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17 February 2019
Running for the second time, The Autumn League is an end of season competition based on all competitive fixtures between September 1 and October 31.

The season begins in March. After the first competitive match takes place, the standings will appear here. In the meantime, as a guide to who's 'hot' and who is not, here is a list of the riders you've picked so far and how many times you've picked them.

Top riders picked so far:

RiderTeamAverageNumber of picks
Robert LambertKing's Lynn9.1363
Jaimon LidseyBelle Vue3.0062
Max FrickeBelle Vue8.2056
Connor MountainLeicester3.5748
Nick MorrisWolverhampton6.6045
Dimitri BergeBelle Vue4.0040
Georgie WoodEastbourne2.1940
Craig CookPeterborough7.7338
Jason DoyleSwindon9.8038
Kyle HowarthSheffield6.9537
Jordan StewartRedcar4.0936
Ricky WellsEdinburgh8.4036
Kenneth BjerreBelle Vue7.0235
Ben BarkerPeterborough5.0433
Nico CovattiPoole4.7032
Kyle BickleyWorkington2.0031
Jacob ThorssellWolverhampton7.2529
James SarjeantGlasgow4.1628
Chris HarrisSomerset7.7127
Max CleggNewcastle3.2527
Bradley Wilson-DeanWorkington6.0026
Lasse BjerrePeterborough5.0626
Jake AllenScunthorpe7.3726
Charles WrightPeterborough5.2726
Ty ProctorSheffield6.9626
Michael Palm ToftRedcar7.9626
Craig CookGlasgow0.4526
Broc NicolSheffield4.0026
Drew KempSheffield2.0026
Dimitri BergeSomerset5.0325
Jake AllenIpswich4.5625
James ShanesSwindon3.3125
Leon FlintBerwick2.0025
Alfie BowtellEastbourne2.3824
Rory SchleinSomerset8.5924
Aaron SummersBerwick7.1824
Zach WajtknechtBirmingham5.1924
Jack HolderPoole7.3923
Jason GarrityScunthorpe7.5923
Ben BarkerRedcar7.0523
Tobiasz MusielakSwindon6.5223
Danny PhillipsNewcastle2.0022
Kyle HowarthWolverhampton4.9622
Brady KurtzPoole7.0521
Charles WrightRedcar7.8821
Ashley MorrisWolverhampton3.6621
James ShanesBirmingham5.0921
Nico CovattiSomerset6.5621
Danny KingIpswich6.5220
Josh PickeringEdinburgh6.1120
Kasper AndersenSheffield5.2020
Richie WorrallPoole5.6020
Paul StarkeGlasgow5.8820
Steve WorrallBelle Vue6.3220
Richard LawsonIpswich6.7220
Kyle NewmanBirmingham5.9820
Cameron HeepsEdinburgh6.0419
Nathan GreavesRedcar4.0919
Kevin DoolanBerwick6.0919
Sam MastersWolverhampton8.1118
Bradley Wilson-DeanPeterborough5.2718
William LawsonEdinburgh4.0018
Stefan NielsenScunthorpe5.6618
Scott NichollsLeicester8.3518
Ellis PerksLeicester4.0518
Troy BatchelorSwindon7.6917
Tom BaconRedcar4.6717
Edward KennettEastbourne7.8117
Josh GrajczonekPoole6.7016
Richard LawsonEastbourne9.0316
Cameron HeepsIpswich4.7216
Lasse BjerreNewcastle7.0816
Ricky WellsBelle Vue5.7715
Todd KurtzSomerset5.9115
Nikolaj Busk JakobsenPoole4.7015
Nicolai KlindtPoole6.6115
Coty GarciaBerwick4.4715
Richie WorrallLeicester8.0015
Dany GappmaierBerwick4.8415
Hans AndersenPeterborough7.5614
Jye EtheridgeBerwick6.3014
Rasmus JensenGlasgow6.5914
Claus VissingGlasgow6.9414
Ben MorleyEastbourne4.9214
Jack ThomasLeicester2.3013
Ashley MorrisBirmingham5.5813
Josh BatesLeicester6.5413
Jedd ListScunthorpe4.0012
Josh BaileyScunthorpe2.5111
Dan BewleyBelle Vue7.3111
Ryan DouglasLeicester6.9111
Joe LawlorGlasgow2.0010
Nikolaj Busk JakobsenBerwick6.5810
Zach WajtknechtSwindon4.3710
Josh AutyScunthorpe8.3610
Danny KingSheffield8.9010
Joel AnderssonEdinburgh5.1010
Nike LunnaNewcastle5.6310
Michael Palm ToftKing's Lynn5.3610
Rory SchleinWolverhampton7.929
Chris HarrisIpswich7.789
Ulrich OstergaardBirmingham7.139
Matt WethersNewcastle5.789
Kasper AndersenKing's Lynn4.009
Thomas JorgensenNewcastle7.668
Lewis KerrEastbourne7.318
Anders RoweSomerset3.008
Jack SmithRedcar2.808
David BellegoIpswich6.118
Simon LambertWorkington4.297
Mason CamptonWorkington6.327
Steve WorrallWorkington8.176
Victor PalovaaraNewcastle6.255
Tobias ThomsenBirmingham5.005
Rohan TungatePeterborough7.615
Ryan KinsleyScunthorpe2.004
Michele CastagnaBirmingham4.004
Valentin GrobauerSomerset5.003
Tero AarnioWorkington6.832
Krystian PieszczekIpswich6.502
Henry AtkinsSomerset3.001
Adam EllisSwindon6.721
Ty ProctorKing's Lynn6.671
Justin SedgmenEdinburgh6.171
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