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17 September 2019
The Main Standings

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1Around the outside 71Garry Paul Coventry2297
2Pete No 10Peter Leavis Lakeside2282
3Blacky51Keith Blackwell Workington2267
4KDM50Keith Milton Poole2249
5Kendoddsdadsdogsdead0David Sutherst Redcar2218
6Around the outside 92Garry Paul Coventry2214
7Around the outside 51Garry Paul Coventry2211
8Saunders3David Entwistle Rye House2208
9Norfolk in Clew0David Sutherst Redcar2194
=Premier Racers0David Sutherst Redcar2194
11Silver0David Entwistle Rye House2183
12Fiala2David Entwistle Rye House2168
13Lucy's Loserd0Chris Key Scunthorpe2167
14Norfolk and Hope0David Sutherst Redcar2154
=Tarrant1David Entwistle Rye House2154
16Around the outside 42Garry Paul Coventry2145
17Mullarkey1David Entwistle Rye House2141
18Scunny1&20Chris Key Scunthorpe2116
19Team Faithful2Tim Darling Mildenhall 2106
20Faulks Flyers 50Chris Faulkner Cradley2095
21BabyP1Jade Williams Workington2088
22Tims Top Guns2Tim Darling Mildenhall 2087
23No More Heroes Champ0David Entwistle Rye House2085
24AllAboutTheComets0Jade Williams Workington2080
25Hampden Hawks0Doug Nicolson Glasgow2079
26Around the outside 84Garry Paul Coventry2075
27Daddys Demons0William Bush Coventry2074
28pooles champs1Paul King Poole2072
29Hedge Hoppers0Terry Buckle Wimbledon2071
30See Ya0Shaun O'mara Leicester2070
=Montine Dons0David Wall Wimbledon2070
32BringBackComets1Jade Williams Workington2068
TR = transfers remaining, = qualified for KO phase of Mushroom Cup
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