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17 February 2018
The season begins in March. After the first competitive match takes place, The Championship table will appear here. In the meantime, as a guide to who's 'hot' and who is not, here is a list of the riders you've picked so far and how many times you've picked them.

Top riders picked so far:

RiderTeamAverageNumber of picks
Rohan TungateBelle Vue6.1866
Chris HolderPoole7.1653
James SarjeantGlasgow3.3351
James ShanesSheffield3.7451
Jason DoyleSomerset9.6940
Kacper WorynaPoole4.6535
Theo PijperRedcar4.2331
Jack HolderSomerset5.8231
Cameron HeepsIpswich6.9331
Mateusz SzczepaniakPoole4.5430
Zach WajtknechtLakeside2.6330
Jack Parkinson-BlackburnGlasgow2.0029
Bradley Wilson DeanSomerset4.6729
Todd KurtzSheffield5.2328
Martin VaculikLeicester8.0028
Dan BewleyWorkington5.9527
James SarjeantLeicester2.5627
Craig CookBelle Vue8.4527
Danny KingLeicester6.6626
Kyle NewmanLeicester4.8625
Nick MorrisLakeside8.7225
Jake AllenScunthorpe6.0823
Tobiasz MusielakSwindon7.3723
Brady KurtzPoole8.0823
Mark RissEdinburgh5.6823
Ben BarkerRedcar8.1522
Chris HarrisGlasgow8.4422
Ben MorleyLakeside3.8522
Niels-Kristian IversenKing's Lynn9.0422
Dan BewleyBelle Vue4.7122
Steve WorrallBelle Vue6.7721
Steve WorrallScunthorpe9.1321
Robert LambertKing's Lynn7.3821
Zach WajtknechtSwindon3.2121
Richard LawsonSomerset6.4320
Ben BarkerRye House6.0019
Kyle BickleyWorkington2.0019
Kyle NewmanLakeside6.1019
Erik RissEdinburgh8.0518
Michael Palm ToftPeterborough6.7718
Lewis KerrKing's Lynn5.0618
Max CleggRye House2.0018
Connor MountainIpswich3.3318
Ty ProctorWorkington7.1517
Chris HarrisRye House7.6317
Hans AndersenLeicester7.7517
Nathan GreavesWolverhampton2.5417
Josh BatesSheffield6.5417
Max FrickeBelle Vue7.3917
James ShanesPoole2.9517
Krzysztof KasprzakRye House6.8617
Jonas JeppesenSomerset4.0016
Jye EtheridgeBerwick5.0616
Danyon HumeIpswich2.0016
Kyle HowarthSheffield8.6216
Simon LambertPeterborough4.5616
Danny KingIpswich8.8715
Lewis KerrGlasgow6.7815
Scott NichollsRye House7.4815
Thomas JorgensenKing's Lynn5.9315
Kyle HowarthWolverhampton6.6415
Sam MastersWolverhampton7.9215
Aaron SummersBerwick7.9814
Mason CamptonWorkington5.7314
Mikkel B AndersenRedcar5.2014
Richie WorrallGlasgow8.5214
Adam EllisSwindon5.5614
Richard LawsonLakeside8.6514
Josh PickeringEdinburgh4.6213
Cameron HeepsWolverhampton5.2513
Mitchell DaveySwindon2.1413
Troy BatchelorSwindon7.6313
Charles WrightSheffield7.4713
Jacob ThorssellWolverhampton8.6413
Ashley MorrisNewcastle4.8812
Ricky WellsEdinburgh8.8512
Emil GrondalPeterborough4.3912
Jack SmithSheffield2.5712
Jason GarrityScunthorpe7.3212
Max CleggLakeside4.1511
Stuart RobsonNewcastle7.0211
Josh AutyScunthorpe6.9011
Josh GrajczonekPoole7.3411
Stefan NielsenScunthorpe5.5311
Rory SchleinIpswich8.5811
Ashley MorrisWolverhampton3.4911
Stuart RobsonRye House5.7211
Kevin DoolanBerwick6.3611
Dany GappmaierBerwick5.1110
Lewis RoseKing's Lynn5.2510
Damian DrodzBelle Vue5.0010
Jye EtheridgeBelle Vue3.8910
Nikolaj Busk JakobsenBerwick6.509
Jake AllenSomerset5.079
Jonas B AndersenRedcar6.489
Nick MorrisSwindon8.879
Linus SundstromPoole7.229
Lasse BjerreSheffield8.328
David BellegoSwindon7.378
Gino ManzaresScunthorpe5.437
Ty ProctorKing's Lynn5.117
Joel AnderssonEdinburgh5.207
Edward KennettRye House6.397
Josh BatesLeicester5.527
Tero AarnioNewcastle5.027
Alfie BowtellLakeside2.197
Michael HaertelIpswich5.006
Claus VissingGlasgow6.806
Rene BachWorkington7.536
Nico CovattiIpswich7.496
Nicolai KlindtWorkington7.516
Tobias BuschRedcar4.666
Kasper AndersenKing's Lynn4.006
Krystian PieszczekLeicester6.505
Rasmus JensenWorkington6.145
Charles WrightSomerset6.695
Ulrich OstergaardPeterborough7.125
Rory SchleinWolverhampton7.725
David HoweBerwick6.184
Paul StarkeGlasgow6.634
Nike LunnaPeterborough5.904
Ludvig LindgrenNewcastle7.214
Matt WilliamsonEdinburgh4.853
Matej KusRedcar7.643
John LindmanBerwick5.203
Carl WilkinsonNewcastle4.972
Jordan StewartRedcar5.202
Adam EllisLakeside7.231
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