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06 October 2022
The Main Standings

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1Niblon5Rob Lee 2656
2Woffy T1David Entwistle Rye House2623
=Mullarkey0David Entwistle Rye House2623
4Aroundtheoutside80Garry Paul Coventry2607
5Angry Pandas 1Rob Lee 2604
6exe valley rebels0Steve Davey Exeter2591
7Norfolk n Hope0David Sutherst Redcar2565
8Fiala1David Entwistle Rye House2564
9Aroundtheoutside92Garry Paul Coventry2554
10Garrad1David Entwistle Rye House2532
11Giorgio dynamo4Leslie Morris Oxford2524
12Norfolk in Clew0David Sutherst Redcar2498
13Motley Moose2Rob Lee 2495
14kendoddsdadsdogsdead0David Sutherst Redcar2491
15Abominable Ants2Rob Lee 2484
16ES Clydebank0Doug Nicolson Glasgow2472
177 vikings0James Sutherst Redcar2448
18Smith1David Entwistle Rye House2437
=PijperpickedaPepper0James Sutherst Redcar2437
20the anchovy trainer0David Sutherst Redcar2433
21Aroundtheoutside120Garry Paul Coventry2427
22Aroundtheoutside100Garry Paul Coventry2424
23Silencerís0Shaun O'mara Leicester2421
24ducky fuzz0James Sutherst Redcar2411
25Doonfoot Dynamos0Doug Nicolson Glasgow2409
26Jolly all the way0Terry Buckle Wimbledon2392
27Slow to the tapes0David Sutherst Redcar2388
=spring chickens0David Sutherst Redcar2388
29Gnats & Gnus4Rob Lee 2385
30exe valley wolves1Steve Davey Exeter2369
31slide before a fall0David Sutherst Redcar2359
32Team Faithfull2Tim Darling Mildenhall 2356
TR = transfers remaining, = qualified for KO phase of Mushroom Cup
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