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17 December 2017
Sheffield Averages
Rider 2016 M R Pts Bon Total CMA
Josh Grajczonek8.9029136324103349.82
Kyle Howarth7.1835171368193879.05
Lasse Bjerre6.6433154317193368.73
Josh Bates5.0231138222332557.39
Jan Graversen4.1319108145221676.19
Todd Kurtz5.7634145185342196.04
Robert Branford4.6016788314974.97
Georgie Wood2.001866369452.73
Jack Parkinson Bl'burn3.00931146202.58
Nathan Stoneman2.003111010.36
Guests riders
Scott Nicholls6.59525523558.80
Mitchell Davey3.00145055.00
Mark Riss3.2717141158.57
Josh Pickering3.00154043.20
Aaron Summers8.57159097.20
Richard Lawson8.222102512610.40
Jack Smith3.00132245.33
Steve Worrall8.47145055.00
Ryan Douglas7.1829124167.11
Lewis Kerr5.98316247317.75
Josh Bailey3.00152021.60
Ty Proctor6.6829190198.44
Rob Shuttleworth3.00131011.33
Brady Kurtz6.44141201212.00
James Shanes3.00210164208.00
James Sarjeant5.80142133.00
Chris Harris9.21151211310.40
Ryan MacDonald5.00263253.33
Layne Cupitt6.54271010.57
Andy Mellish5.20130000.00
Georgie Wood9.14130000.00
Kev Whelan13.00140000.00
Blair Smith13.00130000.00
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