01 Riders score points in any competitive club fixture between two teams. In addition, riders will also score points when they guest for another team. Challenge matches do not count.
02 If a rider is 'doubling up', he counts as two separate riders. If he guests for a team, the points will be added to the rider competing at the same level, where applicable.
03 If you transfer a rider into your team, he will start scoring points towards your total from the begining of the next day. For example, if you transfer a rider in on a Monday he will not score points for your team until Tuesday. Meanwhile, the rider you have transfered out will continue to score points for your team until the end of Monday.
04 Riders do not score points for your team if you sign them and then sell them on the same day.
05 Additional points scored as a tactical rider count towards a rider's total.
06 Points scored in an abandoned meeting count towards a rider's total, even if the result does not stand.
07 Rider averages will not be updated during the course of the season but new riders entering the British leagues may be added.
08 The rider averages are correct to the best of our knowledge but if there are minor discrepancies they will not be changed at this stage because they may render invalid teams that have already been selected and confirmed.
09 Most riders competing in either the Premiership or the Championship will be available for selection.
10 When you pick your team you are allocated 3 transfers. Each team will then get an additional 2 transfers on the first day of each month from April 1 onwards (excluding October 1). Transfers accumulate across the season, i.e. you do not have to use two transfers a month, you can save them up if you want to.
11 Sadly, since the law dictates that in order to offer a prize an annual online bookmaking licence is legally required (at a cost of almost 14,000), there can be no prizes, it's just for fun.
12 During the Mushroom Cup knockout phases, scores entered into the system are correct to the best of our knowledge and although corrections will be made when errors have occurred, Mushroom Cup scores cannot be retrospectively corrected if the competition has progressed to the next round.
13 If it becomes apparent an error has been made, with a rider's score for example, then those errors can and will be corrected and backdated accordingly. Please feel free to contact Speedway Fantasy league if you believe an error has been made!
14 If your team is invalid you should report this immediately via the contact page. If you fail to do so, Speedway Fantasy League reserves the right to restore your team to a valid formation. Any changes made to restore your team to a valid formation are non negotiable.
15 All participants are welcome to open as many accounts and therefore enter as many teams as you like.
16 Speedway Fantasy league are not responsible for any loss of data caused by server failures on the part of our hosts. However, regular backups of the database will take place and all effort will be made to restore any data in the unlikely event of it being lost.
17 You must provide a valid email address or you will be unable to make changes to your team(s).
18 Please feel free to contact Speedway Fantasy league if you have any additional queries. Enjoy the game!
01 Main league (Standings)
All teams are automatically entered into the main league. The team that accumulates the most points across the entire season wins the competition.
02 The Mushroom Cup
The Mushroom Cup is designed to give late entries as well as the original entrants a chance to win. The format is as follows: The highest scoring teams* in the first qualification period, then the second qualification period, then the third and and so on, with a total of 7 qualification periods all qualify for the knockout stages, producing a total of 512 teams for the second round. Those 512 teams will then be pitted against each other in the knockout stages that will take place over the following weeks. Please see The Mushroom Cup page for full details.
It is possible for a team to qualify for the second round up to seven times. If this happens then you've merely increased your chances of winning. Should those teams be drawn against each other at any stage during the knockout stages then effectively, that team receives a bye into the next round.
03 Minor leagues
All teams are automatically entered into a minor league of up to 15 teams. You cannot have two teams in the same minor league so if you have multiple teams they will automatically be allocated to separate minor leagues.
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