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05 October 2022
Rider Profile
Rider name: Connor King Points in 2022: 96 (18 meetings)
Club: Kent NL Pts/meeting 22: 5.33
United Kingdom
Features in: 2 teams
Average 2021: 3.67 Removed from: 5 teams
Home scores  
29/03Kent NLL4r0 4+1
12/04Belle Vue NLW4r0 8+0
24/05Leicester NLL4r0 2+0
14/06Oxford NLL5r0 2+0
Away scores 
15/04Belle Vue NLL3r0 1+1
15/05Mildenhall L2r0 0+0
01/06Oxford NLL6r0 3+0
11/06Leicester NLL4r0 2+0
Home scores  Kent NL
24/07Oxford NLL6r0 6+0
21/08Mildenhall D7r0 9+3
28/08Plymouth NLW7r 10+4
04/09ArmadaleW4r0 7+2
18/09Belle Vue NLW4r0 9+0
Away scores  Kent NL
15/07ArmadaleW5r0 7+1
31/07Mildenhall L1r0 0+0
03/09Leicester NLL5r0 3+0
21/09Oxford NLL4r0 3+2
Guest appearances
No appearances as a guest
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