109
5premIERSHIP 2021Dave Twine Birmingham108
6The Wrenna RaidersRick Scott Birmingham106
=Peter No3Pete Leavis Lakeside106
8Pam'sLionsPam Campbell Belle Vue105
=Hot ToddyTerry Buckle Wimbledon105
=My ladsAlan Frith Sheffield105
=Stars SevenRobert Gardner King's Lynn105
12Bugg4Carl Frith Sheffield104
13Aroundtheoutside 2Garry Paul Coventry103
=Dans super 7Daniel Simpson Sheffield103
=SocratesMervyn Malicki Wolverhampton103
16Scoffer No12Peter Leavis Lakeside102
17Paisley Rd W ForeverDoug Nicolson Glasgow101
=Dave's winning boysDavid Lee Lakeside101
=Harlee's HoundsGeorge Brown Coventry101
20Coatbridge GunnersAlisdair Hunter Glasgow100
21Aroundtheoutside 1Garry Paul Coventry99
=Fowey FalconsDavid Jarvis Trelawny Tigers99
=Aroundtheoutside 4Garry Paul Coventry99
=bates motelJames Sutherst Redcar99
25FalconsDavid Sargeant Wolverhampton98
=dees premPaul King Poole98
=Rabling RousersOliver Miles Poole98
=Wills Warriors 1William Bush Coventry98
=PerryBarr Hound DogsRick Scott Birmingham98
30tenpins eliteKev Goodrum Scunthorpe97
=2 wheel magiciansAndrew Welch Coventry97
=KDM1Keith Milton Poole97
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