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01 December 2021
The Summer League

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1Summer 76Ally Nicolson Glasgow1429
2Lanarkshire Eagles4Craig Mccurdy Glasgow1322
=Sting Ray Morton3Terry Buckle Wimbledon1322
4Slide before a Fall2David Sutherst Redcar1311
5Mad Mussetts2Terry Buckle Wimbledon1290
6Olle Nygren Remember2Doug Nicolson Glasgow1282
7TACOLNESTON TERROR3Rick Mason Mildenhall 1263
8Bengt Handlebars2Norman Mcleod Rye House1250
9KDM42Keith Milton Poole1243
10pooles elite2Paul King Poole1225
11Cross @82Terry Buckle Wimbledon1223
12Dazzler's Kings7Darren Lee Rye House1222
13GG62Alex Wood Edinburgh1210
14Scoffer No92Peter Leavis Lakeside1205
15WANDERERS2Terry Hetheridge 1202
16longsight summer2Brian Ashton Belle Vue1201
17Daz and Jo's Rockets8Darren Lee Rye House1198
18Kidderminster Tigers2Simon Dickens Wolverhampton1192
=GG42Alex Wood Edinburgh1192
20Johnsies 72Terry Buckle Wimbledon1191
21Hampden Hawks2Doug Nicolson Glasgow1189
22GG82Alex Wood Edinburgh1188
23Lakesliders 213Peter Gardner Lakeside1186
24Bees Knees 1V2Mike Jones Coventry1178
=Mighty Mustangs10Brian Talbot Lakeside1178
26ducky fuzz2James Sutherst Redcar1177
27GG32Alex Wood Edinburgh1176
28Rinsey Racers6David Jarvis Trelawny Tigers1171
=Top Guns 211Darryl Cullip Peterborough1171
30The Right Payne3Terry Buckle Wimbledon1168
31The Avengers 111Darryl Cullip Peterborough1165
32Lou Snutz2Norman Mcleod Rye House1160
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