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18 December 2018
The Summer League

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1Pete No32Pete Leavis Lakeside1142
2longsight s2Brian Ashton Belle Vue1132
3Unnatural Selection2Bill Thornham Hull1099
4Max 31Alastair Hinds Leicester1098
5Pete No52Pete Leavis Lakeside1089
6pick 'n' mix 1410Darryl Cullip Poole1085
7Awesome Seven2Tim Darling Mildenhall 1073
8Stratosphere Dukes3Bill Thornham Hull1065
9Pete No22Pete Leavis Lakeside1064
10Godden Tigers1Alisdair Hunter Glasgow1054
11Pete No42Pete Leavis Lakeside1038
12Dazzlers Hammers1Darren Lee Rye House1032
13Dazzlers Wombels2Darren Lee Rye House1025
14Jokeyno76Paul Tye Ipswich1021
15Forken Car5Ben Whyte Rye House1017
16pick 'n' mix 109Darryl Cullip Poole1014
17Summer Mixture2Ally Nicolson Glasgow1013
=Doonfoot Dragons2Doug Nicolson Glasgow1013
19KDM52Keith Milton Poole1000
20Norfolk in Clew2David Sutherst Redcar999
21Charlies Angels1Gillian Hinds Leicester998
22AllAboutTheComets2Jade Williams Workington992
23HedgeHoppers0Terry Buckle Wimbledon985
=fowlers flip outs3Ian Fowler Belle Vue985
25Wizards Of Aus.12Antony Johnson Poole981
26Shale shifters5John Goddard Rye House977
27bees knees 91Mike Jones Coventry975
28Dazzlers Kings1Darren Lee Rye House971
29Barneyrubble0Rod Guise Wolverhampton969
=Kehelland Kestrels6Dave Jarvis 969
31Rockets Revenge12Darren Varney Rye House965
=Sheffields finest4Daniel Simpson Sheffield965
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