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23 September 2021
The Autumn League

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1Forken Car5Paul Morris Milton Keynes409
2International Teapot4Paul Morris Milton Keynes374
3Blacky52Keith Blackwell Workington368
4Wills Warriors 40William Bush Coventry360
=Morvah Knights6David Jarvis Trelawny Tigers360
=longsight autumn4Brian Ashton Belle Vue360
7Andrew Silver0David Entwistle Rye House354
8Exe Valley Nomads2Steve Davey Exeter350
9Exe Valley Outlaws2Steve Davey Exeter349
10Norfolk n chance0David Sutherst Redcar348
11TIMS CLASSIC SEVEN8Tim Darling Mildenhall 345
12Montine Dons3David Wall Wimbledon342
13Premier Lions4Sam Leeson Leicester341
=Bees Knees X1Mike Jones Coventry341
15Tiggers23Craig Mccurdy Glasgow340
=Scoffer No143Peter Leavis Lakeside340
17Brummie Dynamos10Mandy Harper Wolverhampton338
=ndidi is0James Sutherst Redcar338
19Whipsiderry Wasps2David Jarvis Trelawny Tigers337
=Scoffer No120Peter Leavis Lakeside337
21Kevin Smith0David Entwistle Rye House336
=Fast Freddie’s 77Daniel Simpson Sheffield336
23P.J.No33Peter Leavis Lakeside335
=P.J. No22Peter Leavis Lakeside335
25Fall Guys0David Sutherst Redcar334
=Exe Valley Wolves3Steve Davey Exeter334
=Exe Valley Falcons2Steve Davey Exeter334
28Bra-key Blinders0Shaun O'mara Leicester333
29ducky fuzz0James Sutherst Redcar332
=Lucys Leaders1Steve Dales Ipswich332
31High&wide0Paul Tye Ipswich330
32Brexiteers8Michael Roberts Leicester329
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