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17 September 2019
The Autumn League

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1Motley Moose3Rob Lee Rye House331
2Barry’s AllStars3Jason Peacock Redcar322
3pick 'n' mix 151Darryl Cullip Peterborough321
4Abominable Ants1Rob Lee Rye House320
5Gnats & Gnus4Rob Lee Rye House317
6KDM50Keith Milton Poole312
7Pete No 46Peter Leavis Lakeside306
8BringBackComets1Jade Williams Workington301
9pick 'n' mix 80Darryl Cullip Peterborough300
10VeryLateEntry3Mark Russell Mildenhall 297
=Angry6Ben Whyte Rye House297
12Faulks Flyers 50Chris Faulkner Cradley296
13Racing Squirrels2Rob Lee Rye House295
=PHollywoodLee3Mark Russell Mildenhall 295
15Oak Island Treasure6Rob Lee Rye House293
16Coatbridge Tigers1Craig Mccurdy Glasgow290
=Tims Top Guns2Tim Darling Mildenhall 290
18Insane Caribou Posse5Rob Lee Rye House286
=Wimbledon_Dons2David Wall Wimbledon286
20Roxybeth0Alan Frith Sheffield285
21My others4Alan Frith Sheffield284
22Telephone Box4Ben Whyte Rye House283
23Porthgwarra Pitbulls2Dave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers281
=Go Go Go0Shaun O'mara Leicester281
25Niblon4Rob Lee Rye House280
=Scoffer89A No 10Peter Leavis Lakeside280
27Tigers20194Craig Mccurdy Glasgow279
28Around the outside 71Garry Paul Coventry278
=Glasgow Dynamos0Doug Nicolson Glasgow278
=Norfolk in Clew0David Sutherst Redcar278
31Tusken City Raiders4Rob Lee Rye House277
=Pete No 10Peter Leavis Lakeside277
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