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10 June 2023
Competitions explained
For the 2023 season, every team will be entered into the following competitions:

Main Standings [formerly The Championship]

Every single team is entered into the Main Standings. Think of this competition as the equivalent of The Premiership (in football). It's the one that, surely, everyone wants to win.

The Mushroom Cup

Designed to give late entries a chance to win a major competition, The Mushroom Cup is a big Champions League type format competition, only longer. And with much more speedway. It's the second of the 'BIG TWO' competitions, along with The Championship.

Hide competition format and dates for 2023

Phase 1What happens
Apr 4 - 17 Top 64 points scorers to 2nd phase
Apr 18 - May 1 Top 64 points scorers to 2nd phase
May 2 - 15 Top 64 points scorers to 2nd phase
May 16 - 29 Top 64 points scorers to 2nd phase
Knockout phase (dates are subject to change)
Second roundWhat happens
June 1 - 12 The remaining 256 teams go head to head producing 128 winners.
Third roundWhat happens
June 14 - 26 The remaining 128 teams go head to head producing 64 winners.
Fourth roundWhat happens
June 28 - July 10 The remaining 64 teams go head to head producing 32 winners.
Fifth roundWhat happens
July 12 - 24 The remaining 32 teams go head to head producing 16 winners.
Sixth roundWhat happens
July 26 - Aug 7 The remaining 16 teams go head to head producing 8 winners.
Aug 9 - 14 Quarter-finals
Aug 16 - 21 Semi-finals
Aug 23 - Sep 10 THE FINAL

Manager of the Week

Every week, the manager who scores the most points will be declared Manager of the Week. Throughout of the season the top three scoring managers (not teams) each week will get the choice of a free team or a free transfer.

Mini Leagues

When you pick and confirm a team it is automatically allocated to a Mini League consisting of a maximum of 15 teams that were created at roughly the same time. You access the Mini League for each of your teams via the link at the top of your individual team sheets. You cannot have two of your own teams in the same mini league.

Supporters Leagues

If you selected a team that you support when you registered, you will automatically be entered into a supporters league along with everyone else that supports the same team as you. I'm usually in a Milton Keynes supporters league all of my own...

In addition, managers can add each of their teams into one of the following competitions:

The Premiership (formerly Elite League Championship)

Like The Main Standings but based only on points scored in The Premiership. Some people may choose to reserve a team or two in which they only ever pick Premiership riders, in an effort to win this. Some people won't bother. To continue with my football analogys, I think of this as the equivalent of the FA Cup, but without the black and white footage of giant-killing acts by Yoevil Town.
*Points scored by Premiership riders while guesting in The Championship do not count towards this competition.

The Championship (formerly Premier League Championship)

Like the Main Standings but based only on points scored in The Championship. The football equivalent? The Carling Cup, I guess...
*Points scored by Championship riders while guesting in The Premiership do not count towards this competition.

The Spring League

The Spring League will run between Apr 1 and May 31. I've run out of football analogies though.

The Summer League

The Summer League will run between Jun 1 and August 31. Basically, it's a 'last chance saloon' (except it's not, see Autumn League) to win a competition for any teams that have lost their way. So maybe it's the eqivalent of the Intertoto Cup? I dunno...

The Autumn League

The Autumn League is now the 'last chance saloon' and will run between Sep 1 and Oct 31.

Private Leagues

You can set up private leagues for just you and your family and/or friends. It's really easy, just follow the instructions via the links on your My Team page. You can now also set up 'Open' Private Leagues, which anyone can browse and request to join if they don't have friends and family that play the game.

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