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11 December 2017
The Main Standings

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1ENJOY THE SILENCER0Tristan Bazylkiewicz Oxford3046
2KDM20Keith Milton Poole2944
3TommyJ0Terry Buckle Wimbledon2909
4Dans super 70Daniel Simpson Sheffield2885
5Sprockets 0Ally Nicolson Glasgow2852
6Sutton Roofers 20Kevin Taylor Birmingham2843
7AVENGED SE7ENFOLD0Tristan Bazylkiewicz Oxford2842
8Olivia's wizards0Leslie Morris Oxford2840
9Leith Freedom0Jim Mckellar Edinburgh2832
10Rob's Randy Rabbits0Rob Peasley Oxford2831
11Aldershot Shots0Rick Scott Cradley Hthns2820
12Differentials0Ally Nicolson Glasgow2819
13The Bazzzz Beaterz0Rob Peasley Oxford2807
14Sutton Roofers 50Kevin Taylor Birmingham2799
15Old Gold 30Malcolm Wotherspoon Leicester Lions2795
16TACOLNESTON TERRORS10Rick Mason Mildenhall 2777
17TACOLNESTON TERRORS20Rick Mason Mildenhall 2776
18DISASTERPIECE0Tristan Bazylkiewicz Oxford2769
19TACOLNESTON TERRORS50Rick Mason Mildenhall 2768
20Max 10Alastair Hinds Leicester2762
21LONGSIGHT SMR0Brian Ashton Belle Vue2745
22KDM30Keith Milton Poole2744
23JawaTigers0Alisdair Hunter Glasgow2742
24QUICK AND PAINLESS0Tristan Bazylkiewicz Oxford2739
25The Magnificent 70Luke Wilkinson Newcastle2737
26Jasons AllStars0Jason Peacock Redcar2733
=Champion Cheetahs0Rob Peasley Oxford2733
28Championship Manager1Ally Nicolson Glasgow2729
29Off to a flier!0Rob Peasley Oxford2727
=McMillansEagles0Alisdair Hunter Glasgow2727
31Gaz's Gates 20Garry Paul Coventry2718
32Pete No 30Pete Leavis Lakeside2715
TR = transfers remaining, = qualified for KO phase of Mushroom Cup
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