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16 August 2022
The Summer League

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1Summer Sutherners2James Sutherst Redcar1296
2ducky fuzz2James Sutherst Redcar1251
3Jolly all the way0Terry Buckle Wimbledon1224
=Norfolk n Hope3David Sutherst Redcar1224
5kendoddsdadsdogsdead1David Sutherst Redcar1205
6Jasonís Champions4Jason Peacock Redcar1190
7Jasonís Premier0Jason Peacock Redcar1183
8Woody31Alex Wood Edinburgh1167
9G63Alex Wood Edinburgh1151
10the anchovy trainer0David Sutherst Redcar1141
11Peter No33Pete Leavis Lakeside1135
12Woody23Alex Wood Edinburgh1132
13longsight summer3Brian Ashton Belle Vue1130
14P.J. No12Peter Leavis Lakeside1127
15Paisley Rd W Forever2Doug Nicolson Glasgow1113
16P.J. No22Peter Leavis Lakeside1103
17BLACKY43Keith Blackwell Workington1094
187 Pirates0James Sutherst Redcar1091
19Jasonís All Stars1Jason Peacock Redcar1088
20northern powerhouse0James Sutherst Redcar1086
21Palin Able0James Sutherst Redcar1084
22ashy 31Brian Ashton Belle Vue1079
23G23Alex Wood Edinburgh1078
24KDM51Keith Milton Poole1077
25spring chickens0David Sutherst Redcar1071
26My lads2Alan Frith Sheffield1049
27Lanarkshire Eagles2Craig Mccurdy Glasgow1041
28The spider riders0James Sutherst Redcar1036
29P.J. No40Peter Leavis Lakeside1035
30BLACKY56Keith Blackwell Workington1028
31Suzyís Flukies0James Sutherst Redcar1027
32Fuzzy Ducks1James Sutherst Redcar1026
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