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26 May 2018
The Spring League

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1Scoffer No40Peter Leavis Lakeside720
2bladerunner60Andrew Darlaston Leicester695
3Norfolk and Hope0David Sutherst Redcar680
4Inverleith Squirrels2Jim Mckellar Edinburgh672
5KDM40Keith Milton Poole642
6My Methanol Romance2Tristan Bazylkiewicz Oxford639
7Scoffer No10Peter Leavis Lakeside637
8donsabuzzin2Terry Buckle Wimbledon626
9the aussie champs0Drew Etheridge Belle Vue618
10longsight spring1Brian Ashton Belle Vue614
11NeinNeinJaNein4Manuel Merkus Scunthorpe605
12Scoffer No50Peter Leavis Lakeside604
13Scoffer89a No60Peter j. Leavis Lakeside603
14bees knees 70Mike Jones Coventry596
15Scoffer No30Peter Leavis Lakeside595
16Dencos Dounuts1Nick Contractor Rye House NL594
=longsight leaders0Brian Ashton Belle Vue594
18Scoffer No20Peter Leavis Lakeside592
19Potato Head3Sam Terry Lakeside586
20Leith Freedom2Jim Mckellar Edinburgh581
21WHITS #42Robert Whittaker Belle Vue580
22Blades 55Brian Clark Sheffield579
23Satellites3Michael Roberts Leicester575
24Jasonís All Stars2Jason Peacock Redcar574
25Roxybeth0Alan Frith Sheffield573
26Shredder2Anne Craig Workington570
27Jo Jo's TOP BOYS1David Lee Lakeside569
28Denkos xxlarge kebab3Nick Contractor Rye House NL563
=GM. Tigers3Alisdair Hunter Glasgow563
30Fencethe72Paul Tye Ipswich562
31king Ronnie2Terry Buckle Wimbledon555
32Pendeen Panthers5Dave Jarvis 551
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