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11 December 2017
The Autumn League

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1ENJOY THE SILENCER0Tristan Bazylkiewicz Oxford959
2Aldershot Shots0Rick Scott Cradley Hthns938
3AVENGED SE7ENFOLD0Tristan Bazylkiewicz Oxford917
4Sutton Roofers 50Kevin Taylor Birmingham908
5Terrible Norty0Ben Whyte Rye House907
6Bradford Panthers0Rick Scott Cradley Hthns895
7Rob's Randy Rabbits0Rob Peasley Oxford873
8Forken Car0Ben Whyte Rye House872
=Sutton Roofers 40Kevin Taylor Birmingham872
10Wigan Warriors0Rick Scott Cradley Hthns862
11Champion Cheetahs0Rob Peasley Oxford850
12DISASTERPIECE0Tristan Bazylkiewicz Oxford847
13QUICK AND PAINLESS0Tristan Bazylkiewicz Oxford845
14Blantyre Eagles0Craig Mccurdy Glasgow844
15My dreams0Alan Frith Sheffield839
16KDM20Keith Milton Poole837
17Spartak Red Machine1Ben Whyte Rye House836
18Off to a flier!0Rob Peasley Oxford835
19My boys0Alan Frith Sheffield832
20CL Losers0Sean Clifford Coventry825
21BlantyreWolves0Alisdair Hunter Glasgow824
22Jojo's Jubblies0Neil Mcleod Rye House823
23Crystal Pal Glaziers0Rick Scott Cradley Hthns822
24Sutton Roofers 30Kevin Taylor Birmingham821
=MonksDiamonds0Alisdair Hunter Glasgow821
26Sutton Roofers 20Kevin Taylor Birmingham818
27Baxter's Braves0George Baxter Birmingham815
=Sutton Roofers 10Kevin Taylor Birmingham815
29TommyJ0Terry Buckle Wimbledon814
=Olivia's wizards0Leslie Morris Oxford814
31Differentials0Ally Nicolson Glasgow812
32HedgeHoppers0Terry Buckle Wimbledon804
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