Hello and welcome to the 13th year of Speedway Fantasy League, an online fantasy speedway game. It's very simple - you pick a team of 7 riders and any points they score in real matches, they also score for your team. Over 10,000 people have taken part since the game began, picking a total of well over 40,000 teams. In addition to the game there are fixtures, full scorecards for all Premiership and Championship level matches, full CMA's for all those teams and full team results for every single professional British team.

Please note that this game is just for fun and the challenge and as such there are no prizes on offer.

Getting started couldn't be easier...

In just a few minutes you'll be ready to pick your riders. Create team now >> Build your team to a points limit of 42. And don't worry, all the maths is done for you! You can make up to 17 transfers during the season*.

* When you pick your team you are allocated 3 transfers.
Each team will then get an additional 2 transfers on the first day of each month from April 1 onwards, excluding October 1.
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