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17 November 2018
Ipswich Averages
Rider 2017 M R Pts Bon Total CMA
Danny King8.87311241259.09
Rory Schlein8.58168017271798.95
Nico Covatti7.491789157151727.73
Cameron Heeps6.931997159271867.67
Mark Riss8.051042579666.29
Fernando Garcia4.341259787855.76
Michael Haertel5.00315174215.60
Drew Kemp2.00730366425.60
Danyon Hume2.00838326384.00
Jonas Jeppesen5.20288084.00
Connor Mountain3.331055456513.71
David Wallinger2.005152130.80
Guests riders
Edward Kennett6.39157075.60
Josh Pickering4.621591108.00
James Sarjeant3.33144155.00
Lewis Kerr6.78141021212.00
Paul Starke6.63152132.40
Richard Lawson8.65151211310.40
Kyle Newman6.10145055.00
Adam Ellis7.23149099.00
Ben Barker8.1529152177.56
Steve Worrall9.13147077.00
Mason Campton5.73142133.00
Ty Proctor7.15210184228.80
Scott Nicholls10.47631733769.81
Matt Wethers5.651591108.00
Taylor Hampshire4.18130000.00
Richie Worrall6.36145166.00
Jack Smith2.00151010.80
David Wallinger5.64130000.00
Thomas Jorgensen7.771691106.67
Broc Nicol3.00147077.00
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