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23 June 2018
The Main Standings

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1bladerunner6 0Andrew Darlaston Leicester1050
2KDM3 0Keith Milton Poole1046
3Scoffer89a No2 0Peter j. Leavis Lakeside1021
4Scoffer No4 0Peter Leavis Lakeside1017
5Scoffer89a No3 0Peter j. Leavis Lakeside1009
6The Anchovy Trainer 0David Sutherst Redcar992
7Norfolk and Hope 0David Sutherst Redcar987
8Bugg2 0Carl Frith Sheffield985
=Smoking 0Shaun O'mara Coventry985
10Maulers 4Anne Craig Workington979
11Barneyrubble 0Rod Guise Wolverhampton960
12Awesome Seven 0Tim Darling Mildenhall 956
13To the Max1 0Rab Henderson Edinburgh952
14Around the outside10 1Garry Paul Coventry942
15KDM4 0Keith Milton Poole941
16Tarrant 1David Entwistle Rye House939
17Stars Seven 0Robert Gardner King's Lynn936
18Leith Saltires 1Jim Mckellar Edinburgh934
19i cant quit 0Gary Branch Wimbledon931
20Inverleith Squirrels2Jim Mckellar Edinburgh929
21Around the outside 6 0Garry Paul Coventry928
22Niblon 4Rob Lee Rye House926
23Scoffer89a No1 0Peter j. Leavis Lakeside923
24bees knees 7 0Mike Jones Coventry920
25bees knees 1 0Mike Jones Coventry916
26Around the outside 5 2Garry Paul Coventry914
27Fiala0David Entwistle Rye House912
=kendoddsdadsdogsdead 0David Sutherst Redcar912
29Scoffer No1 0Peter Leavis Lakeside910
=Rob's Racers 0Robert Gardner King's Lynn910
=bees knees 2 0Mike Jones Coventry910
32Garrad 2David Entwistle Rye House909
TR = transfers remaining, = qualified for KO phase of Mushroom Cup
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