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10 June 2023
All results for Berwick - Back to tables
02/04RedcarCKOL37:53Schlein 12 Jorgensen 8+1
15/04GlasgowBSNL38:51Flint 10+1 Knudsen 9+1
21/04EdinburghBSNW49:41Schlein 12+1 Etheridge 9+1
22/04EdinburghBSNW51:39Flint 14+1 Schlein 13+1
28/04GlasgowBSNL32:58Jorgensen 11 Flint 8
29/04RedcarCKOL38:52Flint 10 Coles 9+2
06/05ScunthorpeSGBCW47:43Jorgensen 11+1 Flint 10
09/06RedcarSGBCL33:57Jorgensen 7 Knudsen 7
Berwick Averages
Rider 2022 M R Pts Bon Total CMA
Rory Schlein8.00838696757.89
Leon Flint7.18838653687.16
Thomas Jorgensen7.28837583616.59
Jonas Knudsen5.00727357426.22
Jye Etheridge5.60833429516.18
Jacob Hook4.00145166.00
Connor Coles2.00838416474.95
Greg Blair2.003137182.46
Nathan Stoneman2.00392131.33
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