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17 September 2019
The Spring League

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1Around the outside 90Garry Paul Coventry837
2Scoffer No 40Peter Leavis Lakeside831
3Scoffer No 50Peter Leavis Lakeside772
4Bees Knees 1110Mike Jones Coventry766
5Aroundtheoutside 102Garry Paul Coventry765
6Scoffer No 20Peter Leavis Lakeside764
7Scoffer No 10Peter Leavis Lakeside729
8Gorton#11Robert Whittaker Belle Vue723
9pooles elite0Paul King Poole714
10cuiken crusaders5Paul Dixon Edinburgh694
11Crayford_Highwaymen3David Wall Wimbledon679
12Jo-Jo's Top Boys0David Lee Lakeside670
13pick 'n' mix 152Darryl Cullip Peterborough663
14Racing Rascals0Robert Whittaker 661
=bladerunner40Andrew Darlaston Leicester661
16pauls elite0Paul King Poole660
17Toon Toon Racers6Ben Mitchell Swindon656
18Blacky31Keith Blackwell Workington650
=dwindling numbers4Paul Dixon Edinburgh650
20Jacobstow Hornets6Dave Jarvis Trelawny Tigers649
21Spring Chickens0David Sutherst Redcar647
=Winsford Aces7Paul Griffiths Belle Vue647
=Faulks Flyers 34Chris Faulkner Cradley647
24Scoffer No 30Peter Leavis Lakeside646
25Around the outside 84Garry Paul Coventry645
26Team Rampant4Dan Davey Ipswich644
27pick 'n' mix 84Darryl Cullip Peterborough643
28no more hooses6Paul Dixon Edinburgh641
29Daves Sliders0David Lee Lakeside640
30Tims Top Guns6Tim Darling Mildenhall 638
31Faulks Flyers 24Chris Faulkner Cradley636
=longsight spring0Brian Ashton Belle Vue636
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