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22 April 2019
The Championship standings

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1Champions Flies1Manuel Merkus Scunthorpe359
2dees champs1Paul King Poole349
3Around the outside 72Garry Paul Coventry319
4pauls champs2Paul King Poole314
5Around the outside 53Garry Paul Coventry312
6Faster Windy6Ben Whyte Rye House310
7Hedge Hoppers2Terry Buckle Wimbledon305
=Around the outside 43Garry Paul Coventry305
9Blacky53Keith Blackwell Workington302
=longsight c3Brian Ashton Belle Vue302
11SWINDON SHARKS4Ben Mitchell Swindon301
12Monstable Wigwam5Paul Morris Milton Keynes298
13Premier Racers5David Sutherst Redcar296
14KDM53Keith Milton Poole295
15CHARLIES OWLS4Martyn Wright Sheffield294
16KDM21Keith Milton Poole289
17No More Heroes Champ2David Entwistle Rye House283
18Blacky14Keith Blackwell Workington282
19King Ronnie3Terry Buckle Wimbledon280
20Bruuummmm...4George Baxter Birmingham277
=Olivia's wizards3Leslie Morris Oxford277
=Team Cake5Paul Morris Milton Keynes277
23AVAS TIGERS4Martyn Wright Sheffield276
24Crewe Kings5Rick Scott Birmingham275
25pick 'n' mix 74Darryl Cullip Peterborough274
26pick 'n' mix 115Darryl Cullip Peterborough270
27Too much salt5Dennis Craig Workington267
28pick 'n' mix 142Darryl Cullip Peterborough266
29SYMTETS35Eric Chalker Poole265
30pooles champs5Paul King Poole264
=Tankslappers0Shale Shifters Belle Vue264
32Sue's Suicide Squad5Malcolm Wain Redcar263
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