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24 May 2022
The Spring League

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1Aroundtheoutside110Garry Paul Coventry803
2Aroundtheoutside120Garry Paul Coventry797
3spring chickens0David Sutherst Redcar769
4Bees Knees XV0Mike Jones Coventry730
5Woody42Alex Wood Edinburgh719
6Spring 71Alastair Nicolson Glasgow691
7GB All Stars 94Darryl Cullip Peterborough687
8GB All Stars 64Darryl Cullip Peterborough671
=longsight spring2Brian Ashton Belle Vue671
10GB All Stars 53Darryl Cullip Peterborough659
11KDM41Keith Milton Poole658
12Bees Knees V110Mike Jones Coventry657
13The Wee Donkeys5Shaun O'mara Leicester646
14TEAM .3 POOLE0Steven Ponder Lakeside634
15Bees Knees X10Mike Jones Coventry633
16GB All Stars 73Darryl Cullip Peterborough629
17Scoffer No43Peter Leavis Lakeside601
18Scoffer No20Peter Leavis Lakeside600
=GB All Stars 84Darryl Cullip Peterborough600
20Hot Toddy1Terry Buckle Wimbledon597
21Bees Knees 1110Mike Jones Coventry593
22bladerunner51Andrew Darlaston Leicester587
23Fingering the Clutch5Steve Hilliard Eastbourne581
24Daves fence huggers1DAVID LEE Kent NL572
25G17Alex Wood Edinburgh570
26last bend Luckhurst0Terry Buckle Wimbledon568
27longsight aces5Brian Ashton Belle Vue567
28tenpin allstars2Kev Goodrum Scunthorpe563
=Faststartes6Paul Tye Ipswich563
30RIP Chris Harrison5Dave Twine Birmingham552
31Scoffer No10Peter Leavis Lakeside551
32Scoffer No31Peter Leavis Lakeside550
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