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24 May 2022
New for the 2020 season, the top five teams will win a prize (the choice of a free team or a free transfer). This is a change from prevous seasons when the top 3 managers won a prize.
Pos Team Manager Supports Points
1Hampden HawksDoug Nicolson Glasgow136
2Woody4Alex Wood Edinburgh125
3Absolutely RubbishShaun O'mara Leicester121
4Aroundtheoutside8Garry Paul Coventry117
5Oxford STSWayne Hutt Oxford116
6MacGs Seven 3Andy Macgillivray Swindon115
7Doonfoot DynamosDoug Nicolson Glasgow112
8Aroundtheoutside11Garry Paul Coventry111
=COme on ME baBBIEsDave Twine Birmingham111
10FaststartesPaul Tye Ipswich110
11longsight springBrian Ashton Belle Vue109
=Carol No1Carol Meader Lakeside109
13exe valley wolvesSteve Davey Exeter108
=Leith StevedoresJim Mckellar Edinburgh108
15Lanarkshire EaglesCraig Mccurdy Glasgow107
=Scoffer89A No5Peter j. Leavis Lakeside107
=P.J. No10Peter Leavis Lakeside107
18Magnificent SevenLuke Wilkinson Newcastle105
19Bobby & CyrilJohn Faldo Wimbledon104
=harpers heroesMandy Harper Wolverhampton104
21Wills WarriorsWilliam Bush Coventry103
22Sideways SidTerry Buckle Wimbledon102
=The Wee DonkeysShaun O'mara Leicester102
24,Manchester MayhemSimon Dickens Wolverhampton101
=LakesideHammersJames Hall Somerset101
=Faulks FalconsChris Faulkner Cradley101
27exe valley rebelsSteve Davey Exeter100
=sophieDarren Butters Edinburgh100
=FialaDavid Entwistle Rye House100
30malas mauraudersMalcolm Green Redcar99
=G1Alex Wood Edinburgh99
=Itís ShowtimeShaun O'mara Leicester99
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