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26 August 2019
The Championship standings

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1Around the outside 70Garry Paul Coventry1929
2Around the outside 50Garry Paul Coventry1914
3KDM50Keith Milton Poole1892
4Premier Racers0David Sutherst Redcar1866
5Around the outside 41Garry Paul Coventry1805
6Hampden Hawks0Doug Nicolson Glasgow1782
7Hedge Hoppers0Terry Buckle Wimbledon1774
8No More Heroes Champ1David Entwistle Rye House1773
9Olivia's wizards6Leslie Morris Oxford1769
10pooles champs0Paul King Poole1759
11Around the outside 62Garry Paul Coventry1756
12dees champs3Paul King Poole1754
13pauls champs5Paul King Poole1743
14Yakoffbrundleekoff3Mark Russell Mildenhall 1737
15My dreams4Alan Frith Sheffield1714
16PHollywoodLee5Mark Russell Mildenhall 1709
17King Ronnie0Terry Buckle Wimbledon1702
18Rodschampionship3Rod Guise Wolverhampton1674
=Heathers heathens0Malcolm Green Redcar1674
=longsight c2Brian Ashton Belle Vue1674
21Championship 72Dave Twine Birmingham1661
22pick 'n' mix 142Darryl Cullip Peterborough1658
23Georgio dinamo5Leslie Morris Oxford1645
24Faster Windy9Ben Whyte Rye House1639
25Edgeofseat0Paul Tye Ipswich1633
26Badgers bouncers0Malcolm Green Redcar1625
27Tommy J0Terry Buckle Wimbledon1624
=Champions Flies0Manuel Merkus Scunthorpe1624
29Graham Coombes FC0Doug Nicolson Glasgow1623
30kc710Craig Foster Redcar1615
31Too much salt7Dennis Craig Workington1612
32Cliffy’s Diamonds9James Ward Belle Vue1610
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