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28 March 2023
The Hall of Fame

Main Standings
Winner: Niblon (Rob Lee) 2946
Runner-up: Woffy T (David Entwistle) 2827

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: Angry Pandas (Rob Lee)
* Angry Pandas were in the final twice!

Spring League
Winner: Aroundtheoutside12 (Garry Paul) 906
Runner-up: Aroundtheoutside11 (Garry Paul) 889

Summer League
Winner: Summer Sutherners (James Sutherst) 1489
Runner-up: Jason’s Champions (Jason Peacock) 1410

The Autumn League
Winner: Rollerbingo (Paul Morris) 674
Runner-up: longsight autumn (Brian Ashton) 667

The Premiership
Winner: KDM1 (Keith Milton) 1954
Runner-up: EL Vikings (James Sutherst) 1864

The Championship
Winner: Aroundtheoutside8 (Garry Paul) 2704
Runner-up: Aroundtheoutside9 (Garry Paul) 2687


Main Standings
Winner: Summer 7 (Ally Nicolson) 2374
Runner-up: Blacky5 (Keith Blackwell) 2343

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: Barry’s Hawks (Jason Peacock) 201
Runner-up: Exe Valley Outlaws (Steve Davey) 149

Spring League
No competition due to the Coronavirus pandemic

Summer League
Winner: Summer 7 (Ally Nicolson) 1429
Runner-up: Lanarkshire Eagles (Craig McCurdy) 1322
           and: Sting Ray Morton (Terry Buckle) 1322

The Autumn League
Winner: Forken Car (Paul Morris) 873
Runner-up: TIMS CLASSIC SEVEN (Tim Darling) 861

The Premiership
Winner: My lads (Alan Frith) 1756
Runner-up: Aroundtheoutside 2 (Garry Paul) 1755

The Championship
Winner: We Are The Champons (Ally Nicolson) 2275
Runner-up: Timeless Lions (Sam Leeson) 2232


No competitions due to the Coronavirus pandemic


Main Standings
Winner: Saunders (David Entwistle) 2540
Runner-up: Blacky5 (Keith Blackwell) 2536

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: longsight 3 (Brian Ashton) 132
Runner-up: King Ronnie (Terry Buckle) 75

Spring League
Winner: Around the outside 9 (Garry Paul) 837
Runner-up: Scoffer No 4 (Peter Leavis) 831

Summer League
Winner: Pete No 1 (Pete Leavis) 1378
Runner-up: Saunders (David Entwistle) 1263

The Autumn League
Winner: longsight a (Brian Ashton) 683
Runner-up: Oak Island Treasure (Rob Lee) 660

The Premiership
Winner: Around the outside 1 (Garry Paul) 2128
Runner-up: Around the outside 3 (Garry Paul) 2062

The Championship
Winner: Around the outside 7 (Garry Paul) 2467
Runner-up: KDM5 (Keith Milton) 2444


Main Standings
Winner: Faster Windy (Ben Whyte) 2649
Runner-up: Fiala (David Entwistle) 2633

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: Faster Windy (Ben Whyte) 281
Runner-up: OZZIES (Daryl Bell) 218

Spring League
Winner: Scoffer No4 (Peter Leavis) 777
Runner-up: bladerunner6 (Andrew Darlaston) 769

Summer League
Winner: Pete No3 (Pete Leavis) 1142
Runner-up: longsight s (Brian Ashton) 1132

The Autumn League
Winner: longsight a (Brian Ashton) 981
Runner-up: Faster Windy (Ben Whyte) 946

The Premiership
Winner: KDM1 (Keith Milton) 2258
Runner-up: Around the outside 2 (Garry Paul) 2241

The Championship
Winner: Scoffer89a No2 (Peter j. Leavis) 2425
Runner-up: KDM3 (Keith Milton) 2371


Main Standings
Winner: ENJOY THE SILENCER (Tristan Bazylkiewicz) 3046
Runner-up: KDM2 (Keith Milton) 2944

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: Sprockets (Ally Nicolson) 209
Runner-up: Dad's Pirates (Steve Barrett) 137

Spring League
Winner: JawaTigers (Alisdair Hunter) 818
Runner-up: Ely Stars (Graham Heathcote) 813

Summer League
Winner: LONGSIGHT SMR (Brian Ashton) 1449
Runner-up: Max 4 (Alastair Hinds) 1362

The Autumn League
Winner: ENJOY THE SILENCER (Tristan Bazylkiewicz) 959
Runner-up: Aldershot Shots (Rick Scott) 938

The Premiership [Previously The Elite League Championship]
Winner: Carol No 3 (Carol Meader) 2541
Runner-up: LONGSIGHT P (Brian Ashton) 2451

The Championship
Winner: KDM2 (Keith Milton) 2907
Runner-up: TommyJ (Terry Buckle) 2883


Main Standings
Winner: Shedshop1 (Graham Heathcote) 2700
Runner-up: kdm4 (Keith Milton) 2675

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: Weston Wyverns (Mark Brooks) 152
Runner-up: Winsford Aces II (Paul Griffiths) 151

Spring League
Winner: Premierelite (Michael Roberts) 757
Runner-up: Shedshop2 (Graham Heathcote) 752

Summer League
Winner: Summer7 (Ally Nicolson) 1220
Runner-up: kdm4 (Keith Milton) 1219

Elite League Championship
Winner: High and Low Elite (Ian Dodd) 2219
Runner-up: dees elite (Paul King) 2199

Premier League Standings
Winner: my dreams (Alan Frith) 2611
Runner-up: kdm2 (Keith Milton) 2571


Main Standings
Winner: Longsight Premier (Brian Ashton) 3409
Runner-up: Yellow and Black 1 (Malcolm Wotherspoon) 3365

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: TACOLNESTON TERRORS (Rick Mason) 182
Runner-up: Yellow and Black 1 (Malcolm Wotherspoon) 163

Spring League
Winner: Steel city tigers (Daniel Simpson) 1080
Runner-up: Yellow and Black 1 (Malcolm Wotherspoon) 1054

Summer League
Winner: Burnham Budgies 3 (Mark Brooks) 1709
Runner-up: JUNE FREE TEAM (David Sutherst) 1636

Elite League Championship
Winner: High and Low (Ian Dodd) 2420
Runner-up: Firstinred (Graham Heathcote) 2382

Premier League Standings
Winner: Longsight Premier (Brian Ashton) 3326
Runner-up: Burnham Blackbirds (Mark Brooks) 3217


Main Standings
Winner: High and Low (Ian Dodd) 3417
Runner-up: AVENGED SE7ENFOLD (Tristan Bazylkiewicz) 3397

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: AXBRIDGE (Mark Brooks) 179
Runner-up: Steve's Pirates 4 (Steve Barrett) 128

Spring League
Winner: Scoffer No 2 (Peter Leavis) 1036
Runner-up: donsabuzzing (Terry Buckle) 1022

Summer League
Winner: Risky Business (Ally Nicolson) 1641
Runner-up: AVENGED SE7ENFOLD (Tristan Bazylkiewicz) 1544

Elite League Standings
Winner: Bugg5 (Carl Frith) 2791
Runner-up: Georgio dinamo (Leslie Morris) 2745

Premier League Standings
Winner: AVENGED SE7ENFOLD (Tristan Bazylkiewicz) 3317
Runner-up: ENJOY THE SILENCER (Tristan Bazylkiewicz) 3219


Main Standings
Winner: Wooden Spooners (Ally Nicolson) 3673
Runner-up: Ace of Clubs (Malcolm Wotherspoon) 3647

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: Silly Septet (Ally Nicolson) 586
Runner-up: KDM4 (Keith Milton) 541

Summer League
Winner: Faster Windy (Paul Morris) 1783
Runner-up: Silly Septet (Ally Nicolson) 1729

Elite League Standings
Winner: Bugg5 (Carl Frith) 2012
Runner-up: Chessmen (Graham Heathcote) 1970

Premier League Standings
Winner: Wooden Spooners (Ally Nicolson) 3531
Runner-up: Ace of Clubs (Malcolm Wotherspoon) 3475


Main Standings
Winner: dees charlies (Paul King) 3577
Runner-up: NO 1 AGAIN? (H R) 3560

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: Burnham Baboons (Mark Brooks) 446
Runner-up: Woody3 (Ian Woodhead) 427

Summer League
Winner: Burnham Baboons (Mark Brooks) 1602
Runner-up: Sutton Roofers 5 (Kevin Taylor) 1549

Elite League Standings
Winner: longsight leaders (Brian Ashton) 2401
Runner-up: Warriors (Bobby Batten) 2386

Premier League Standings
Winner: dees charlies (Paul King) 3469
Runner-up: NO 1 AGAIN? (H R) 3412


Main Standings
Winner: Jenkie's Super Seven (H R) 3462
Runner-up: AVENGED SE7ENFOLD (Tristan Bazylkiewicz) 3408

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: Mushroom Bandits (Sean Fairnell) 431
Runner-up: Brooks and son (Mark Brooks) 257


Main Standings
Winner: woody2 (Ian Woodhead) 3818
Runner-up: Becks Boffins 3 (Becky Taylor) 3570

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: The late Bees (Jamie Escott) 286
Runner-up: cuiken crusaders (Paul Dixon) 279


Main Standings
Winner: ENJOY_THE sILENCE (T Bazylkiewicz) 3561
Runner-up: champion cheetahs (Rob Peasley) 3528

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: Ed's Warriors (Edward Fairnell) 183
Runner-up: Cath's Captures (Edward Fairnell) 145


Main Standings
Winner: Tape Touchers (Chris Cowley) 3778
Runner-up: Robbie's Bears 1 (Robert Milner) 3711

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: Tape Touchers (Chris Cowley) 335
Runner-up: Bears wiv sore heads (Red Rascal) 244


Main Standings
Winner: GLORY HUNTERS (Bob Cockman) 4129
Runner-up: GATERS (Bob Cockman) 4065

The Mushroom Cup
Winner: karl the cutout king (Joan Cockman) 439
Runner-up: WYMONDHAM WANDERERS 3 (Rick Mason) 217

The Swedish League [Discontinued]
Winner: Sweden4 (Nicolai Kristensen) 1492
Runner-up: Sweden1 (Nicolai Kristensen) 1454


Main Standings
Winner: Lublin - Poland (Speedwayfan Speedwayfan) 3422
Runner-up: Clifton Crackers (Kevin Scutts) 3379

The Super Cup [Now The Mushroom Cup]
Winner: oxlease rebels (Keith Timms) 174
Runner-up: Wormley Koc 3 (A Bacusbaracus) 156

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