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28 March 2023
Site updates
Keep track of any site improvements and bug fixes here.
10 February If you have more than one account you can now link them together so you can control all of your teams from the same login and My Team page. Go to your My Details page and follow the instructions.
15 January If you have more than one account you can now link (combine) those two accounts so you can manage all of your teams from the same login and the same My Team page.
January You can now allocate individual teams to Private Leagues (i.e. when you join a Private League you are not automatically joining it with all of your teams)
8 September If you have inactive riders in your team you will now only see an alert on your My Team page (and in the weekly newsletter) if you actually have the transfer resources to do anything about it.
6 September A summary of inactive riders in any of your teams are now summarised both on your My Team page and in the weekly newsletter.
14 August Upcoming fixtures are now also shown on the rider profile page
13 August When you click on a team name on a Mushroom Cup tie you now see a team sheet showing only points scored in the current round.
13 August If your team is still active in the knockout phase of the Mushroom Cup a star will appear after your team name in the main standings.
14 June If your team is in the knockout phase of the Mushroom Cup, your team sheet will be shaded light grey. If your team is eliminated, your team sheet will revert back to normal.
5 June You can now see an overview of when your riders will be in action in the coming days by clicking on the My Rider Activity link immediately under the My League Positions link.
16 May When a rider transfers clubs, his meetings for his previous club are now also summarised on the rider profile page.
6 May Rider averages are now listed in descending order for additional clarity. Also, both home and away averages are also available.
2 May If your team is invloved in a Mushroom Cup play-off, it will now say so on the My League Positions page and you can view how that team is getting on using either a link on that page, or a link on the main Mushroom Cup page..
28 Apr Appearances as a guest are now also summarized on the Rider profile page.
19 Apr You can now check which of your teams (if any) have qualified for The Mushroom Cup knockout phase on the 'My League Positions' page.
7 Apr When you search for someone else's team, you can now search for the manager's surname as well as for a team name.
31 Mar If you click on 'Show all my teams' (at the bottom of your team sheet) you can see an overview of which of your riders are in action today. Riders in green are in action, riders in bold are at home.
26 Mar My League Positions are back - check your league positions easily by using the link on the My Team page.
11 Jul Averages changed to reflect just league and cup matches only.
23 Apr You can now click on a rider's name on the average pages to view that rider's profile and seasons' scores.
7 Apr You can now click on a rider's name on a scorecard to view that rider's profile.
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