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28 March 2023
The Premiership standings

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1Sting Ray Morton3Terry Buckle Wimbledon98
2badgers bouncers3Malcolm Green Redcar94
3KDM13Keith Milton Poole83
4Carol No33Carol Meader Lakeside77
5SGB PREM Select 23Darryl Cullip Peterborough75
=thornaby tornados3Malcolm Green Redcar75
7Dons Buzzing3Terry Buckle Wimbledon74
=heathers heathens 23Malcolm Green Redcar74
=Big Wins Wobblers3Norman Mcleod Rye House74
10longsight premier3Brian Ashton Belle Vue73
=Premier A to Z3Dave Twine Birmingham73
12KDM23Keith Milton Poole72
13SGB PREM Select 33Darryl Cullip Peterborough71
=Pack Hope3Robert Vincent Wolverhampton71
=Alistair's Allstars3Nigel Brown Kent Royals71
16Carol No13Carol Meader Lakeside70
17Carol No43Carol Meader Lakeside68
18Ducky Fuzz3James Sutherst Redcar63
19Faststartes3Paul Tye Ipswich62
20Blantyre Gunners3Alisdair Hunter Glasgow61
=Evanhelpus3Anne Craig Workington61
=My hopes3Alan Frith Sheffield61
23Roxybeth3Alan Frith Sheffield60
24Bethany33Carl Frith Sheffield58
=Lou Snutz3Norman Mcleod Rye House58
26Beatons Buccaneers3Alisdair Hunter Glasgow57
=Dazzler's Aces3Darren Lee Kent Royals57
=Top heavy3Carl Stannard King's Lynn57
29Norfolk in Clew3David Sutherst Redcar56
=Soar Valley Bees3Richard Cleaver Coventry56
=Premier Punters3Alastair Nicolson Glasgow56
32Haggis Bashers3Terry Buckle Wimbledon55
TR = transfers remaining, = still active in Mushroom Cup
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